Numbers 6:2 (2/23/17)

Nazarite Vow • February 23, 2017 • Benham Brothers

* A Nazarite vow was a special vow people could take if they wanted to go deeper with God and express deep devotion to Him. * It’s kindof like Hobby Lobby and Chic-Fil-A not being open on Sunday. * It consisted of three things that we can apply to our lives today if we want to go deeper with God: * 1) No wine to drink - even though wine was ok. * This symbolizes saying “no” to our senses and not indulging our appetites. * 2) No cutting of hair. * This symbolizes not being concerned about outward appearance. * A Nazarite was more concerned with what was going on inside than outside. * 3) Stay away from dead bodies. * This symbolizes staying away from places of death (bars, clubs, etc).

Numbers 6:22-27 (2/23/17)

Blessing • February 23, 2017 • Benham Brothers

* Aaron and his sons, who were the priests of the day, were commanded to bless people. * Today we are priests and we must bless others the same way. * The blessing we should pray over others is five fold - that God would: * 1) Protect them. * 2) Smile on them. * 3) Be gracious to them. * 4) Show them His favor. * 5) Grant them peace. * This will keep us from ever getting bitter toward another human being.

Numbers 8:1-2 (2/28/17)

Shine • February 28, 2017 • Benham Brothers

* The fire of God fell from heaven and consumed the sacrifice, but it didn’t light the lamps. * That was the priest’s job. * The tabernacle had no windows, so it was naturally dark without the lamps lit. * Our world is naturally dark, and it’s our job as priests to keep our lights shining. * The priests were to keep the lights continually lit. How? * 1) Keep them filled with oil - represents the Holy Spirit. * 2) Turn them toward the table of showbread - represents shining our light on Christ so others may see Him.

Numbers 8:24-26 (2/28/17)

Good Leadership • February 28, 2017 • Benham Brothers

* John Maxwell - “The best leaders hand the baton off at top speed.” * Look at how the priesthood was run. * On the front end they had to be mature enough to handle the mantle of leadership - 25 years old. * On the bak end they had to be mature enough to hand it off - 50 years old. * In this way the older would train the younger. * The priest had 25 years to serve before his responsibility moved toward mentorship.

Numbers 9:15-23 (3/20/14)

Follow the Cloud • March 20, 2014 • Benham Brothers

God led the people by using a Cloud - that was a sign of His presence. Today everything is moving to The Cloud. It represents you (everything you have is in it - pics, credit cards, social interaction, etc). Man's cloud is meant to follow / God's cloud is meant to lead. We can't ever let our cloud do the leading. God's Cloud didn't come and rest among them until the Tabernacle was erected. The tabernacle represents us - after Jesus' death our bodies became His temple. The cloud represents the Holy Spirit. We are to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit just as these people followed the leading of the Cloud. The Cloud would not rest on the tabernacle unless it was built properly and fully clean. The Holy Spirit will lead us but we must remain clean.

Numbers 9:21-23 (3/5/15)

Waiting on God • March 5, 2015 • Benham Brothers

God led the Israelites by a cloud in the day and a fire at night. When the cloud would stop they would set up shop (the tabernacle). The cloud would descend and they would stay there until it lifted. When it lifted they would pack up the tabernacle and their houses and move until it stopped again. Here's the cool part - God never told them how long they would stay in one place or where they were going. They simply had to follow His lead and then be faithful right where He placed them. They had to wait on Him. In the process of waiting they learned to trust in Him. Actively waiting - while waiting we're busy being faithful.

Numbers 10:2 (2/28/17)

Trump • February 28, 2017 • Benham Brothers

* The making of trumpets was the last command God gave Moses on Mt. Sinai. * Trumpets were used for several reasons: * 1) To call the community together (vs 2). * 2) To get them moving forward (vs 2). * 3) Announced special celebrations (Lev 25). * 4) Prepared troops for battle (Num 31). * 5) Reminded God to give them victory in battle (Num 10). * 6) Reminded them of God’s covenant with them (Num 10). * Today we have a “Trump” in the White House. * What is God saying?

Numbers 10:29 (2/28/17)

A Blessed Nation • February 28, 2017 • Benham Brothers

* Psalms 33:12 - “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” * God blesses people individually when He blesses nations corporately. * If a nation makes God its Lord, the citizens will be blessed. * In America, look how many other religions can exist here in freedom because we were established as one nation under God. * What does it mean for a nation to make God Lord? * It means to operate under His authority. * America is “one nation under God.” * The founders put us under God’s authority - He gave us rights and the govt protects those rights. * This leads to freedom for everyone - even those who hate God.

Numbers 10:33-36 (2/26/13)

Only One Prayer • February 26, 2013 • Benham Brothers

The place of Rest is found on the path of Battle!

Numbers 11:4-6 (3/1/18)

Loss of Appetite • March 1, 2018 • Benham Brothers

* The people were tired of manna - they were no longer content. * They began to crave something else. * Rejecting God’s provision is rejecting God. * Why? Because manna came directly from Him. * We can apply this in two ways: * 1) To the Church. * Look at our churches today - we don’t feed the solid bread of life like we used to because people are craving something different. * Feeding on God’s Word may feel dry, but it’s life is beyond parallel. * 2) To us personally. * We operate out of a spirit of discontent - we become ungrateful as we crave other things. * So what does God do? He gives us what we want. * And how does that work out? * vs 33-34 - “Kibroth Hattaavah” means “graves of craving.” * God will give you the desire of your heart if you insist on having something He doesn’t want for you. * But it will be the death of you. * The more we feed on the Bread of Life (Jesus) the more we’ll stay away from craving what we ought not crave.

Num 11:7 (4/4/13)

Our Part • April 4, 2013 • Benham Brothers

Num 11:7 - Our Part Manna didn't come to the edge of their tents Manna came as a seed God provides the material, we provide the labor Luke 7:2-10 - Value Creator Slave was healed based upon his master's faith The master wanted his healing because of his extraordinary Value! The slave didn't even need to have faith - he was rewarded by his Master's faith! Profit chases a value-creator, and what's more profitable than an extension of your life?

Numbers 12:2 (2/28/17)

Differing Reactions • February 28, 2017 • Benham Brothers

* Two situations that involved Moses where he responded two different ways. * When he came down the mountain and the people worshipped a golden calf - he busted the tablets and had an outburst of anger. * He was jealous over God’s reputation. * The second situation was here in Numbers 12 when his brother and sister grumbled against him. * He never stuck up for himself. * God did it for him. * When someone had a beef with God, Moses stuck up for Him. * When someone had a beef with Moses, he let God stick up for him.

Numbers 13:3 (3/3/16)

Our Own Way • March 3, 2016 • Benham Brothers

• In Deuteronomy 1:22-23 it was the peoples' idea to send out spies. • They doubted His ability to deliver on the promise. • When God knew what was in their hearts He gave them a strategy to accomplish it. • Remember Balaam. Remember divorce. • The result of wanting our own way? • 1) Loss of faith. • 2) Loss of power. • 3) Loss of opportunity - the Israelites had to turn around - they didn’t get into the Promised Land. • Danger - when we want our own way God will grant it and we’ll feel good about getting it. • How did this happen? • They took their focus off God and walked out of His when they started desiring their own. • The result? vs 27-28: • They focused on the problem, not the promise or the person (God). • The path to the promise is paved with problems. • When we focus on God and stay in His will we see through the problems to the promise. • When we focus on our own way and walk out of His will we will stop at the problem. • Faith knows that opposition prepares you for the opportunity.

Numbers 13:33 (2/28/17)

Wrong Comparison • February 28, 2017 • Benham Brothers

* When the Israelites saw the giants they compared the giants to themselves. * This led to a lack of faith for them to defeat the giants. * When David saw the giant he compared the giant to God. * This led to faith for him to defeat the giant. * When you face a giant, what do you see? * The Israelites saw giants too big to fight. * David saw a giant too big to miss. * All because he compared the giant to God and not himself.

Numbers 14:1-5 (3/5/15)

Fear of Man • March 5, 2015 • Benham Brothers

The spies feared man more than they feared God. When the bad report came back the people grumbled against Moses & Aaron. They didn't take their plea to God - they took it to man. Their solution was to elect new leaders. This laid the foundation for Korah's rebellion in Numbers 16. Because they feared man more than God they looked to man for solutions. Look at today - we complain about our leaders and then look to elect new leaders. While this is important, it's not our solution. 1) Man was bigger than God - they feared the giants more than God. True wisdom begins with the fear of God. Just look at how dumb so many of our leaders' decisions have been. 2) It was man's problem - they took their complaint to Moses and Aaron. 3) Man was the solution - because man was bigger than God they looked to man for the solution. God is our problem and only God is our solution. How did Moses & Aaron respond? They looked to God for the solution! That's what true leaders do. They did the same in Numbers 16 when Korah rebelled.