Ruth (4/24/16)

The Story of Redemption • April 24, 2016 • Benham Brothers

- Redeem means “to set free by paying a price" - it's about LOVE. - KEY - Only those who receive this love WTC will experience this freedom. - The book of RUTH is a physical picture of this redeeming love - it's a love story. - BEGIN With The End In Mind - Matt 1:5. - See where you want to be and work backward. - Our scene is BETHLEHEM. - PART 1: (1:1-5) - Famine - Two Types: - 1) God’s leading - He’s moving you to another place. - 2) God’s judgment - He’s punishing for sin. - Pattern - Untruth, Unfaith, Disobedience, Death / Truth, Faith, Obedience, Life. - Which pattern will you choose? - Naomi tells the girls to go find husbands...... - PART 2: (1:14-18) - WTC! - Ruth clung to Naomi - she LOVED Naomi and placed her FAITH in God. - Law - no Moabite could enter the congregation, but Ruth placed her faith in God. - Ruth wasn’t focused on her stuff - she was focused on God and Naomi. - God was busy taking care of Ruth’s stuff in the background. - Naomi and Ruth return to Bethlehem...... - PART 3: (2:1-7) - Work is Worship. - Ruth was a producer, not a consumer - Boaz was watching. - Boaz returns the favor done to his mother, Rahab....... - PART 4: (2:8-15) - Divine Attraction. - They were attracted to each other’s CHARACTER first. - They were drawn to qualities you CAN CONTROL, not those you can’t control. - Nowhere do we see a mention of Ruth’s or Boaz’s physical features. - Naomi tells Ruth that Boaz is a kinsman redeemer....... - PART 5: (3:1-9) - The Plan. - She approached him - we must approach Jesus. - Spread Your Wings (2:12) - The very thing he attributed to God she now attributed to him! - Boaz wants to redeem them....... - PART 6: (3:11-14) - Die To Your Dream. - Boaz wanted Ruth, but he was willing to die to her. - He did what was right even when his emotions were going crazy. - vs 14 - he never touched her - true love WAITS. - Boaz sits in the gate........ - PART 7: (4:1-10) - Fulfillment of A Dream. - Vs 4:13 & 17 - Ruth becomes the mother of Obed - Jesse - David..........JESUS!

Ruth 1:14 (5/8/13)

Kiss or Cling • May 8, 2013 • Benham Brothers

A woman having a husband was everything in those days * Ruth was more interested in Naomi's God and taking care of Naomi than she was about getting a husband God looked favorably upon Ruth - we hear no more about Orpah Orpah kissed Naomi, but Ruth clung to her Are we just kissing Jesus or clinging? God was watching out for Ruth

Ruth 3:3 (4/26/18)

Attraction • April 26, 2018 • Benham Brothers

* This is a great picture for young people to see how Boaz and Ruth began their relationship. * Ruth first established herself as a woman of character. * This is what first attracted Boaz. * If you want to attract the right person BE the right person. * Notice that advice Naomi gave to Ruth about how to attract her man: * 1) Smell good - don’t let any foul odor come from you. * If you stink you detract, not attract - this includes attitude! * Renewal - Take a bath (take off the old) and put on perfume (put on the new). * 2) Look good - don’t look a mess! * Your outward appearance shouldn’t turn him away. * A cheerful look makes the heart glad. * Be happy! How you present yourself on the outside affects the inside. * 3) Go to where the Godly man is. * You won’t find the right person in the wrong place. * 4) Time it right - the right thing done at the wrong time is wrong. * Don’t rush things - all things are beautiful in their time. * If you’re in the right place around the right people the right time will come. * vs 7 - Ruth took her mother-in-law’s advice and she was eternally rewarded - she was the great grandmother of the greatest king who ever lived.

Ruth 3:12 (5/14/14)

Dying to Self • May 14, 2014 • Benham Brothers

Boaz had great wealth and yet he slept in his barn during harvest with the other workers. He took notice of Ruth and what an amazing woman she was - he found himself falling in love with her. When Ruth presented herself to him he responded that someone else had the right to her and Naomi. OUCH! Boaz was willing to let go of the one thing he wanted to bad! Boaz died to his right to have Ruth. In chapter 4 Boaz assembles a congregation and presents Naomi's case to her closest kinsman and he says he'll take her land. This had to sting Boaz! But ultimately God turned the table. How did God reward Boaz for dying to himsel? He let him have her! Boaz - birth of a vision, death of a vision, fulfillment of a vision - and now Boaz & Ruth became the great grandparents of David and even greater grandparents of JESUS CHRIST! Observation: 1) He waited for the opportunity - he didn't go out and pursue it. 2) He gave up the opporunity when it came - he died to what he wanted.

Ruth 4:1-4 (4/26/18)

Closing the Deal • April 26, 2018 • Benham Brothers

* In real estate a deal can’t happen without a ready, willing, and able buyer. * 1) Ready - they are prepared to buy - they don’t have anything lingering that would cause them to not close on the house. * The time has to be right - the right thing at the wrong time is wrong. * 2) Willing - they have to “want” the house - they don’t need to buy what they don’t want. * Buying involves sacrifice - giving something of value to receive something of greater value. * 3) Able - this is the kicker for most buyers - they have to be able to afford the place they are ready and willing to buy. * If there’s not enough money they don’t get the house. * Being “able” means you have the capacity to follow through and see a task to completion. * These go hand-in-hand with a man looking to marry a woman. * When God brought the right woman Boaz was ready, willing, and able. * 1) The time was right. * 2) He was willing to make the sacrifice. * 3) He was able to provide for her and start a family. * He worked hard to build a business while he was waiting for a wife. * So when she showed up he had no problem closing the deal! * Young men need to live like this so when God says JUMP they can JUMP!