The True Reason of Repentance

March 19, 2023 • Richard Meyer

This week we are listening to a powerful message by ps Richard Meyer on "The True Reason of Repentance". The word repentance has a negative connotation in the church and world today. How does repentance display the heart of a loving Father, and not a distant, angry God? Listen to find out how repentance is not something to be feared, and what the Bible teaches about true repentance.

God of Suddenly

March 12, 2023 • Ps. Louis Els

Our God is a kind Father that comes through for us in the "midnight" seasons. Our “midnight” seasons are our darkest times and a challenging place to be in yet that is often where things start to change. This week, we are looking at the sermon on “God of Suddenlies” by Ps Louis Els. We will look at how God came through for Paul and Silas in Acts 16, and what that means for us today.

Rising To Pray

March 5, 2023 • Marian Coertzen

God gives us permission to lament and grieve. This week we are listening to a powerful message on "Rising to Pray" by Marian Coertzen. She gives us biblical tools to prayerfully deal with the pain that might cripple our hearts.

Being an Effective Witness

February 19, 2023 • Ps. Louis Els

This week Ps Louis delivers a powerful message on how we can be effective witnesses. He gives us 3 essential things we need to understand to be effective witnesses. He unpacks what it looks like to walk in the revelation of who God is, to walk in obedience to God, and to walk in an authentic experience of God.

Rise to Help

February 12, 2023 • Ps. Louis Els

This week ps Louis unpacks Acts 3:1-10 in his sermon “Rise to help”. Jesus is calling us to give more than just compassion and what people want. He is calling us to extend a hand and help people up. We can shift our focus to Jesus and receive what we need.

Kingdom Rising Through Prayer

February 5, 2023 • Ps. Louis Els

Vision Sunday

January 29, 2023 • Ps. Louis Els

Intentional Living

January 22, 2023 • Barrett Grieve

The Importance and Privileges of Choices

January 15, 2023 • Ps. Louis Els

The Message of the Cross

January 8, 2023 • Grant Walters

Under Pressure

December 18, 2022 • Brent Martini

A Fresh Heart For A Fresh Start

December 11, 2022 • Marno Jansen

Work is Worship

December 4, 2022 • Richard Meyer

What Is In a Name

November 27, 2022 • Mark Scholtz

This week we are looking at the sermon that Ps Mark Scholtz preached entitled ‘What’s in a Name’. In this ermon, we look at three significant Joshuas in the Old Testament who foreshadowed Jesus and were prophetic examples of who Jesus would be to us.  Joshua, son of Nun (Joshua 1:1-2)Joshua led the Israelites out of the wilderness and into the Promised Land. He also led the military to take possession of the land from the enemy that was holding it. Joshua brought God’s people into a new and better life.  ‘Joshua’ means ‘the Lord is salvation’.  Our Jesus took us out of the wilderness and led us into a better land as well and delivered us from the enemy. He saved us.  Hosea (Hosea 3:1-2)Hosea obeys God and marries a prostitute. After his wife is unfaithful, Hosea buys his wife back. This is a prophetic picture and shows that God will remain faithful to us and rescue his people even when we have been unfaithful to Him. Jesus paid the price and bought us back. ‘Hosea’ means ‘salvation’ (In Hebrew, Hosea and Joshua are the same). Joshua, son of Jehozadak (Nehemiah 7) After the Israelites were in exile for 70 years, Joshua delivered God’s people from exile and supported the effort to rebuild the temple to reestablish God’s people back into the Promised Land. Joshua was a high priest. In Zech 6:11 we see that God instructs Zechariah to place a crown on Joshua signifying that he is not only a high priest but also a king. He was the only one to have this title until Jesus. Jesus is our high priest and king. So what can we learn from these three Joshuas? Like Joshua, son of Nun, Jesus brings us through the wilderness into the promised land and defeats our enemies when we give our hearts to Him for the first time.Like Hosea, Jesus not only saves us once but remains faithful to us even when we wander away and are not faithful to Him.Like Joshua, son of Jehozadak, Jesus has the power to keep us in the promised land through the Holy Spirit even when we wander away. When we speak his name, we are declaring him to be our Saviour. What a powerful Name.  (Acts 4:12) (Romans 10:13) When we become saved, we become part of the family and the family name. We get a new identity as children of God and carry the authority of that Name. He is the name above all names.

Compelled By Love

November 13, 2022 • Ps. Louis Els

This week we are looking at the sermon from Ps Louis entitled Compelled by Love.  (See scriptures: ‭‭Jonah‬ ‭3‬:‭1‬-‭10‬ and ‭‭II Corinthians‬ ‭5‬:‭12‬-‭2) We are made to be world-changers and difference-makers. We are made to dream. When we look at other people’s success stories of how their dream came to fruition, we marvel at the outcome - the final destination. But when we listen to what the journey was like (the struggle, the challenges, the sacrifices), suddenly it doesn’t seem that appealing anymore. We all have dreams and there is a price to pay. What is our motivation to keep going? What moves us to push through the struggles and the challenges?  Our motivation cannot just be passion and excitement. We cannot just do good things because it is a good idea and we are excited about it at the moment. Our motivation needs to be love. We should be compelled by love for people. This love gives us the confidence and the determination to push passed all the challenges to see a greater outcome - a Kingdom outcome.  God doesn’t judge us or condemn us for the times we have tried to do things in our own strength or had our own agendas. Instead, He invites us into a space where His motivation becomes our motivation so that the result is Kingdom. God has a call for each one of us and the journey and the outcome may not be what we would expect. Will we stay true to His call, or shy away because it looks too difficult? Let’s look at the example of Jonah. He ran from his call, similarly to us because normally the call from God is more than we can handle. But God invites us to do it alongside Him and to co-labour with Him so that it is not totally dependent on us. God is re-calling us in this season. He is giving us another chance to respond to His call. Perhaps this is a new call, or perhaps this is a call that we have disengaged from in the past because it was too difficult. Remember that when God calls us for a specific outcome, He’s got us in mind as much as He’s got them in mind.  QUESTIONS Are there areas in my life where I have disengaged because the outcome was not what I expected or wanted?  Has my motivation been love, or have there been times when I have just ‘hopped on the train’ because of excitement or passion? 

Aligning With Gods Assignment For Your Life

November 6, 2022 • Ps. Louis Els

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:18-19 This week we are looking at the sermon by Ps Louis on “It Doesn’t End in the Desert”.  Firstly, what happens in the desert? We change. We receive power. We are given our clear assignment.  John the Baptist and Jesus went through the desert. No matter the struggles or the storms we are facing, remember that it doesn’t end here! God is a covenant-keeping God. He always stays true to His word.  Secondly, John the Baptist and Jesus were both given their assignments in the desert. When they came out, they were ready to walk in their purpose alongside Holy Spirit. Finding our value, worth and identity in Jesus are so crucial. But we also need to remember it is for the purpose of the kingdom. When we lose sight of that, it can lead to a self-focussed life where the goal is self-preservation and not advancing the Kingdom.   Thirdly, the way that we come out of the desert is important. When we come out we should be fully persuaded, full of mercy and kindness. We should sow grace and forgiveness, and remind people of the covenant-keeping God. We should set people free of their enemies and serve God without fear.  We come out of the desert with authority, purpose, and Holy Spirit.    Reflection: Holy Spirit, what are you saying to me today? What is your unique assignment and how can it play a part in the Kingdom? 

Aligning With Gods Assignment For Your Life

October 30, 2022 • Ps. Louis Els

Double Portion

October 23, 2022 • Louis Els

“When they had crossed, Elijah said to Elisha, “Tell me, what can I do for you before I am taken from you?” “Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit,” Elisha replied.” ‭‭2 Kings‬ ‭2‬:‭9‬ ‭NIV‬‬ This week we are looking at the sermon from Ps Louis on “Double Portion.” When was the last time you asked God for a double? So often we settle for less but God is encouraging us to ask for more, to ask for an ‘also’. When we look at the need and the challenges around the world, sometimes we struggle to even ask for the basics from God, never mind for more than what we need. We look at people who need much more than we do, and we feel we shouldn’t ask for anything and rather settle for what we’ve got. We feel that our need is not as important as someone else’s. Jesus wants us to ask and keep on asking, to knock and keep on knocking. Elisha didn't ask for something in the natural realm. He asked for a double portion of the SPIRIT that was on Elijah. God wants us to ask Him for something bigger than us and beyond us so that with Him we can do something that brings change to the world. “If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you. By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples.” John 15: 7-8 “You do not have because you do not ask God.” James 4:2b Reflection What is the need in your life that you need to ask God for help in? The Spirit of God is on you to meet your need but to also help you meet the needs of those around you. Ask God for a refreshing of His Spirit and His anointing. Receive from the Lord. Allow God to increase and give you more. Where do you need to say to God, “I’m willing to show up”?

When God Gives You More Than You Can Handle

October 16, 2022 • Louis Els

This week we will be looking at the sermon by Ps Louis entitled, ‘When God Gives You More Than You Can Handle.’ Focus scripture: Ephesians 3:14-20 Here are 3 points to help us navigate Kingdom life to effectively and productively advance the Kingdom. HOLY SPIRIT IN YOU (Galatians 4:19) The Holy Spirit resides in us for our sake so that we can be led by the spirit, hear the voice of God, live under conviction and be directed. The Spirit teaches us all things. This is also to shape and form our character to be Christlike. HOLY SPIRIT ON YOU (Luke 10:19) Holy Spirit comes upon us to release us with power and authority so that we can do what God has called us to do. This is not dependent on people’s character. The disciples operated in the power of God long before their characters were sorted out. HOLY SPIRIT THROUGH YOU (Ephesians 2:10) If we would desire and expect it God will release power through us. This is not just for our benefit but for the benefit of others. The power is not based on our character, therefore it is important to not judge the power of God on someone based on their character. Rather, have grace for them and receive from them because God uses all kinds of people to release his power. DISCUSSION Which of these three points do I need to work on for God to use me? Has there been a time when I have judged someone else, or myself, and therefore not received the power or authority that God put on them?

The Kingdom Of God

October 9, 2022 • Louis Els Jr

This week we are looking at the sermon by Louis Els on The Kingdom of God. “After John was put in prison, Jesus went into Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God. “The time has come,” he said. “The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!”” Mark‬ ‭1:14-15‬ ‭NIV What does the word ‘kingdom’ mean? ‘Kingdom’: The rule and reign of a king The domain of authority for a king in which the king rules The range of effective will (where what you want to be done gets done) Let’s look at the passages in Acts 1-2. Three things are important in the ‘breaking in’ of God’s Kingdom. Developing and maintaining an expectation of the Kingdom (Waiting for the promise) Kingdom prayer (Praying the way that Jesus taught us and not only for our needs/wants) Kingdom announcement & demonstration (What does it look like for you in your sphere of influence?) Questions God has given you gifts to advance His Kingdom. What gifts has He given you? Are there any gifts you need wisdom for to use well? How can I develop a Kingdom expectation and eagerly wait for the promises He has given me? Reflect on/Discuss in your group: What is the difference between the church and the Kingdom?

Saying Yes To Jesus

October 2, 2022 • Jenna van der Westhuizen

This week we will look at the sermon that Jenna van der Westhuizen preached on “Saying Yes to Jesus”. There are two points that we will look at. Firstly, our salvation is found in our YES to Jesus. And secondly, our Kingdom purpose and destiny are also found in our YES to Jesus. Firstly, our salvation is found in our YES to Jesus. What does ‘YES’ mean? It does not mean ‘maybe’, or ‘I’ll see how I feel”. It is a definite agreement and acknowledgement. If we look at the example of the sinner hanging on the cross next to Jesus in Luke‬ ‭23:32-43, we can see that simply saying ‘Yes’ to Jesus can change our life! This sinner did not deserve forgiveness and possibly, was the last person who should have joined Jesus in paradise. But because he called out to Jesus to be rescued, Jesus said, “I promise you—this very day you will enter paradise with me.” We find our salvation only by saying ‘Yes’ to Jesus and therefore letting Him transform us from glory to glory. Secondly, we know that our Kingdom purpose and destiny in also found in saying ‘Yes’ to Jesus. When we look at the examples of Mary, before she was pregnant with Jesus, and Paul, before he encountered Jesus, we can see that their obedience to what God was calling them to changed not only their lives but many lives around them. Mary said ‘Yes’ to God and ended up bearing the Son of God. She found her purpose in bringing our Saviour into the world and changed history! Paul, who was determined to squash anything and anyone spreading the Gospel, was transformed in an encounter with God and ended up being one of the most influential people in sharing the Gospel! Because they were obedient to the call of God and said ‘yes’ they were led to a life of purpose and destiny. What is God calling you into? Have you said ‘Yes’ to Jesus yet? Jesus wants to use you in the sphere that you are operating in. Purpose and destiny are waiting for us on the other side of our “Yes, Jesus.” Questions to ponder: - Is Jesus asking you to say “Yes” to something now in this season of your life? - What was the last thing that Jesus asked you to do that you might’ve missed or pushed aside? - What have you said “No” to that you actually should’ve said “Yes” to?