Study Jesus

March 10, 2024 • Lynn Swart

In our lives we need to be fascinated with Jesus rather than fearful of the world. We put aside the fickleness of our feelings and trust in the faithfulness of God. How do we do this? Lynn Swart highlights the best place to start: study Jesus.

Traveling Light

June 9, 2024 • Mark Scholtz

Have you ever traveled on a trip with too much baggage? It can make moving around stressful and problematic. Not only that, our baggage affects the people around us. There is something so freeing about traveling light. The same is true for spiritual and emotional baggage. It can cause us to miss kingdom destiny moments and affect the people we do life with. Ps Mark explores what it looks like to let go of our baggage and travel light.

The Holy Spirit

June 2, 2024 • Craig Galloway

Dr Craig reminded us on Sunday of who the Holy Spirit is and how the Holy Spirit can empower us to live in obedience to what God is calling us to. He explores 3 aspects of the Holy Spirit: the person and role, the works, and the gifts. How do these three relate to us?

Keep Burning

May 26, 2024 • Louis Els Jr

What does it mean to keep burning, and not grow cold? There is something about being close to Jesus that keeps us ‘burning’ (passionate, committed, hopeful). He fans into flame that which is in our hearts. We don’t move from encounter to encounter, we live with a strong conviction of God’s glory and passion for His presence. Ps Louis explores five things that are essential for a believer that wants to keep their passion alive.