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Return To Eden - The All Important Seed

May 31, 2022 • Daniel Belt, Joe Ardis Horn

UNCOVER THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE "SEED", THE CRITICAL SOURCE OF YOUR LIFE AND HEALTH!!" Spring has sprung! With this cheery new season also comes the planting season for seeds! At the core of all this emerging life, is the seed. How vital are these tiny objects to all of life as we know it? Is there "good and bad seed?" Is The Seed mentioned in the Bible? Is there a point to creating your own garden, even if it is small? Find out about these topics and more today on Return to Eden!

The Significance of Sleep

May 17, 2022 • Bruce Belin, Charisse Parton

IS SLEEP ACTUALLY IMPORTANT? IF SO, WHY IS IT SO SIGNIFICANT? CAN'T I JUST GET MORE LATER? Sleep. We all crave it, but how many of us really get enough of it? This vital element has the power to impact our health on all levels, and yet it is often the first thing we cut when trying to squeeze more time into our busy schedules. What are the consequences of shortchanging our bodies in this way? Find out on today’s Return to Eden.

Women's Safety with deputy sheriff Bruce Belin

May 17, 2022 • Bruce Belin, Charisse Parton

TIPS TO HELP WOMEN AVOID BECOMING ANOTHER STATISTIC- EXPLORING THE REAL THREATS WE ALL FACE TODAY! Learn practical ways to avoid 90% of the dangers we all face in our daily lives!! Did you know that 15% of women have been stalked within their lifetime? Nearly 44% of them will experience some sort of sexual violence, and of those women, nearly HALF will be victimized by someone they know. These are sobering statistics, and today our guest is here to talk about what women today can do to stay safe. Bruce Belin is currently a deputy sheriff with 40 + years of law enforcement experience in various departments and cities. He shares practical tips to help greatly reduce your risk of becoming the next victim and sound advice to help you stay safe the in numerous situations, we all can find ourselves in on a daily basis. Gather those you hold dear and tune in for today's episode of Return to Eden!!

WHAT IS FEAR? with Bruce Belin

May 10, 2022 • Bruce Belin, Charisse Parton

WHAT IS FEAR? A LIAR, THE MIND KILLER, BENEATH ME, SOMETHING TO BE CAST-OUT? OR... A GIFT FROM GOD? Fear, we’re told that it is a liar, but is all fear bad? Is fear something we should be casting out all the time or are their times when fear is a gift, given by God, to help us avoid disaster? Today's guests are here to discuss this vital, potentially life saving question. Join us a we dig into the topic of fear, and its very real effects, today on Return to Eden!

Today on Return to Eden we search for society’s true illness with our guest Bruce Belin

May 3, 2022

IN A WORLD FILLED WITH CRIMES, PANDEMICS, POVERTY, AND DEPRAVITY, WHAT IS SOCIETY’S TRUE ILLNESS?!?! We hear of pandemics, health epidemics, and other diseases. We hear of crime, poverty, addiction and other obstacles that can interfere with the ability to live the abundant life that God promised. Physical health is important, but is there a deeper Spiritual Disease that plagues people and interferes with health on all levels?  So many of our bad choices, personally and as a society, keep rearing their ugly heads with a terrifying regularity. There is little to nothing we seem to be able to do to stem the flood of destruction that comes against us all, over and over again! But there is hope, hope in Jesus, hope that some way, with His help, we can begin to see movement away from what we all face to the salvation and restoration we find in Christ alone!

The Power of Fermentation

April 26, 2022

THE INCREDIBLE POWER OF FERMENTATION, TO REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR HEALTH!! Today on RETURN TO EDEN Did you know that an ancient way of preserving foods still has the power to completely revolutionize your health?!?! What if I told you that one simple trick, so “old-school” that your grandparents did it, can actually boost immunity, Fight chronic illness, slim our waist lines and even help balance out our moods. Best of all its extremely afforable!! what is this life altering habit, and how can you implement it in your own life? FERMENTATION?!?! Yes Fermentation!! Recent scientific research has shows some incredible benefits to this age olds practice! So grab a healthy snack and join us for todays episode!!! https://edensessentials.com

Is the Digital World Affecting our Families? with Tom & Nita Horn

April 24, 2022

IS THE DIGITAL WORLD AFFECTING OUR FAMILIES HEALTH? COULD A SCREENS BE DESTROYING OUR FUTURE? Join Tom Horn, Nita Horn, and Allie Henson as they talk about what the latest research regarding the digital world and our families current and longterm health and development!! Most people do not know that during the formative years between age 3 - 9 prolonged periods of media exposure or video gaming can actually hinder the development of their children’s mind. Unfortunately as awareness climbs regarding this issue many find it difficult to undo the progressive damage that has already taken place. And now in addition to any previous damage that may have taken place many professionals are suggesting our worlds response to Covid could have actually been a catalase to what seems to already have been an overwhelming disfunction in our young people today. With trends towards narcism and emotional disconnection from those around them many people could experience prolonged emotional damage in addition to everything else. How can parents begin to intervene on these issues? Join us on Return To Eden, as we will examine these questions and explore practical tips and suggestions to help mitigate and even undo some of the damage that already exists. In addition we will discuss some of the practical and impactful ways we can reconnect with those we love in truly beneficial ways.

Raising Children w/ Tom & Nita Horn

April 17, 2022

HELP RAISING GOOD CHILDREN!! WHO BECOME GOOD ADULTS, TODAY ON RETURN TO EDEN!! Join Tom Horn and his wife Nita as they talk with our host Allie about the different parenting approaches and what they did with their children to help them become adults who are successful, contributing, and productive members of society, who follow God and love their families!! Did you know that imperical data has linked parenting styles experienced during childhood with eliments such as academic, professionals, and even marital and familial success during adult life?!?! Research has correlated certain parental approaches with things like positive self-esteem, resilience, innovativeness, and healthy personal wellbeing, whale other styles of child rearing, seem connected to problems in adulthood, such as disfuctional relationships, lowered self-esteem, and even components such as substance abuse!! How can you make a difference in your children’s life? Find out on today on Return To Eden!

Intermittent Fasting

April 10, 2022 • Daniel Belt, Allie Henson, Joe Ardis Horn

FREE REVOLUTIONARY HEALTH HACK, GOD'S GIFT TO YOU! BEHOLD THE ASTONISHING EFFICACY OF INTERMITTENT FASTING! CHANGE YOU HEALTH TODAY!! Could there be a TOTALLY FREE health hack that could revolutionize your life and health?!?! More energy, less toxicity, improved health and longevity; for some it can even HELP PREVENT AND OFF CANCER!! Something so powerful it is impossible to create a supplement out of it. Tune in and CHANGE your LIFE and HEALTH, TODAY!!

Choosing Good Vitamins

April 3, 2022 • Daniel Belt, Allie Henson, Joe Ardis Horn

ONE TYPE OF SUPPLEMENT IS BASICALLY THE SAME AS ALL THE OTHERS... RIGHT?!?! Tune in and find out why all vitamin and supplement brands are not basically the same! There are in-fact a number of dirty and deceptive companies out there, creating potentially damaging products. Join us as we talk to Daniel Belt and Joe Horn as we learn some of the things supplement manufacturers do and why we need to be careful and choose good, clean, vitamins and supplements, today on Return to Eden!!

The Importance of Immunity

March 22, 2022

DISCOVER THE IMPORTANCE OF IMMUNITY AGAINST FIGHTING HARMFUL INFECTIONS AND TOXINS!! Immunity is the ability to resist a multitude of harmful infections and toxins that are wired to attack our bodies. With such an important task, it is shocking to see just how many of us pay little attention to our immune systems! Daniel Belt is here with Joe Horn to discuss how to take the initiate and boost your immune system!

What is Long Covid?

March 16, 2022

WHAT IS LONG COVID?! - MANY ARE REPORTING COVID-LIKE SYMPTOMS LONG AFTER THE VIRUS HAS PASSED!! During Dr. Thomas Horn's battle with Covid-19, he was whisked away to the "Covid Tower" and separated from not only his children but from his loving wife who was left speechless. However the battle wasn't over yet! Even after Dr. Horn was on the miraculous mend he was STILL EXPERIENCING the effects of the virus long after its departure as what experts are calling "LONG COVID"!

Separated From Your Family?!

March 2, 2022

WHAT DOES IT FEEL LIKE TO BE SEPARATED FROM YOUR FAMILY DURING A MEDICAL EMERGENCY WITH NO WAY TO CONTACT THEM?! During Dr. Thomas Horn's battle with Covid-19, he was whisked away to the "Covid Tower" and separated from not only his children but from his loving wife who was left speechless. What would you do in this situation?

Heart Health

March 1, 2022

YOUR HEART IS LACKING THE "LOVE" IT NEEDS AND I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS!! Many of us are quick to address the concerns of the heart when it comes to relationships and loved ones but far too often we neglect are the PHYSICAL HEALTH of our hearts! Return To Eden hopes to change that today!

Mental Health (Part 2)

February 10, 2022

DEPRESSION AFFECTS OVER 18 MILLION ADULTS ALONE! SO, WHAT REALLY HAPPENS TO A BRAIN THAT IS DEPRESSED?! This week Allie Henson returns to discuss how DEPRESSION affects over 18 MILLION adults in the United States and is the leading cause of disability for ages 15-44! So, what is going on in the brain when it is depressed?