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The Father of All Nations

June 19, 2022 • David Chadwick • Genesis 17, Genesis 18:1–16

This Sunday is Father's Day. We will cover Genesis 17-18, the gift of a son to Abraham and Sarah. You'll also see God changing Abram's name to Abraham - now he is called "the father of many nations." It's an appropriate Scripture for Father's Day!

Waiting on a Promise

June 12, 2022 • David Chadwick • Genesis 16

This Sunday, we explore Genesis 16. Have you ever had to wait on a promise from God? Have you ever become impatient and tried to take things into your own hands, only to make a mess of things? That's what happened with Sarai and Hagar. We will not only look at the problem of not waiting on the Lord but also how he can redeem things when we are impatient and mess things up.

Faith Alone

June 5, 2022 • David Chadwick • Genesis 15

This week we take a look at Genesis 15. Verse 6 of this chapter could very well be the most important verse in all the Old Testament. It's seized by Paul in Romans 4 and Galatians 3 to express how our righteousness before God can only be by faith. James uses this verse as well to make the same point in James 2. All of God's promises can only be accessed through faith. Our justification and forgiveness for entrance into heaven can only occur by faith as well.

Abram and the Most High God

May 29, 2022 • John Kasay • Genesis 14

This week, we will take a look at Genesis 14. It is a story about God – El Elyon, the Most-High God. It is not about Abram, or kings, or Lot, or war. It is a story about God’s goodness, His blessings, and His plans for His people. Join us to see for yourself how God takes the life of one man and blesses an entire nation – forever.

Starting Again

May 22, 2022 • David Chadwick • Genesis 13

This Sunday, we will examine Genesis 13. There are some fascinating verses in it about starting over when you fail and the destructive power of greed.

Why Is There Human Suffering?

May 15, 2022 • David Chadwick • Job 1

This Sunday, we take a break from the call and journey of Abram to do an overview of the book of Job. Why? For a couple of reasons. First, Job was a real person. He lived during the time of Abram, and his story could have been known by Abram. Next, along with Genesis, Job is the oldest book in the Bible. Indeed, some scholars suggest that it could be the oldest book in the history of the world! Therefore, chronologically, Job should be read and understood right after Abram's call. It is a story trying to address the age-old question of, "Why is there human suffering?"

God's Plan of Redemption

May 8, 2022 • David Chadwick • Genesis 12, Genesis 11:25–32

This Sunday our text (Genesis 11:25 - chapter 12) continues with the line of Shem to Abraham, and God's call to begin the plan of redemption.

The Beginning of Nations

May 1, 2022 • David Chadwick • Genesis 10, Genesis 11

This Sunday, we look at Genesis 10-11. It’s a detailed and important look at the descendants of Noah, the Tower of Babel, and the beginning of the nations of the world.

The Sign

April 24, 2022 • David Chadwick • Genesis 8, Genesis 9

This Sunday, we look at Genesis 8-9. The flood waters begins to recede, and God provides a sign.

Easter: Jesus is Risen

April 17, 2022 • David Chadwick • John 20, John 21

This Sunday, Christians all over the world will cry out, "Jesus is risen!" It is our battle cry. Death is dead. Defeated. Conquered forever! Those who believe in Jesus will never die. Praise God! Today we look at John 20-21, an overview of several of Jesus's resurrection accounts. And, of course, the application to our personal lives.

How Could it All Go So Wrong?

April 10, 2022 • John Kasay • John 18, John 19

“How could it all go so wrong?” From the celebration on Palm Sunday as Jesus rode into Jerusalem - to the cries of “Crucify Him!” from the mob on Friday morning, a mere five days later. What caused such a drastic change? Where was God? Amazingly, it was all part of God’s plan.

The Flood

April 3, 2022 • David Chadwick • Genesis 6, Genesis 7

This Sunday, we will go through Genesis 6-7. It's the story of the Flood. Jesus identified Noah as a real person and the Flood a real judgment from God on human wickedness. Jesus said that His return and God's judgment will be like the days of Noah!

A Choice to Make

March 27, 2022 • David Chadwick • Genesis 4, Genesis 5

Genesis 4-5 provides more evidence of the consequences of the Fall introduced in Genesis 3. We have the first murder in history (Cain killing his brother Abel) - a murder rooted in anger and jealousy because God accepted Abel's offering and not Cain's. We will also follow the lineage of Cain's legacy and the sinful corruption that followed his lineage. Chapter 5 is more genealogical, but with interesting insights into two biblical characters: Enoch and Methuselah - the oldest man in recorded history.

The Fall-Out

March 20, 2022 • David Chadwick • Romans 5:12–19, Genesis 3:20–24

As we conclude Genesis 3, we will try to answer these often-asked questions: Why did God allow for the possibility of Satan's fall from heaven, which would usher in destruction? Why did God allow Satan access to the perfect Garden of Eden and allow him to tempt Eve and Adam and usher in destruction? Why did God create Adam and Eve knowing they would fall and usher in destruction into God's world? There is an answer! As we wrap up chapter 3 about the Fall - Adam and Eve leave the Garden, never to return. Angels begin guarding the Garden’s door. The first Adam failed. We are now ready for the last Adam, Jesus, who will succeed.

Consequences of the Fall, Pt. 2

March 13, 2022 • David Chadwick • Genesis 3:14–19

Last week we saw several of the curses caused by the Fall: spiritual death, physical death, fear, shame, and blame. This week we will look at the others found in Genesis 3:14-19. In these verses we find the answer to the question of why pain? Suffering? War? Drought? Famine? And many other curses we regularly experience. We will also look at the hope we have in Jesus. He promised that one day the curse will be forever reversed. How we look forward to that day!