The Way

What does it mean to practice the way of Jesus? Join us as we examine 8 practices that Jesus engaged in, why we should embrace them, and how to engage in these practices today.

Intentional Availability | St. Albert Alliance May 28, 2023 Sermon

May 28, 2023 • Lisa Peters

It feels like loneliness and isolation are at an all-time high these days. We need community and meaningful relationships deeply, yet, we live lives that are often overextended and isolated, making it difficult to engage meaningfully with others. Join us as we continue our series, The Way, and look at how Jesus lived a life of intentional availability to others and how we can meaningfully grow in this ourselves.

Embracing the Word | St. Albert Alliance May 21, 2023

May 21, 2023 • Kirk Cowman

Have you ever wished your life came with a guide or an owner’s manual? What if there was something available today that would help you make decisions, give you encouragement and help you face uncertainty in life? Would you make use of it? Jesus modeled a way of living that helped him navigate through the ups and downs of life and guided him in every decision. The practice of “Embracing the Word” helped Jesus and it can help you today because when you embrace the Word you encounter God and his way of seeing the world and living.

Committed to Community | St. Albert Alliance May 14, 2023 Sermon

May 14, 2023 • Bob Cowie

Have you ever desired to be part of a deep, meaningful community? A community where you are loved, cared for, and participate in a shared and meaningful purpose? Join us as we continue our new series, The Way, and Pastor Bob Cowie teaches about what it means to be part of God’s community.

Rooted In Solitude | St. Albert Alliance May 7, 2023 Sermon

May 7, 2023 • Kirk Cowman

Is there a practice, pattern, or habit that you engage in helps you live life to the fullest? In the Gospels we discover Jesus’ modelling practices that helped in the ups and downs of life when people were for him and against him. One of the practices that Jesus models is the practice of solitude. Jesus consistently withdrew to solitary places to be with the Father and root his identity in what the Father said, not what the crowd said. Everything Jesus did flowed out of his solitude with God. If solitude helped Jesus, I wonder if it might help us as well to begin practicing the way of solitude with God?