With Your Apprenticeship Prayer Partners

Week of November 18, 2018 • November 18, 2018

1. To what extent have you trusted the kindness of God to walk you towards healing of the deeper wounds and shame in your life? Describe a time when this happened? If not, is there something holding you back? 2. What does it look like in your life to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:1-2). Where is renewing needed? Where has renewing already begun? Where has renewing been largely completed?

With Your Apprenticeship Prayer Partners

Week of November 11, 2018 • November 11, 2018

1. What are the ways that I am cultivating the soil of my heart so that my life would bear the fruit of the spirit in increasing measure? 2. Are there things in my life that distract me from finding rest and abiding in Christ?

With Your Apprenticeship Prayer Partners

Week of November 4, 2018 • November 4, 2018

In what ways this week did you sense the Holy Spirit's prompting, and were you obedient to it?

With Your Apprenticeship Prayer Partners

Week of October 28, 2018 • October 28, 2018

1. How would you describe your current vision of God? What words come to mind when you try to describe who He is in your life? 2. Why does the fact that the Trinity is a perfect embodiment of love matter to us? What does it tell us about our own story? 3. How are you currently cultivating a life of deep contentment, joy and confidence in God in your everyday life?

With Your Apprenticeship Prayer Partners

Week of October 21, 2018 • October 21, 2018

1. Describe a time when you were deeply inspired by the obedient generosity of another person. How did this impact you? 2. Describe a time when you acted with generosity that required great personal sacrifice.

With Your Apprenticeship Prayer Partners

Week of October 14, 2018 • October 14, 2018

1. Where in your life are you currently being stretched and challenged to love someone in a way that is requiring you to ‘lay down your life’ for them (John 15:13)? Where it’s not easy, and requiring you to ‘die’ to your preferences, opinions, ideas, etc… 2. Read through 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. As you consider the various descriptors for love, which one stands out to you as a current growth opportunity? What are you having to ‘lay down’ in order to become more like that particular characteristic of love?

With Your Apprenticeship Prayer Partners

Week of October 7, 2018 • October 7, 2018

1. Who are the people or places that I am investing my time, talents or resources in, helping to cultivate fruit that becomes life found in the now available kingdom of God? 2. What are the seeds I am planting or watering as I join in the work that God is doing?

With Your Apprenticeship Prayer Partners

Week of September 30, 2018 • September 30, 2018

Apprenticeship Prayer Partner Questions: 1. Where do you see Jesus at work at StAAC in these days? What do you think He is most excited about? 2. What area(s) of Christlikeness do you think Jesus wants to shape and form in you through the Seed Project in this season?

With Your Apprenticeship Prayer Partners

Week of September 23, 2018 • September 23, 2018

1. Share a time when your 'lower story' circumstances were falling apart, but you found the gift of Jesus Himself to be enough for you? What did you learn from that experience? 2. In what kinds of circumstances are you tempted to view Jesus as a 'means to an end?' How would you describe what you want most from Jesus?

With Your Apprenticeship Prayer Partners

Week of September 16, 2018 • September 16, 2018

1. Jesus embodied what true humility looks like in a human life. In what ways are you being challenged to grow in humility based on what you see in Jesus’ example? 2. Where are you currently feeling misunderstood or misrepresented and how might it provide an opportunity to be trained and formed in the humility of Jesus?

With Your Apprenticeship Prayer Partners

Week of September 9, 2018 • September 9, 2018

1. Recall a time when Jesus was disruptively honest with you, exposing a delusion or self-deception you lived with. Reflect on how Jesus brought grace and truth to bear in your life and how it set you free to a more abundant life. 2. To what extent are you regularly humbling yourself, inviting Jesus to show you your heart and to bring correction as He deems necessary?

With Your Apprenticeship Prayer Partners

Week of September 2 • September 2, 2018

1. Do you think it is important to experience Jesus as a man of irrepressible joy? Why or why not? What are the implications for us? 2. Nehemiah 8:10 encourages us that the “joy of the LORD is our strength.” Do you see joy as a ‘non-negotiable’ in your life? What are ways you could further cultivate the joy of Jesus in your life?

Foundation for Living

July 1, 2018 • July 1, 2018 • Jeremy Peters

This week we conclude our study on the greatest talk ever given, the Sermon on the Mount, in our Jesus Manifesto series. In Jesus’ final words to us, he makes two statements: 1) Everyone builds a life, and 2) Everyone faces a storm. The question is, when the storms of life inevitably come, what foundation will you have built your life upon? Join us on Sunday as we consider the call of Jesus to listen to, trust and obey Him as His apprentices and to build our lives on Him, the solid rock!

With Your Apprenticeship Prayer Partners

Week of August 26, 2018 • August 26, 2018

1. Describe a time when you didn’t take your own advice. What was the result? 2. What advice would you give to yourself at this time that would honor God?

Building Update from our Architects

December 17, 2017 • December 17, 2017

Our Building Committee has been working hard on plans and details for our building redevelopment. In this video, our Architects give us a detailed look at the progress.

The Seed Project Commitment Guide

What is The Seed Project? Why a new building? How can you get involved? Find out answers to all the questions and more in our Seed Project Commitment guide!

True or False

June 24, 2018 • June 24, 2018 • Mike Sotski

True or false? How is a person to know the difference? In a time that the words "fake news" gets thrown around, it is hard to know where to look or how to discern truth from fiction. This week as we continue our Jesus Manifesto series we are going to look at what Jesus had to say about how we can tell the difference between the two.

With Your Apprenticeship Prayer Partners

Week of August 5, 2018 • August 5, 2018 • Lisa Peters

Apprenticeship Prayer Partner Questions: 1) What are areas of small compromise that the Holy Spirit wants to cut off at the pass in my life through honest and vulnerable accountability in my relationships? 2) What questions would it be helpful for me to have an Apprenticeship Prayer Partner or trusted spiritual friend ask to keep me accountable on a regular basis?

With Your Apprenticeship Prayer Partners

Week of August 19, 2018 • August 19, 2018

Apprenticeship Prayer Partner Questions 1) What is the last big decision you brought to Jesus? 2) How can you be intentional in including Jesus in your small decisions?

My StAAC: Terry & Debbie

Is Christianity Narrow-Minded?

June 17, 2018 • June 17, 2018 • Jeremy Peters

As we continue our study of Jesus’ most provocative teaching found in the Sermon on the Mount, this week we’ll be considering what is one of the most troubling passages for many people in our day. In Matthew 7:12-14, Jesus talks about the ‘narrow gate that only a few find.’ The deep concern that a lot of thoughtful people have about Christianity is that it calls certain beliefs wrong and calls certain behaviours immoral and therefore the concern is that it impinges upon human freedom by telling people what they must think and how they must live. How are we to understand Jesus’ claims and what should our response be? A portion of this sermon is by John Ortberg and is used with permission of Menlo Church. Find the full sermon video click here: http://vpodcast.menlo.church/e/deconstruction-is-christianity-narrow-minded-john-ortberg-1523219551/