Obey, Even If It Kills You

November 14, 2021 • David Cotner III

Today we are postponing our current sermon series to dive into a special stand-alone message entitled, “Obey, Even If It Kills You”. This message will explore the commands of God and hit home the point that all of God’s commands are good, and it’s good to keep all of them, even if the very worst happens to you. Conversely, consistently disobeying the commands of God, though it might provide temporary freedom, peace, and joy, will end up destroying your very soul…

God’s Sovereignty and Goodness in Suffering

January 9, 2022 • Willie Van Der Molen • Job

Today our very own Willie Van Der Molen (Chairman of the Deacons) will preach a message on the sovereignty of God in our human suffering. He will take us to the book of Job, where we will be reminded that our suffering isn’t meant to destroy us but is meant to wean us off of our self-sufficiency and drive us to the loving, sovereign arms of a God who truly cares. So, get ready, open your Bibles, and let God speak to you today through the preaching of His Holy Word!

John Hutcheson - Frontline Missions

October 17, 2021 • Matthew 9:35–38

Today our special speaker will preach from Matthew 9:35-38. From this text in the life of Jesus, we find that He was involved in the harvest, preaching the Gospel to hurting people. Because God the Father places special value on His harvest, that motivated Jesus to tell His disciples to pray for more “goers” to take the Gospel into His harvest. The same command to pray for more “goers” for His harvest must be a priority for us in our day as well. Do you value what God values? Are you active in His harvest?

Let's Talk

September 26, 2021 • David Cotner III

In today’s message, Pastor Dave will preach a stand-alone message entitled, “Let’s Talk”. In this message, he will talk about different issues that bubbled up in 2020 but have continued to linger to the present time. Issues addressed? Fear, depression, anger, gluttony, and restlessness. Pastor Dave states, “The goal of this message is to expose the issues that are going on in people’s lives and encourage them to seek out pastoral counseling for the help that they might need.” Thanks for joining us!