Thanksgiving (2019)

The Grateful Samaritan • November 17, 2019 • David Cotner

In today's sermon, we will launch the first of two messages on the topic of gratefulness. Indeed, the gifts of God should result in thanksgiving to God. And haven’t we been so richly blessed by God? In today’s focus text of Scripture, we will examine Luke 17:11-19 and witness a spectacular scene: Jesus heals ten lepers, but only one comes back to express any sort of gratitude. Join us as we examine this amazing scene and be encouraged to express your thankfulness this holiday season.

Half-Way Point: 10 Fresh Reminders

July 21, 2019 • David Cotner

In today’s special message, “Half-Way Point: 10 Fresh Reminders,” Pastor Dave will share from his heart and from God’s Word. He states, “With half of our year and half of our summer in the rear-view mirror, let’s take a momentary pit stop and remind ourselves of some things we might have forgotten in the midst of our crazy, busy schedules.” Pastor Dave will remind us of who we really are, how to measure success, what to do when the going gets tough, and seven other timely, fresh reminders.

Louis O'Tool

God's Plan to Regenerate Humanity • July 14, 2019 • Louis O'Tool

Louis and Amber O’Tool have served in Welkom, South Africa since 2008. The first four years of their ministry were spent at the Pines Orphanage and Restoring Hope Village. They have since transitioned into church ministries at Welkom Baptist Church and discipleship of pastors across southern Africa. Louis will be speaking to us today on “God’s Plan to Regenerate Humanity” from Ezekiel 37:1-14. He will also share his heart for the ministry in South Africa and some of the specifics of his ministry.

Jon Jenks

Revelation 3 • May 26, 2019 • Jon Jenks

For our morning worship service, we are privileged to have a returning guest speaker, Jon Jenks! Jon is the State Representative for the Wisconsin Association of Regular Baptist Churches (WARBC) and is also a board member with Baptist Church Planters (BCP). Jon will be speaking to us from the text of Revelation 3 and tackling the topic of being alert and awake as a church body. Be prepared to be challenged and encouraged as Jon proclaims the Word!

The Future Prairie Flower

April 28, 2019 • Jon Rocha

In today’s special service, we will be saying a formal farewell to our Associate Pastor, Jon Rocha, and his wife, Julia. Pastor Jon and his wife have served our church family faithfully for the past 4½ years. Indeed, they are headed into their next grand adventure, business and parenting, and we truly wish them well. To send them off in style, we will have a special service filled with testimonies, prayer, singing, and gifts. Pastor Jon will also be delivering his final sermon as our Associate Pastor entitled, “The Future Prairie Flower.”

If This Were My Last Sermon Ever...

Easter 2019 • April 21, 2019 • David Cotner

In today’s service, we will hear an Easter message from Pastor Dave entitled, “If This Were My Last Sermon Ever.” In this message, Pastor Dave will highlight the resurrection of Jesus by means of highlighting four important truths from God’s Word. It is our hope that by the end of the message, you will walk away with an understanding that Easter is not just a celebration of remembrance, but an invitation to repent and receive. Thanks for joining us!

O Taste and See

Experiencing Satisfaction from the Redeemer • March 31, 2019 • Lance Lewis

This morning we are privileged to have previous Pastoral Intern, Lance Lewis, with us to open up God’s Word. Our anchor text of scripture will be Psalm 34, where we find David, the rightful King of Israel, running from King Saul in the wilderness. During this troubling time, David chose to find his protection and satisfaction in the Lord (1 Samuel 21-22). He also penned two psalms, one describing his affliction (Psalm 56), and the other describing his deliverance (Psalm 34). These Psalms of David continue to resonate with believers because they remind us of who God is in every circumstance. Join us as we look at both the blessings of the afflicted and the lessons we can learn while living in affliction.

Session 2: The Sweet Solution

Choosing the Biblical Response to Anxiety • February 27, 2019 • Aimee Marino

"When we are anxious, we fail to believe at least one of these things: 1) God is powerful, 2) God is present, and/or 3) God's character is true."

Rest Despite Restlessness

Simplistic Conclusion? • November 11, 2018 • David Cotner

Augustine once said, “Thou hast made us for Thyself, O God, and our heart is restless till it rests in Thee.” In today’s final installment in the “Rest Despite Noise” mega-series, we will unpack Augustine’s famous quote by asking the question: “How is it possible to truly get our restless hearts to rest in God alone?” Indeed, King Solomon searched high and low for true rest, but only found true rest in one location. Join us as we unpack Solomon’s discovery in the final two chapters of his most puzzling, but practical book – Ecclesiastes!

Session 1: The Problem

Choosing the Biblical Response to Anxiety • February 27, 2019 • Aimee Marino

"Why do we do what we do? Because we want what we want...because we worship what we worship."

Scott Owen

Director of Intentional Transitional Ministries • February 24, 2019 • Scott Owen

Today we are privileged to have Scott Owen, Director of Intentional Transitional Ministries with Baptist Church Planters (BCP), as our Guest Speaker this morning. Scott’s main focus with BCP is to train pastors to help churches in conflict by coaching these pastors to be effective leaders, peacemakers, and disciple makers. Indeed, his greatest passion is to help churches work through conflict and prepare for effective ministry. Scott has brought Marti, his wife, with him this morning. They have been married for over 30 years and have four children and five grandchildren.

Rest Despite Restlessness

The King's Miscellaneous Musings... • November 4, 2018 • David Cotner

As we continue our series finale, “Rest Despite Restlessness”, we come now to the proverbs of Solomon in his book, Ecclesiastes. What is a proverb, you ask? Well, a proverb is a pithy statement that showcases a general truth about life in order to give you clarity and direction in life. In today’s segment, we will showcase King Solomon’s most important proverbs about life, wisdom, and foolishness. Yes, join us as King Solomon acts as our personal Life Coach, explaining to us his miscellaneous musings about life “under the sun.”

Rest Despite Restlessness

Timeless Thoughts on Time • October 28, 2018 • David Cotner

In today’s message, we come now to a most timeless subject. Can you guess what it is? Here’s a riddle from J.R.R. Tolkien’s mythical creature, Gollum, in regards to today’s topic: “This thing all things devours: Birds, beasts, trees, flowers. Gnaws iron. Bites steel. Grinds hard stones to meal. Slays king, ruins town, and beats high mountain down.” What’s the answer, you ask? Time. Yes, welcome to installment three of our current series finale, “Rest Despite Restlessness”, in which we investigate King Solomon’s timeless thoughts on time.

Mission, Vision, and Leadership

Candidation Weekend 2019 • February 10, 2019 • David Cotner

Today is a special Sunday in the life of our church as today is part of our Candidation Weekend with Tim O’Tool and his family. We are truly grateful to God for how he has led both us and the O’Tool’s in this expedition to discern His will concerning whether Tim should be extended the call to be our next Associate Pastor. The vote for Tim O’Tool is slotted for Sunday, Feb. 24. However, as you think, pray, and process as to how the Lord is leading you to vote, let’s consider Tim’s Candidation through the lens of Mission, Vision, and Leadership. We will end our time this morning with a brief Q & A with our Candidate.

Rest Despite Restlessness

The Quest for Meaning • October 21, 2018 • David Cotner

In our series finale, “Rest Despite Restlessness”, we come now to our second installment entitled, “The Quest For Meaning.” This message is anchored in King Solomon’s story in Ecclesiastes 2. In this magnificently entertaining, albeit depressing chapter, King Solomon undertakes a grand experiment in which he searches for meaning and purpose in this life. Indeed, he searches not only for the meaning of life, but pleasure and joy in the meaning. So, is there meaning to this life? Is there pleasure from the meaning? What is life “under the sun” all about? Join us as Peggy Lee (1969), King Solomon (930 BC), and C.S. Lewis (1952) try to explain…

Aaron Brudtkuhl

January 13, 2019 • January 13, 2019 • Aaron Brudtkuhl

Today we are privileged to have Aaron Brudtkuhl as our Special Missionary Speaker. Aaron is currently raising support for his Gospel ministry to the people of Germany. To that end, he will be preaching from the book of Colossians this morning. Aaron states, “At the end of his letter, the Apostle Paul encourages the believers in Colossae to express their inward faith outwardly to the people around them. Paul asks the church to pray him, as I ask you to pray for me, to faithfully share the message of the Gospel to the people of Germany. Indeed, actively praying for open doors and looking for open doors to share the Gospel should be a part of every believer’s life.”

Traditional Thanks for Traditional Things

A 2018 Thanksgiving Sermon • November 25, 2018 • David Cotner

Every year at this time, I give what Pastor Jon calls my “State of the Union” address. In other words, I usually take a Sunday, around the Thanksgiving holiday, to simply praise God for his many and undeserved blessings in our church family. Indeed, in year’s past, I have highlighted all kinds of items of thankfulness and gratefulness. So, I racked my brain this past week to come up with something new, exciting, and fresh; but I have only the same traditional things to be thankful and grateful for. But what a joy to give a traditional thanks for traditional things to a traditional God who is all together traditional and exciting at the same time.

Rest Despite Restlessness

Meaningless Mess? • October 14, 2018 • David Cotner

Let me ask you some questions. What’s the meaning and purpose of life? Does any of this really matter? We all die anyway, so does life really matter? If these questions leave you feeling somewhat confused, depressed, and maybe a little irritated, then you are exactly where King Solomon wants you to be. In our series finale, “Rest Despite Restlessness”, we will weave our way through one of the most interesting, but challenging books of the entire Bible – Ecclesiastes! Welcome to installment one of this fascinating series, a message entitled, “Meaningless Mess?”

Rest Despite Barriers

Distressing Conflict • September 30, 2018 • David Cotner

Today we land the plane on our current mini-series, “Rest Despite Barriers”, by looking at the barrier of distressing conflict, specifically, relational conflict. Indeed, there is perhaps no greater pain than the pain of relational conflict. Think about it. Haven’t most of the deepest pains in your life revolved around some sort of relational conflict that you could not or would not resolve? In Philippians 4, the Apostle Paul tackles the issue of conflict in a very startling, but practical way. Join us as we unpack truths from this great chapter and discover God’s joy, presence, and peace in the midst of any conflict.

Adopting God's Mission

November 18, 2018 • Ron Hemsworth

We are privileged to have Ron Hemsworth as our guest speaker this morning. Ron is graduate of Faith Baptist Bible College (1986) and just received his Master of Arts in Practical Theology in 2015. For the past twenty-six years, he has pastored churches in Washington, Oregon, and Minnesota. However, he now serves with Baptist Mid-Missions as a Staff Appointee with Missionary Acres in Silva, Missouri, ministering to Christian leaders who are in their retirement years. Ron enjoys spending time with his wife, Joy (and their five adult children), shooting guns, and deer hunting.

Message #33: Harvest & Laborers

Matthew 9:35-38 • November 10, 2019 • David Cotner

As we continue our journey through the book of Matthew, we come now to our 33rd installment, “Harvest & Laborers” (Matt. 9:35-38). How apropos that we approach this text of Scripture during harvest season here in southeast Iowa. Indeed, the harvest field of souls is ripe, but Gospel laborers are few. The antidote? Well, Jesus tells us that the remedy is simple – pray and get to work. Join us as we find motivation to get back to our task, our Great Commission Mission to make and mature disciples, by looking to Jesus: His ministry, heart, and command.