Miracles of Jesus

Miracles week 9

October 24, 2021 • Pastor Dan May • Mark 6:45–56

As we continue to journey through some of the 33 recorded miracles of Jesus we find ourselves this week in a familiar scene, on the Sea of Galilee.  In Mark 4:35-41, Jesus and His disciples were in a boat on the Sea of Galilee.  A great storm arose and was about to sink the boat until Jesus stopped the wind and the waves.  The disciples were terrified... of Jesus!  They missed the point of the miracle.  This week we find the disciples once again in a boat on the Sea of Galilee (Mark 6:45-56).  Will this be the time when the disciples truly understand who Jesus is through the miracle He performs?  Or will the truth of another miracle go unnoticed!

Miracles week 8

October 17, 2021 • Pastor Chris Pappenfus • Mark 9

The miracles of Jesus are all carefully recorded in the Gospel Accounts as evidence and testimony to the authority of Jesus’ teaching and proclamation concerning the Kingdom of God. Jesus’ miracles backed up his words with power! Throughout our series we have seen Jesus claim an authority not only over sickness, but over sin as well - forgiving men and women of their sins as only God can do. This past Sunday Becca Gamboa led us through John’s account of raising Lazarus from the dead, demonstrating Jesus' power over death. This Sunday, we will be looking at an example of Jesus’ authority over the powers of darkness and the Devil through the healing of a boy with an evil spirit. This story miracle is recorded in Matthew, Luke and Mark 9:14-29 (which is what we will be studying). Consider reading all of Mark chapter 9 in preparation for this Sunday’s message.

Miracles week 7

October 10, 2021 • Becca Gamboa • John 11

As we continue in our "Miracles of Jesus" series, we will encounter a well-known miracle in the Gospel of John chapter 11: the resurrection of Lazarus. Jesus and his disciples have just left a threatening situation, so they are headed to safety, when they get word that Mary and Martha's brother Lazarus was sick. Timing was everything, as the urgency of Lazarus's death seemed imminent. Come this Sunday to hear more, as we learn together about God's perfect timing, all for His glory.

Miracles week 6

October 3, 2021 • Pastor Chris Pappenfus • Matthew 14

Our Miracles of Jesus series has focused on the incredible healing miracles performed by Jesus. This week, we will transition to exploring some of Jesus’ miracles that appear to defy the natural order. In many ways, these are even harder for us to comprehend -- Feeding 5000+ people, then collecting leftovers that exceed the original amount of food? Storms calmed with a single command? A man, dead for days, suddenly brought back to life? These miracles of Jesus defy our imagination and force us to consider Jesus’ power and authority in a new light. This Sunday, we will focus on the miraculous feeding of over 5000 people. This story appears in all four Gospel accounts, but we will be looking at Matthew’s account. In preparation for this Sunday’s message read Matthew 14: 13-21

Miracles week 5

September 26, 2021 • Pastor Chris Pappenfus • John 5:1–15

Jesus began His ministry in the North of Palestine in a region known as Galilee, far from the religious center of the Jewish faith in Jerusalem. In Galilee, Jesus was growing in popularity because of His teaching and incredible miracles. However, in Jerusalem, Jesus was just another traveling rabbi with a less than impressive group of followers. It is only a matter of time before Jesus begins to make waves for the religious elites in Jerusalem. This week we will be exploring John 5:1-15 as Jesus interacts with a paralyzed man who has spent the last 38 years of his life lying on a mat and dragging himself from place to place. The man's eyes fixed on the placid waters of Bethesda, are trained to detect the slightest ripples in the surface. Legend has it that the water was stirred by the presence of angels and that healing awaited anyone who could get into the pool in time to encounter the divine. For years this man had come up short because no one cared enough to help him get into the healing, life-giving waters of the mythical Bethesda pool. He never expected that the "Giver of Living Water" would personally appear and give him his One Big Day. In preparation for this Sunday’s message read John 5: 1-15

Miracles week 4

September 19, 2021 • Pastor Chris Pappenfus • Mark 5

The miracles of Jesus have caused wonder and amazement from the time they were performed by the Messiah right up to the present day as their very existence is scrutinized and debated. In the Modern Era, scientists and scholars sought to dismiss the miraculous accounts as literary fiction, but the evidence for their existence is simply too overwhelming to ignore. Jesus of Nazareth - the Messiah, was a miracle worker. This Sunday we will be looking at two miracles that impact people on opposite ends of society, but who find their hope in Jesus of Nazareth. The miracles of Jesus always point to the miracle worker, the Son of God, who came to establish the Kingdom of God. In Mark chapter 5 we are given a glimpse into who will be included in this Kingdom. Jesus’ inclusivity stretched well beyond social class, wealth, power and popularity. The battered refugees of a fallen, sinful world come from all walks of life. But the port of entry into the Kingdom of God is accessed only through faith in Jesus Christ. In preparation for this Sunday’s message please read Mark chapter 5.

Miracles week 3

September 12, 2021 • Pastor Chris Pappenfus • Luke 5:17–26, Matthew 9:1–8

This Sunday we will explore a miracle that is recorded in the Gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark, and Luke; the healing of a paralyzed man. Jesus’ reputation as a healer is now widely known in his little area of Galilee. His teachings often leave people amazed because he speaks with great authority (something we take for granted). Jesus is also continually preaching that the Kingdom of God has drawn near. Teaching, proclamations, and miracles are all tied together in such a way to point back to Jesus as Messiah, the Savior of the world. Last week’s message focused on the necessity of faith, rightly placed, in Jesus Christ. In this week's miracle story, the faith of the paralyzed man is literally carried and bolstered by the faithfulness of his friends as they lowered him through a hole in the roof to get their friend in front of Jesus. Their confidence in Jesus’ healing ability bordered on recklessness; and Jesus’ healing of their friend goes way beyond physical restoration. In preparation for this Sunday’s message read Mark 2:1-12 or the parallel accounts found in Matthew 9:1-8 and Luke 5:17-26.

Miracles week 2

September 5, 2021 • Pastor Chris Pappenfus • Luke 17:1–25

We continue in our Miracles series focusing this week on Jesus’ encounter with 10 lepers; contagious outcasts who were desperate for healing. This miracle is recorded only in the book of Luke, chapter 17. By this point in Luke’s account of the gospel, Jesus is well regarded as a healer and a teacher the primary focus of which is the Kingdom of God. Salvation becomes a central focus of this healing miracle as Jesus responds to the one healed man who returns to praise Jesus for the gift. This Sunday we will be celebrating the Sacrament of Communion. The LORD’s Supper is a reminder of the gift of salvation purchased for us by the blood of Jesus Christ. The gift of salvation and the subsequent new life that believers have in Christ Jesus testifies to a miracle of redemption and reconciliation. This Sunday, pause in gratitude and thanksgiving for the gift of salvation, the freedom from spiritual enslavement, and the hope of Christ’s triumphant return. Discussion/Reflection Questions: What stood out to you from this morning’s message? Pastor Chris suggested in his sermon that while all 10 lepers were healed, only one was saved. What did he mean by that? Why was it significant that the 10 lepers go and show themselves to the priests? In Matthew 8 Jesus heals another leper and tells him to show himself to the priest and offer the appropriate sacrifice. If you would like to explore the sacrifice associated with declaring someone clean, read Leviticus 14:1-7. In what ways does this sacrifice also parallel the sacrifice Jesus made for us? Read all of Luke 17. What other aspects of Jesus’ teaching and proclamation are given authority through the miracle he performs? What questions do you have pertaining to faith and miracles?

Miracles week 1

August 29, 2021 • Pastor Chris Pappenfus • Matthew 4:23–25

Have you ever imagined going back in time and witnessing the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth? Imagine taking in the Sermon on the Mount as it is being delivered by Jesus. Perhaps you would want to peak in on the nativity or watch in horror at the crucifixion. But, I suspect what we would most want to witness for ourselves is the miracles performed by the Son of God. The miracles of Jesus continue to captivate our imagination and if we’re honest there is a nagging voice in the back of our mind asking, “Did that really happen?” Over the next several weeks we will be exploring several of Jesus’ miracles and their impact on the community. We begin by looking at Matthew 4:23-25 and asking the question, “What purpose did miracles play in the ministry of Jesus?” This much we know from reading the Gospels, Jesus’ miracles brought unspeakable joy to many people and anxiety and dismay to many others. Two Thousand years later we are still wrestling with the ramifications of Jesus of Nazareth - the Miracle Man.