Exodus (Part 2)

Exodus Sermon Series (Fall 2021)

Grammar for the Gospel

October 10, 2021 • Jonathan Parnell

In this sermon, Pastor Jonathan examines Exodus 28-29 and discusses the garments of the high priest. This foreshadows our New Testament high priest, Jesus! He sacrificed himself for us, and because he is raised from the dead and ascended to the Father, Jesus is in the Most Holy place for us right now, not with our names engraved on his garments, but our names are written in his wounds. Jesus as our High Priest means that in the heavenly sanctuary of God, there is not a moment that passes by where you are not remembered.

The Tabernacle

October 3, 2021 • Joe Rigney

In this sermon, Pastor Joe examines the design of the Tabernacle outlined in Exodus chapters 25-27. God gave particular instructions because the design demonstrated the magnitude and gravity of holiness of God. The old covenant was established and the people of God could worship, but there were limitations upon how close they could get to the presence of God. God had given them very specific instructions because the design gives insights into the character and nature of God.

God Wants to Dwell With His People

September 26, 2021 • Kenneth Ortiz

In this sermon, Pastor Kenny examines Exodus 24. This is the passage wherein we see the establishment and confirmation of the covenant between God and the nation of Israel, established through the shedding of blood. Throughout this narrative we see that God was willing to go to great lengths to make it possible for his people to approach him and commune with him. God wants us to experience his presence and wants to dwell amongst his people.

Remember, Remember, Remember

September 19, 2021 • Kevin Kleiman

In this sermon, Pastor Kevin examines Exodus 23 and highlights the theme and exhortation for us to remember; in the manner that God's people are instructed to do so in the Old Testament. This is very relevant for us today because we live such fast-paced lives and our sanctification so often feels much slower than we want, so it's very helpful for us to slow down to remember that God is not just the God of razzle-dazzle, the incredible miracles and immediate victories, but he's also the God of “little by little” in the day by day.

Social Justice and the God of Compassion

September 12, 2021 • David Mathis

In this sermon Pastor David Mathis examines a chapter and a half from Exodus, specifically examining portions of the case law, and how those portions shed light on the character or heart of God. Mathis highlights the truth that God wrongs no one when he extends his saving compassion to his people in Christ. He did not compromise cosmic justice to show us mercy. He put his own willing Son forward at the cross, to cover, with his blood, the justice we owed for our sin.

Righteous and Holy Laws in a Sinful and Broken World

September 5, 2021 • Joe Rigney

In this sermon, Pastor Joe Rigney examines Exodus 21 and gives us insights into how to approach the "case law" that is included as part of the Old Testament. The case law gives us examples that reveal the morality and will of God, and we can use that to help us navigate various situations in our modern world. This sermon especially highlights the laws related to slavery and helps us understand how Exodus 21 informs our thinking around slavery, both the ancient and modern versions of it. This sermon ends by highlighting verse 21:5 and the slave who says, “I love my master, my wife, and my children. I’m staying here.” In this, we see a picture of our relationship to Christ, our Master in heaven. We love him, and we love the people in his household. And in the passage, the love slave has his ear bored by his master at a doorpost, no doubt leaving his blood there. And as I said, that can’t help but call to mind the Passover, in which the blood of a lamb on the doorpost protected the people from the eye-for-an-eye justice due to them.

God Comes Near to His People

August 29, 2021 • Mike Polley

In this sermon, Pastor Mike Polley gives us an "Exodus Refresh." He overviews the story of the first nineteen chapters of Exodus and lays the foundation for what we see in Exodus 20 with the giving of the Ten Commandments. In this sermon, we ultimately see that God rescues his people and then gives them the Law as a means of cultivating intimacy with his own chosen people. Ultimately, Jesus pays the price in order to rescue us from the slavery to sin that we were in and then Jesus makes it possible for us to be near to God. Jesus, the one who knew no sin, made the payment for sin, so that we may be reconciled to God, and be in His presence forever. The sins that had separated us, now have been paid for and removed.