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Life After Mormonism

Can You Leave Mormonism Without Losing Your Faith?

ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT LEAVING MORMONISM? When you see evidence that Joseph Smith and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints isn't what it claims to be, what do you do? In this video, we examine the question, "Can you leave Mormonism without losing your faith in Jesus Christ?" For many Latter-day Saints, their faith in Joseph Smith and latter-day restoration goes hand-in-hand with their faith in Jesus Christ. When their trust in the claims of Mormonism are broken by the sheer evidence of fraud in the Mormon story, they often struggle in sorting out spiritual truth from error. Many struggle with atheism and agnosticism, no knowing where to go or who to believe. Is the Bible true, can we trust the claims of Christ? These are often the questions of former Mormons. Our desire is to help you leave Mormonism without losing your faith in Jesus Christ by examining the differences between the false doctrines and teaching of Mormonism compared the true teaching of Christ as found in the Bible alone. You can leave the LDS Church without losing your faith in Jesus Christ! Learn more on our website at 4mormon.org.

Knowing God in Freedom

Christy (Harvey) Darlington

Do you feel you must perform to convince God and those around you that you are worthy of love and respect? Are you under a heavy load of guilt and condemnation? Are you afraid that if people knew the REAL you, they would reject you? Are you afraid of being hurt again by others you consider to be your friends? Listen to learn how to let your true self be known intimately and loved by God and others.