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Can You Leave Mormonism Without Losing Your Faith?

ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT LEAVING MORMONISM? When you see evidence that Joseph Smith and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints isn't what it claims to be, what do you do? In this video, we examine the question, "Can you leave Mormonism without losing your faith in Jesus Christ?" For many Latter-day Saints, their faith in Joseph Smith and latter-day restoration goes hand-in-hand with their faith in Jesus Christ. When their trust in the claims of Mormonism are broken by the sheer evidence of fraud in the Mormon story, they often struggle in sorting out spiritual truth from error. Many struggle with atheism and agnosticism, no knowing where to go or who to believe. Is the Bible true, can we trust the claims of Christ? These are often the questions of former Mormons. Our desire is to help you leave Mormonism without losing your faith in Jesus Christ by examining the differences between the false doctrines and teaching of Mormonism compared the true teaching of Christ as found in the Bible alone. You can leave the LDS Church without losing your faith in Jesus Christ! Learn more on our website at http://4mormon.org.

Awakened by Street Preachers

March 24, 2023

Sophia's parents were raised Mormon, but left the church and attended a Christian church when she was young. When she was a young teenager, her father passed away and her extended Mormon family took her in and started to indoctrinate her into the Mormon ways. That is when the Mormon missionaries began to challenge her to be baptized Mormon. Encountering Christian Street Preachers at an LDS General Conference, Sophia was shaken into investigating why Mormonism is wrong. Seeking the truth, she found the real Jesus and the real Gospel. Praise God!

Ex-Mormon Researchers Share Experiences in Mormon Ministry

June 9, 2022 • Charles Larson, Chip Thompson, Marvin Cowan

Listen as Charles Larson, author of the book By His Own Hand Upon the Papyrus, Marvin Cowin, author of the book Mormon Claims Answered, Chip Thompson, author of the book Witness to Mormons in Love, Christy Darlington, author of the book Misguided by Mormonism, Marshall Almarode and Terry all share their stories of how they got into ministry to Mormons and what they have experienced leading people to Christ out of the deception of Mormonism.

Interview with Chip Thompson - TriGrace Ministries

June 7, 2022 • Chip Thompson

Here's a ministry in Ephraim, Utah that helps Ex-Mormons retain or regain their faith in Jesus Christ and the Bible. View Chip Thompson's on Book of Mormon Archaeology - https://youtu.be/ussaturqqh4 and the TriGrace Ministry website at: https://trigrace.org/

How Do We Know that the Bible is Accurate

June 7, 2022 • Chip Thompson

This Bible Museum collected by Chip Thompson of TriGrace Ministry in Ephraim, Utah is one of the best displays of Biblical Archaeology, demonstrating that not only has the Bible been preserved throughout the centuries, but many key events in the Biblical events have been substantiated. Learn more at https://trigrace.org/

A Mormon's Unexpected Journey - Carma Naylor

June 6, 2022 • Carma Naylor

Growing up in Ogden, Utah as a descendant of Mormon pioneers, Carma viewed Mormonism as her connection with God. Believing that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was the only true church on earth, she was fully devoted to the church, until she discovered the true Grace of Christ that cannot be achieved through religious activities.

How God Saved a 4th Generation Mormon

June 9, 2022 • Russ East

Russ East was born into a 4th generation Mormon family. When he realized that salvation is a gift, he traded his dead works in Mormonism for Christ's free gift of salvation by grace. If you add anything to the gospel you lose the gospel. Galatians 5:4 "Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace." Connect with Russ at: http://www.upfc.org/about-upfc/russ-east/

Christian Discussion with a Mormon - Does God Change?

July 15, 2015 • Russ East Discussion Moderator

Is Mormonism Christian? Do Mormons Believe in a God Who Changes? How do Mormons define the Jesus Christ of the First Vision? Listen to a debate, conversation between a Mormon and a Christian discussing the differences between Mormonism and Christianity. Was Joseph Smith a true prophet? Do his polygamous practices disqualify him from church leadership? Was Joseph Smith a true martyr? Are prophets and apostles for today? Does Mormonism history include rituals in the Mormon temple that called for vengeance on the United States of America for the blood of Joseph Smith? Is God an exalted man and can men become gods?

Interview with Michael Webb a Former LDS Musician

March 9, 2022 • Michael Webb

Ex-Mormon Michael Webb shares his amazing journey with Christ-centered music and the truth of the gospel found in God's Word, the Bible, that eventually led him, his wife and children out of Mormonism.

Sandra Tanners Experience with Grace

June 10, 2022 • Sandra Tanner

Sandra and her late husband Jerald developed the earliest research materials on Mormonism. Anyone can read their research on their website at http://utlm.org, but as Sandra pointed out in this video, the journey to sort out the lies from the truth in Mormonism can be quite a process. Even she and Jerald didn't come out of everything at once. It was the process of them falling in love with Jesus and His grace that led them into studying and researching to "prove all things" in order to "know" what was true or not. "Prove all things, hold fast that which is good." I Thess. 5.21

Dennis and Rauni Higley

June 12, 2022

Swedish translator for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints shares how she discovered that Mormonism does not agree with the Bible. She and her husband both served missions for the Mormon Church and raised their children Mormon when they studied the Bible and discovered the Mormon teachings were in error. They then wrote the book The Truth About Mormonism: Illumination or Deception?

Knowing God in Freedom

Christy (Harvey) Darlington

Do you feel you must perform to convince God and those around you that you are worthy of love and respect? Are you under a heavy load of guilt and condemnation? Are you afraid that if people knew the REAL you, they would reject you? Are you afraid of being hurt again by others you consider to be your friends? Listen to learn how to let your true self be known intimately and loved by God and others.