Participate in Our Mission

Fall Family Fun Festival

October 21, 2023 • Chelsie Mantelli

We are getting ready for our 2nd Annual Family Fun Festival. We have several opportunities for people to join the team to help bring a fun and exciting day on Saturday, October 21st. If you are interested, please let us know by clicking the link and filling out the form.

Summer Jam

July 8, 2023 • Chelsie Mantelli, Sue Slocum

We're hosting an event for your family to experience together where you'll sing songs, play crazy games, laugh until your sides hurt, and learn ways to talk about faith in ways that engage every age. We truly cannot wait to experience Summer Jam with you! #SummerJam2023

Lawn & Garden Team

Than Mehlenbacher

The Lawn & Garden Team is a group of volunteers who keep our grounds safe and looking great. Most of their work occurs throughout the warm months, though there is work to do in the winter. Mowing (May-October) - A team of volunteer mowers rotate weeks through out the warm months. They mow the lawn and use the weedwacker where needed. This is done between Thursday and Saturday so it looks fresh on Sunday morning. Gardening (April-October) - As needed, the team meets at the church together to pull weeds, trim bushes, add mulch, and whatever needs to be done to keep them looking beautiful. If you sign up, a leader will reach to coordinate schedules. Walkway Snow Removal (October-April) - On Sunday mornings when snow has accumulated, these volunteers arrive early to shovel and salt before worship.

Worship Team

Ryan Rovito

Calling all musicians and singers. Our praise band would love to include you in our Sunday Morning worship gathering. You can help to lead our congregation toward God through your instrument! Sign up to audition today.

Tech Team

Scot Mantelli

The Tech team serves the kingdom in a bunch of ways. On Sunday mornings they run sound, lights, camera, slides, videos, and the live-broadcast on our App, Website, YouTube and Facebook. During the week they help keep all of our technology up and running from Setting up TV's and projectors, to fixing the internet, and tons of other things. With this much variety there is also a ton of variety to the ways you can serve. What you do can depend entirely on your interests and skills. Some of the ways you can get involved are listed here, but let us know how you would like to serve! - Camera Operator - Sound Board Operator - Stage Hand - Producer (running the computer that controls slides, videos, and the live-feed) - Video Editor - App Tech Support (help our congregation stay connected by teaching them how to use the app)

Liturgy Team

Ryan Rovito, Lisa McCrary

The Liturgy Team consists of the following volunteers: Communion Prep, Pastoral Prayer, Scripture Reader, and Worship Host. Communion Prep: They arrive early on the first Sunday to place communion bread on trays and juice in cups. The prep must be completed by 9:15am. Pastoral Prayer: There is a rotating team that leads the congregation in prayer during the worship service. They must arrive at 9:15am on the Sunday they are scheduled to pray. Scripture Reader: There is a rotating team that reads scripture during the worship service. They must arrive at 9:15am on the Sunday they are scheduled to read. Worship Host: There is a rotating team that will act as a host for the worship service by welcoming the congregation, giving announcement, leading the giving liturgy, and ending with the benediction. They must arrive at 9:15am on the Sunday they are scheduled to host.

Ushers & Greeters

Gary Towner

Whether you are just a friendly person who would love to greet people as they arrive or you would like to be one of the core team who helps as ushers you have a place serving here.

Connect Center Team

Lisa McCrary

We welcome everyone as they enter the church. While greeting everyone, we are taking attendance. New visitors are greeted warmly as we get their name. After the worship service, we find the new visitor to give them a gift and ask them to join us again next Sunday and answer all of their questions.

Coffee Team

Jen Monteleone

This team is made up of a group that rotates throughout the month. They come in early and prepare coffee and set up the coffee station. They are all prepared and ready to go by 9:30am. Once worship service begins, they take the coffee into the Fellowship Hall for Linger Longer after worship service and clean up the coffee station.

Kidz Ministry

Chelsie Mantelli

We believe Kidz belong as a part of the worshipping community, participating with all generations and we believe they learn best from play and content designed with their learning level in mind. Because of that we have the kiddos worship with the adults for most of the service, but during the message, they are released every week to go with our great team to learn and play in their own environment. There are several ways to volunteer in Kidz Ministry: teacher, helper, and substitue. As a teacher, you will follow an already created lesson plan for you to teach the children. A helper in the room helps the kidz and anything else the teacher may need. We also have opportunities to substitute in if you can't commit each month. Click the link above if you are interested. *Note: All volunteers working with children/teens will participate in a background check performed by the Genesis Conference of the Free Methodist Church. All personal information is either securely handled or immediately shredded.

Youth Group

James Rasmussen, Jenny Rasmussen

A place for teens to come together for some fun and fellowship time. We will be meeting in the Fellowship Hall on the 2nd & 4th Sundays at 5pm.

Foodlink Pop-Up Pantry

Lisa McCrary

Valley Chapel partners with Foodlink to share the abundance of food we have in our area with those who are otherwise unable to access it. We distribute the food on-site here at the church. There are no income requirements and it is first-come, first-serve until the food is gone. When you arrive, you will come into the Ministry Center to sign in to 'shop' for your items. Volunteers will be available to assist you in each area for fruits, vegetables, pantry, and other items. Remember to bring your own bags or boxes. If you need food before the next distribution, please visit https://foodlinkny.org/find-food/.

Free Lunch

Sue Slocum

Valley Chapel and St Michael's are coming together to provide a FREE lunch at St Michael's! You can eat in or drive thru take out. The RTS bus route has a stop nearby on North Street. We are serving from 12-1pm (or until food is gone). This lunch is done quarterly.