Lawn & Garden Team

Than Mehlenbacher

The Lawn & Garden Team is a group of volunteers who keep our grounds safe and looking great. Most of their work occurs throughout the warm months, though there is work to do in the winter.

Mowing (May-October) - A team of volunteer mowers rotate weeks through out the warm months. They mow the lawn and use the weedwacker where needed. This is done between Thursday and Saturday so it looks fresh on Sunday morning.

Gardening (April-October) - As needed, the team meets at the church together to pull weeds, trim bushes, add mulch, and whatever needs to be done to keep them looking beautiful. If you sign up, a leader will reach to coordinate schedules.

Walkway Snow Removal (October-April) - On Sunday mornings when snow has accumulated, these volunteers arrive early to shovel and salt before worship.