St Paul's Podcast

"Surge Protecting" our Lives

St Paul's Podcast 7 | Matt Bruns w/ Chris Clarke • September 21, 2020 • Matt Bruns w/Chris Clarke

This week we’re joined by Chris Clarke, former CEO of World Vision, who will offer us valuable insights on how to “surge protect” our lives and cultivate healthy habits that can sustain us during a year of so much challenge and change.

Christian Conduct in a Time of Division

St Paul's Podcast 6 | Matt Bruns w/ Frank Ritchie • September 14, 2020 • Frank Ritchie

This week we’re joined by media chaplain Rev. Frank Ritchie, as we discuss how Christians can better relate to one another amidst various conspiracy theories, upcoming referenda, election, and a general culture of mistrust and suspicion. Frank poses some pretty challenging questions as he unpacks what Scripture has to say, as well as giving us some practical tips on how to respond well and navigate this in the online sphere.

Recognising and Understanding Trauma in Challenging Times

St Paul's Podcast 5 | Matt Bruns w/Jemma Allen • August 28, 2020 • Jemma Allen

This week we’re joined by counsellor and Spiritual Director Jemma, as we explore how to recognise and understand trauma, and its impact on our brains, bodies and lives - especially during uncertain and disruptive seasons like lockdowns. Jemma provides insight into how we most commonly respond to trauma, and how we can cultivate resilience and kindness in the midst of it.

A Conversation about Hope, Transformation, and Homelessness

St Paul's Podcast 4 | Matt Bruns w/Chris Farrelly • June 4, 2020 • Chris Farrelly

This podcast offers a rare and thought provoking insight into the life and world of Chris Farrelly, CEO of the City Mission. An engaging and deep conversation from someone who has a lot to teach us about life, vocation and serving those in need around us. We discuss some of the common misconceptions people have towards those in the homeless community, and hear stories about what is possible when people are supported and cared for with dignity, respect, and offered another chance at life. There is also a special announcement about how you can support the City Mission’s vital work by listening to a new song by Neil Finn and Fleetwood Mac on all the usual music platforms!

Navigating Redundancy in a Time of Crisis

St Paul's Podcast 3 | Matt Bruns w/Ben Green • April 28, 2020 • Ben Green

This week Ben Green talks us through his experience of losing his job unexpectedly and how he navigated that personally, professionally and spiritually. This conversation offers insights, wisdom and tips for not only surviving redundancy but growing and finding meaning through it. What impact might this have on our identity? Where does a relationship with God and faith come into this? What practical steps are key to navigating this process well?

Parenting in a State of Emergency

St Paul's Podcast 2 | Matt Bruns w/ Shirley Pastiroff • April 18, 2020 • Shirley Pastiroff

In this podcast we’re joined by Shirley Pastiroff as she shares insights and techniques for remaining calm, present and engaged with your children at this very stressful and challenging time of lockdown. What is green brain parenting? How can parents resource themselves and build greater resilience? What can you do when the red mist descends as a parent?

The Enneagram

St Paul's Podcast 1 | Emma West w/ Julia Bloore • April 9, 2020 • Julia Bloore

We have officially launched our St Paul’s Podcast, starting with a series of podcasts in isolation, named ‘The Lockdown Sessions’. For Week 1 we are joined by Julia Bloore as she explains and unpacks the Enneagram as a tool for understanding ourselves. What is the Enneagram? How do we find our ‘type’? And is it really any different to all the other personality tests? Tune in to find out.