Weekly Messages 2016

From Peace Christian Church

Santa the Evangelist

December 25, 2016 • John Alley

Each Christmas we in the church hear much of Christ, but those outside the church hear more of Santa than Christ. But do not despair, Santa is an evangelist. Listen to this interesting message by John Alley on the missionary work of Santa Claus.

Jesus - The Name!!

December 18, 2016 • John Alley

John Alley explores the meaning of the name “Jesus”, which in the Hebrew language means “Jehovah with us”. John goes on to ably illustrate from the Scriptures the origins of the name Jehovah, or Yahweh, drawing parallels between the attributes of Yahweh, or God, and Jesus. John makes mention of the fact that the Old Testament speaks of Yahweh but in every New Testament reference to the very same prophecies and scriptures it becomes “the Lord”. John shows from Bible references that Jesus Himself says that He is “I Am”. In fact, says John, the wonderful name of Jesus is the full revelation of the name Yahweh. In this message is a wealth of meaning and significance regarding Scripture fulfilled and the plurality and eternal nature of the Trinity.

The Big Invisible Kingdom

December 11, 2016 • David Alley

David Alley speaks of the marvelous sign of God’s great love and blessing to all men that the Christmas season is, with all of the music and public display of the nativity. And yet, those who do not believe do not see the truth which is so rich in meaning for all people. David reads for Isaiah, Luke, and Matthew as well as 1 Corinthians which tells us that we are living in the days of the fulfillment of the ages. The Kingdom of God will never end, and yet it is invisible to those who do not look for it. David exhorts us to want and to seek more of the love and revelation of God. We can, David says, grow year by year in appreciation of the goodness of God. God has given us the greatest gift of all, says David, therefore it is fitting that we give Him all that we have – our very selves.

A Greater Baptism of the Holy Spirit #6

December 4, 2016 • John Alley

Today’s message largely consists of a conversation with Ps Brian Henaway, who gives a very honest and encouraging testimony of his own conversion and subsequent baptism in the Holy Spirit, flowing on to recount several experiences encountered in walking with God. Ps Brian’s testimony, touching on several different issues including the need that we all have to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying and to be freed from ourselves and from Western self-centredness, is warmly encouraging as well as challenging to the listener. John Alley brings the message to a conclusion with an encouragement to the people to carefully consider the things mentioned.

A Greater Baptism of the Holy Spirit #5

November 27, 2016 • John Alley • Matthew 5, Revelation 3

Once again John Alley interviews two members of the congregation about their experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, emphasizing the need to be hungry for more of the Holy Spirit while at the same time being consecrated, or fully surrendered, to God. John speaks of the way in which Jesus, although perfect, became obedient to the Father, referring also to Revelation 3 and Matthew 7. Alongside hunger, faith and waiting on God, our hearts, says John, need to want to fully obey the Lord. Once again this message is concluded with prayer and the moving of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the people.

A Greater Baptism Of The Holy Spirit #3

November 13, 2016 • John Alley

John Alley carries on the current them today, beginning by interviewing 2 members of the congregation about their experience of coming into the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the effect that it had on them. Both of these people testified to the great love, the hunger for holiness, the peace and the life that accompanied the Baptism and remained. John then goes on to teach on the major 3 pillars of the baptism in the Holy Spirit: the Spirit of Power, the Spirit of Love and the Spirit of Holiness. For each of these “pillars” John introduces Scripture references to prove the point. We need to have faith for all three of these to live in us if we are to experience the full blessing of Pentecost, says John.

A Greater Baptism Of The Holy Spirit #2

November 6, 2016 • John Alley

William Booth said, "Spiritual work can only be done by those who possess spiritual power." In this message John Alley interviews several key people at Peace in regards to their experiences of the Holy Spirit. John finished the message reading a letter written by William Booth to a church in Edinburgh Scotland, that contains great truth and encouragement applicable to us today. We need the power of God to live for God, and that power comes in the person of the Holy Spirit.

A Greater Baptism Of The Holy Spirit #1

October 30, 2016 • David Alley

When a believer thinks they have already received the Holy Spirit, it quenches their hunger and they cease to receive more that God intends for them. Jesus said "Wait... and you will receive power." What happened to the waiting and tarrying that the Christians of one hundred years ago were so famous for? This message will remind you to remain hungry for God because you have not received everything yet. He wants to fill you and live through you. Let this message encourage you to seek a greater Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Follow Me

October 23, 2016 • Philip Alley

“Salvation is free but discipleship will cost you your life.” Thus Philip Alley begins today’s message with this quote and others from Dietrich Bonheoffer, a man who knew what it meant to be a true disciple, wholly committed to Christ. He knew what it meant to serve God, love others and most of all to tell the truth, says Philip. Philip then goes on to list some of the things that are a threat to community. `These include criticism, resentment, jealousy and offense to name but a few. Philip then goes on to open up several passages from Scripture which give an antidote to such threats. Beginning with Galatians 6:14, Philip points out that not only is the world to be crucified to us, but that we must be crucified to the world. In other words, have we yet reached the point where the world has forgotten about us, ignores us because we are different and of no use to worldly people. A comprehensive list of Scripture verses follow, each one with deep meaning to be explored and put into place in our lives. It is not enough to contemplate the cross, says Philip. We need to allow the cross to do a work in us.

The Faithful Witness

October 16, 2016 • John Alley

As an introduction to his message, John Alley takes some time for testimonies from the congregation of healings and answered prayer, thus building an atmosphere of faith and expectation within the meeting. John follows up with prayer for the sick and then goes on to speak of spiritual truth, which is not discerned by the natural mind but with spiritual insight. Spiritual truth, says John, is not rationally understood, although it is certainly not irrational. Rather, a capacity for spiritual understanding is required. In Psalm 89, the moon is described as “the faithful witness in the sky”. It is always there, constant and reliable in all of its phases. John then speaks of Jesus, whom the Bible describes as “the faithful witness”. Antipas, an early Christian martyr is also described as a faithful witness. John’s challenge is closing in to consider our own lives. Are we faithful witnesses to the gospel? Do we stand ready to speak a word when the opportunity arises, and to pray for those who do not believe? Am I faithfully emulating Jesus’ way of life? These questions leave the listener with much to consider.

Embracing the Ordinary

October 9, 2016 • Jonathan Maxwell

Jonathan Maxwell begins his inspiring message with the story of Arthur Stace, an uneducated man who was unable to write his own name, and yet after experiencing the call of God went on to write the word “Eternity” in perfect copperplate writing on the footpaths of Sydney, over and over for many years. The ordinary actions of an ordinary person impacted on the hearts and minds of many people, to the point that an enormous copy of Mr Stace’s “Eternity” graced the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the eve of the new millennium. Jonathan goes on to recount the story of the way in which the ordinary actions of a member of the congregation had eternal effect on the lives of others as well and stories from the Bible in which God marvelously used ordinary people to extraordinary effect. God uses the ordinary, the normal and the everyday, says Jonathan – and He wants to use YOU! None of us feel special in the ordinariness of everyday life, but Jonathan’s encouragement to continue to walk in obedience and faith with God, persevering in the ordinary actions of every day will inspire and uplift many.

Defining What it Means to be Apostolic #4

September 25, 2016 • John Alley

John continues his series on what is means to be apostolic.

Defining What it Means to be Apostolic

September 18, 2016 • John Alley

John continues his series on what is means to be apostolic.

Defining the Nature of the True Apostolic Church

September 11, 2016 • John Alley

Many events are advertised as “apostolic and prophetic”, says John Alley as he introduces his second message on the subject of the true meaning of the term “apostolic”. However, events being advertised in this way have nothing to do with being apostolic of prophetic. They are merely teaching on the subject. There are also networks known and apostolic networks, but they are in fact mini-denominations. John goes on to discuss the differences between the apostolic gift and apostolic purpose. It is all about the kind of heart, relationships and order that are found within a people, says John, who then goes on to speak of the nature of the body of Christ and of the Head, Jesus. If someone is to be an apostle, it is always a direct, personal and individual appointment by Christ Himself and is not initiated by the laying on of hands. God will bring man alongside to bless, but only if the initial appointment is of Christ. This message is full of insight and thought-provoking information that will help the people of God on the way to understanding the true nature of the apostolic

Defining an Apostolic People

September 4, 2016 • John Alley

John Alley addresses the question of what it truly means to be an apostolic people. He begins with the pivotal point of the apostolic message – what makes an apostle? What are the defining characteristics? Hebrews 3:1 describes Jesus as “the apostle and high priest of our confession”. So Jesus, as the original apostle, is the pattern and example for all others. Jesus emptied himself of everything – position, authority, power, knowledge and will. He was sent to represent the Father, not himself. So we see that a true apostle is one who represents another, not self. John will continue this message at a future date.