A podcast designed to help you follow Jesus with courage, strength, and endurance in every area of your life.

Episode 23: Six Habits of Happy Couples

March 6, 2023 • Dr. Nathan , Pastor Lennon Noland

These 6 habits that happy couples practice in their marriages are simple to understand and will benefit you immensely. Pastor Lennon Noland unpacks the 6 habits with 360Man podcast host Dr. Nathan Rouse.

Episode 22: Connecting With Your Children

February 6, 2023 • Dan Kersten, Dr. Nathan Rouse

"My child is different. I don't know how to relate to him/her. I am not sure how to get him/her interested in spiritual things." These are some of the realities every father faces. Connecting with our children is not always easy, but it IS always important! Dan Kersten, Communications Director for National Men's Ministries, talks with us about how a man can find ways to connect with, lead, guide, influence, relate to, and spiritually invest in his children.

Episode 21: The Power of Our Testimony

January 4, 2023 • Pastor John A, Dr. Nathan

John Alarid's testimony is powerful, dramatic, and miraculous! Drugs, addiction, gangs, demons, incarceration, and then a powerful transformation through Christ. This story illustrates the power of our testimonies and why we should know how to share them with other men. "Buckle up for this ride," says podcast host Nathan Rouse. "This episode is going to be a gift to you."

Episode 20: Fatherlessness in America

December 5, 2022 • Jay Mooney, Dr. Na

No civilization has EVER survived two generations of fatherlessness. Episode 20 with Jay Mooney addresses probably the number one reason family structures are breaking down in America. The picture looks bleak, but there IS a solution. You don't have to repeat the mistakes of the past! You can be the father you are designed to be.

Episode 19: Reject Isolation, Make Friends

Dr. Nathan Rouse, Greg Perkins

Globally, men are lonelier than they have ever been! That is tragic. That's what Satan wants. Lonely men on the sidelines, afraid to make friends, living isolated from each other. Greg Perkins shows us how to get OUT, instead of pull BACK, and build quality, lasting friendships with other men. This could be a life-changer for you!

Episode 18: Building Intercultural Friendships

October 5, 2022 • Juan Rivera, Dr. Nathan Rouse

Growth opportunity for EVERY man! Relationships with people from other cultures enrich our lives and expand our ministry opportunities. This is an important conversation about building intercultural relationships in and outside the church with Dennis Rivera, Assemblies of God Director of Hispanic Relations.

Episode 17: A Shooting and a Stabbing!

September 6, 2022 • Malcolm Burleigh, Dr. Scott Hagan

A SHOOTING and a STABBING! Whew! Men, this one is special. Malcolm Burleigh, Exec Director of US Missions, shares about his journey to Christ. This story has everything. Shooting, stabbing, robbery, power, hope, redemption, and VICTORY! AS A BONUS: What Malcolm shares about "Agenda vs Assignment" could be a transformational experience for you and forever change the way you see your life http://now...if you'll take a moment to listen.

Episode 16: Grief and Loss

August 8, 2022 • Dr. Mike Rakes, Dr.

Tune in to listen to Dr. Mike Rakes sharing about how he is navigating through grief after the loss of his daughter. This one is tough episode. But every man has experienced, or WILL experience, the pain of grief. So grab your journal and pen!

Episode 15: Spiritual Fathers w/ Alton Garrison

July 6, 2022 • Alton Ga, Dr. Nathan Rouse

Former US Assemblies of God assistant superintendent, Alton Garrison, speaks to us about the importance of spiritual fathers and mentoring in the life of every man.

Episode 14: Miracle COVID Survivor Describes Journey

June 1, 2022 • Dr. Greg Mundis, Dr. Nathan Rouse

Dr. Greg Mundis was one of the first critical COVID patients in the United States. After more than three weeks on a ventilator, and even longer in a coma, Greg describes the miracle of surviving the illness and what he experienced and learned during his healing journey.

Episode 13: Multiplying Your Calling

May 1, 2022 • John Be

John Bevere, author of "Bait of Satan" and "Killing Kryptonite", speaks on the topic of "multiplying the calling" that God has for your life.

Episode 12: The 5 Masculine Instincts

April 4, 2022 • Pastor Chase Replogle

In this episode, we invite pastor and author of "The 5 Masculine Instincts" Chase Replogle, to talk about the topic of masculinity and how to be a Christian man. Tune in to listen to his discussion with host, Dr. Nathan Rouse about what it means to grow as a man of God.

Episode 11: Dealing With Our Memories

March 10, 2022

Memories are powerful! Both the good and the bad. Dan Kersten shares with Nathan Rouse about the traumatic experiences of his father and grandfather (from the German side) during WWII, and also describes a miracle from his childhood. How do we deal with our memories? Do we embrace the pain of the past and allow God to use it for His glory?

Episdode 10: Building A Legacy

February 7, 2022 • Dr. Jimmy White

How will you be remembered? What is your legacy? EVERY man thinks about this throughout his life. Dr. Jimmy White talks with host Dr. Nathan Rouse about what it means for a man to "leave a legacy" that blesses his family and honors God.

Episode 9: Absent Fathers & Present Men (guest Doug Clay)

Doug Clay, Nathan Rouse

Doug Clay, U.S. Assemblies of God General Superintendent, talks with 360Man Podcast host Nathan Rouse about the loss of his father as a boy, and how other men stepped in to mentor and help raise him.