Spiritual Disciplines

Six important disciplines a man must integrate into his life!

Journey Through James

Such a short book, but so full of truth!


Una profunda inmersión de 34 lecciones en el Evangelio de Juan.

The Holy Spirit

30 targeted discipleship lessons on the Holy Spirit for men

More Light for the Lost Videos

Light for the Lost resources evangelism ministry worldwide!

Celebrate The Light Missions Videos

Incredible documentary-style missions videos!

Men's Ministries Leadership Team

Meet the national Men's Ministries Leadership Team, as well as our district/network Men's directors throughout the U.S.

Dreams Come True

How to overcome every situation and leave a resounding legacy.


Why God provides physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual boundaries for us.


Why tolerate everything! Have courage to take a stand.

¿Adónde lo guía Dios?

Lo que la Palabra de Dios declara sobre la abundancia.

How to Find God's Abundance

How to focus on what God's Word declares about abundance.

Where Is He Leading You?

Look to the future, but not forget the past, or overlook the present.

Curing Financial Depression

Money shouldn't be your god. Learn to master, and steward, it.

Passing the Baton

Transferring wisdom/experience to new generations.

4 Excuses of Moses

Men find excuses to explain why we refuse to walk with God...

Juega de la pillada

¡Este mundo necesita a Cristo! Y necesita que seas su mensajero.

Tag You're It

This world needs Christ! And He needs you to be His messenger.

Stumbling Blocks

Remove stumbling blocks that keep you from growing as a believer.

Factor X

Límites esenciales que nos permiten estar cerca de Dios.


Essential boundaries that enable us to stay close to God.