Looking into the Glory of the Lord 2

Matthew Allen

Jesus is always with us … and He cares. The reality, privilege, and good news of the New Covenant is that God is personally and intimately known to us by looking into the face of Jesus Christ. At all times in the Christian experience, the vision is Christ. This was certainly the case for Paul, who spent the vast majority of his life focusing on Jesus. When he looked at the glory of the Lord he found the sustaining power for every issue of life. In Jesus he found joy, hope, reassurance, and confidence. This is not something only reserved for Paul - this is for all of us. What happens when we look to Christ … keeping our eyes fixed on Him:

Week 6 | Devoted to the Breaking of Bread

October 12, 2022 • Matthew Allen, Russ Robins

Going back to the first part of Acts 2.42, we find the early church was devoted to the expression the spiritual actions of being faithful to the apostles’ teaching, fellowship, the breaking of bread, and prayer. They had a steadfast and single-minded focus on Christ and these things were the natural expression of it. Could our devotion to the Supper and these things be compared to them? How strong is our heart connected to God?

YPH 235 | For to Me to Live is Christ

October 2, 2022 • Matthew Allen & Kody Pritt, Jim Grushon

Matt, Kody, & Jim move into a discussion Philippians. How do we demonstrate that our lives are hidden in Christ? Does the actions demonstrate a life devoted to the Lord? What characteristics of Paul demonstrate his commitment to the Lord above all things?

Looking Into the Glory of the Lord 1

October 2, 2022 • Matthew Allen

Life can be incredibly difficult. And it seems the more dedicated we are to Christ, the more difficult it becomes. Jesus never promised anything other than trials, troubles, difficulties, pressures, and temptations for His own, John 16.33. But yet, he did promise to love us, never forsake us, and in the midst of all those struggles, trials, chaos, and confusion to be a present help. So how do we deal with life? How do we triumph or overcome? How do we keep moving forward? The answer to this is given in 2 Corinthians 3.18-4.6 As believers we can understand the fullness of God, which will sustain our spiritual life. To succeed, we must keep our eyes fixed on the glory of the Lord.

Week 5 | Devoted to Fellowship

October 5, 2022 • Matthew Allen

YPH 234 | Kindness

September 25, 2022 • Kody Pritt, Kevin Shanesy, Jason Schofield

Kody, Kevin and Jason discuss a much needed character trait for our society today.

Searching for Jesus in the Old Testament

September 25, 2022 • Kody Pritt

1. Why did the first century Jews miss Jesus as The Christ? 2. How does the Old Testament point to Jesus as The Christ?

Week 5 | Those Who Didn't Miss Him

October 2, 2022 • Matthew Allen, Kody Pritt

This lesson will look at those who Luke describes in chapter 2 as looking forward to Israel’s consolation, 2.25, and those who were looking forward to the redemption of Jerusalem, 2.38. We will read about the shepherds around Bethlehem who received an angelic visit and revelation. We’ll meet Simeon and Anna, who were looking forward to the day the Messiah would come.

Week 4 | Devoted to the Apostles' Teaching

September 28, 2022 • Matthew Barnhart

What does it mean to be devoted to teaching? The apostles' teaching is the key to a growing and spiritually healthy church.

YPH 233 | Character of a Christian: Gentleness

September 18, 2022 • Matthew Allen, Jim Grushon, Kody Pritt

We continue to explore the fruit of the spirit. What does it mean to be gentle?

Week 4 | The Christ in Prophecy 3

September 25, 2022 • Kody Pritt

From cover to cover, one can trace the developing message of the coming Savior through every book of the Old Testament. We see images of the Anointed, the Seed of David, the suffering Servant, and the Prince of Peace. This lesson will examine the glimpses of our Savior inside the book of Psalms.

Week 3 | They Received the Promise

September 21, 2022 • Mark Ringle, Kody Pritt

It is not the water that saves, but the Spirit. It is the Spirit who gave you new life.

FYF 40 | Sunday at Cornerstone

September 16, 2022 • Matthew Allen, Kody Pritt

Paul says when Jesus came it was at the exact right moment in history. God made everything happen just right so we could be redeemed from sin. Matt's lesson this weekend will take a look at this.

Week 3 | The Christ in Prophecy 2

September 18, 2022 • Matthew Allen, Kody Pritt

Matthew 2 contains 4 prophecies that we often pass over. All of them have to do with location: Bethlehem, Egypt, Rama, and Nazareth. The prophets Micah, Hosea, Jeremiah, and others all tie Jesus of Nazareth to these specific locations. It is far from a coincidence. It is all the work of God and is more than enough proof to connect Jesus as the Messiah.

Redeeming Sons of God

September 18, 2022 • Matthew Allen

Genesis 3 records for us that Adam & Eve rebelled against the Father. Their selfish hearts succumbed to Satan’s temptation causing them to rebel against God’s command. In doing so, they destroyed their relationship with the Father and were doomed to spend eternity separated from Him. Would God come up with a plan to make them again a son or daughter? The answer comes in Genesis 3.15. A man from a woman will be born to take back humans from the power of Satan. In Galatians 3.16, Paul says Jesus is the end of the prophecy in Genesis 3.15. And in the time between the fall and the arrival of Christ, the Jews hoped in the Messiah. He came in the fullness of time. What does that mean?

YPH 232 | The Character of a Christian - Goodness (Pt. 2)

September 11, 2022 • Matthew Allen, Jim Grushon, Kody Pritt

Jim, Matt, and Kody continue their discussion on this much needed character trait

Week 2 | The Christ in Prophecy 1

September 11, 2022 • Matthew Allen, Kody Pritt

The First Gospel Sermon

September 11, 2022 • Matthew Allen

In Acts 2, Peter preaches the first gospel sermon. Can you imagine being present in that crowd on Pentecost? Here Peter focuses on Jesus by looking at the past and how their own prophets had predicted this day to come. Now, Peter says, is the time to call on the name of the Lord Jesus for salvation.

Week 2 | They Asked the Right Question

September 14, 2022 • Matthew Allen, Mark Ringle

Have we gotten away from powerful and convicting preaching and teaching? Ours is a time where the world demands the message to be soft coated and palatable. We hear how important it is not to offend someone. Yet, Scripture goes out of its way to describe sin as a vile and polluted thing. It is pure rebellion against God. Those who are not with God are against God, Luke 11.23. There is enmity. There is no peaceful co-existence. The life of rebellion must be walked away from and surrendered to God. We need to preach and teach the word of God, without apology.

Seeing Jesus Face to Face

September 4, 2022 • Matthew Allen

Today begins the last quarter of our 2022 vision plan curriculum. Thus far this year, our intentions with this theme have been 1) To understand how precious Jesus is; 2)To understand the uniqueness of Jesus; and 3) To maintain the unity He has given us. Now, during the 4th quarter, we’ll turn our attention to the ultimate goal … seeing Jesus face to face. This is our hope. An even higher status awaits us in the future. All of this is based off the thesis statement for the book in 1 John 5.13: I have written these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life. How can we dwell securely in the fact that I will see Him face to face?

YPH 231 | The Character of a Christian: Goodness

September 4, 2022 • Matthew Allen, Jim Grushon, Kody Pritt