Choose This Day

Joshua ch. 23 & 24 • November 19, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

As we wrap up our series in the Old Testament book of Joshua, we're going to see in the last chapters, Joshua's last challenge. He's going to challenge them (and us) that our spiritual fervor and commitment is ultimately our choice to make. We decide – one way or another. In the plethora of 'things' seeking our allegiance and devotion - God is asking us to choose Him. He chose us and now he asks us to choose him. Jesus desires and deserves absolute love, not optional love. We must choose – this day and the next day, and the next day...(repeat)

Emotion Pictures: LOVE

July 23, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

As we wrap up our series, we wanted to take some time to dive into the emotion of love. In a world that struggles to define it or demonstrate it well - the biblical call toward LOVE is something so much more than a manufactured or maintained 'feeling'. Jesus reiterates that the measure of spiritual maturity: is love. Agape love is what the Scriptures point toward. The deepest desire of the human heart - is for a love that will last. God's AGAPE love is an unchanging love - in the midst of a changing world. It's the love He has for you. It's the love He wants to grow within you.

Getting Relationally Right

Joshua ch. 7 • November 12, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

Tonight's story is one of failure. We all have 'em. It's ultimately about our biggest challenge and one we couldn't overcome on our own. It introduces us to a rhythm we need in our lives as we face our own sins, failures and mistakes. We don't minimize sin, but we do MAXIMIZE JESUS. It's only there that we are fueled by gratitude and can move forward, and not be haunted by guilt and held back. Repentance moves us to worship our great and graceful God. A regular rhythm of repentance keeps us relational right with God.

Compassion Acts

parable of the good samaritan • June 4, 2017 • Kimberley Lee

Pity notices, but compassion acts. We will never meet the BEST VERSION of ourselves inside our comfort zones. God can use chaos to mold and shape us. God moves towards us and He wants us to move towards the mess. Luke 10:25-37

Why Prayer Matters

September 10, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

Tonight we want to talk about WHY Prayer Matters?! What's the intent of prayer and how can making it a pattern in your life actually refuel your soul? Prayer is one of the most common phenomena of human life. Prayer was vitally important to Jesus – he modeled it well and often, because for Jesus it wasn’t just a PRIORITY, it was a NECESSITY. Truth: Prayer is a learned behavior and nobody is born an expert at it and prayer is a habit that matters.

Emotion Pictures: Fear

July 16, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

As we look into the emotion of FEAR tonight, we examine some facets of fear. Natural fear (healthy) acts as a warning to us. Biblical concept of 'the fear of the Lord' is really more about having a healthy reverence for God. He's Big, I'm little. The destructive side of fear is when unhealthy fears tend to grow within us and can end up holding us hostage to the life God desires. When you let fear run your life, it ruins your life. Jesus promises his presence in our lives, so fear doesn't have to hold us back.

FOCUS: own it

October 8, 2017 • Pastor Jack & Pastor Bryan

As we finish up our 'Focus' series around the mission of Elements, tonight we turn toward what it means to 'own' our faith and the mission of this church. It means we keep stepping forward in following Jesus. Owning our faith, isn’t about earning our faith, but it is about authenticating it. (Jesus challenges us to follow - see Luke 9:22-25). We (as The Church) are to OWN our contribution to partnering in the mission as well of His Church as well.

Walls Come Down

Joshua ch. 6 • November 5, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

Jericho falls through God's intervention. The impossible happened. It reminds us of what Jesus said "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Impossibility just isn’t in God’s vocabulary. One of the deepest theological messages of Joshua ch. 6 is that God is teaching us to trust Him instead of trusting our own cleverness. God is still in the business of breaking down walls today. You never know what God will set in motion with one small step of obedience.

Why Sabbath Matters

September 3, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

The practice of Sabbath is remembering that we are not what we produce. We are valued because of WHOSE we are, not what we do. We are a human BEING, not a human DOING.The rhythm of SABBATH matters to our physical, mental, emotional well-being and ultimately to our spiritual growth and maturity.

Each One Matters

parable of the lost sheep • May 28, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

Distance is a part of life - it can be measured, counted and even felt. But God doesn't like relational distance - so He put in motion a plan to bridge the gap of relational distance by sending Jesus. Jesus is the Good Shepherd who searches for everyone - because Each One matters. We're now to invite others closer to the Good Shepherd by leveraging our life: Found People help find people. *Parable of the Lost Sheep in Luke 15:1-7

Sharing the Journey

Elements people sharing God stories from 2017 • December 31, 2017 • Pastor Bryan Lee

No matter what your circumstances are God is still God and God is still good! Listen to some of our church community share how God has worked in their lives in 2017 and our prayers for 2018!

Forever With The Shepherd

Psalm 23 v.6 • January 28, 2018 • Pastor Jack Schull

As we finish up our look through Psalm 23, we see the crescendo of the entire passage. God's goodness and love will follow us all our days and we will dwell in the house of the LORD forever, as one under His care. We must each choose whether we'll submit to being under His care or not. If we do, we can experience God's Goodness and LOVE as his "divine sheep dogs", hemming us in as we travel life with our Shepherd. Jesus is your Good Shepherd = HE delivers protection, provision, peace, providence, His presence, and ultimately brings us home to paradise!

Spiritual Sticking Points

April 9, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

We all wrestle with things in our lives. For many, they wrestle with faith, and what priority it should play or if it should play a role in their life at all. We look tonight at Acts chapter 8 and someone who was encountering a spiritual sticking point in their journey and how God met them at their point of struggle. Friend, it is well worth your investment to seek out truth – to investigate Christ for yourself. If you’ll turn in God’s direction, you will discover that He has always been turned in yours. We hope this series on The Case for Christ will be a blessing to you.

Easter 2018

finding a 'with Jesus' life • April 1, 2018 • Pastor Jack Schull

Happy Easter friends. We see examples of people in the gospel stories reaching out in faith, clinging to hope in Jesus like a lifeline…but maybe none more clearly than what we see as Jesus was finishing his mission on the cross and the 2 criminals next to him. One mocked 'til the end. One reached out at the end. Jesus’ heart is always turning toward those who are turning in his direction – those looking to find HOPE in Him! His response in that moment offers us the chance to have a 'with Jesus' life. And having a ‘with Jesus’ life means I’ll never have a “without Jesus” moment again.

Emotion Pictures: Anger

July 9, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

Tonight, we look into the emotion of anger. Anger is an emotion that we all experience from time to time. Anger itself is not sinful; it’s a signal that something is wrong. Anger presents us with an opportunity to do right or wrong. What we do with our anger can be HELPFUL or HURTFUL. The Scriptures speak with some wisdom and warnings regarding anger. Anger must have an appropriate shelf life: 'Let it stop by for a visit, but never rent it a room in your heart.' (James 1:19-20 & Ephesians 4:26-32)

FOCUS: serve

October 1, 2017 • Pastor Bryan Lee

Serving matters in our mission because it was a motivation of Jesus. Jesus came to serve, not to be served. He led by serving. He loved by serving.

Trust the Shepherd

week 3 - verse 4 & 5 • January 21, 2018 • Pastor Jack Schull

We all will log time in the valleys of life. God can and will build your faith in the valleys if you let Him. We love to enjoy the mountain tops. But, faith gets built in the valleys of life. It's where intimacy grows. You’re never alone and God can bring healing and hope as you follow him through and lean on His power.

Memory Markers

Joshua ch. 3 & 4 • October 29, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

The Scriptures call us over and over to a practice of remembering, as it comes to remembering God's activity in our lives and his faithfulness. As Joshua does here (ch. 3 & 4) - we're invited to make some 'memory markers' in our lives. Remembering builds our trust & relationship with GOD – the ONE who has helped us in the past and helps us now and will continue to help us securely into the future. REMEMBERING MATTERS – it refuels our soul, reinvigorates our minds, refreshes our hearts & reinforces our love for Jesus!

A Sharing Heart

parable of the rich fool • May 21, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

In this week's parable Jesus is asked to play referee, but as our Savior he turns it and tells a story to highlight the pull of greed and to warn us about its dangers. The parable is the story of the Rich Fool (Luke 12:13-21). The problem wasn’t that the guy was rich or that he had extra – the problem was: he didn’t know WHY. Jesus challenges us to have our hearts shaped to match God's heart of generosity. Principle: when I’m blessed with MORE than I need – it’s to partner with God in blessing someone IN need.

Christmas Eve 2017

December 24, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

Christmas is a season that calls us to grow. To grow in WONDER, grow in COMPASSION, and also be a part of the ever-growing REACH of Christmas. The reach outward to impact many and bring them home to life with God, as well as, the reach inward to transform us connected to Christ, step by step to reflect Him more. The reach of Christmas launched that Holy Night and no one is beyond it's ever-expanding reach even now.

Resurrection Reliability

April 16, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

As we continue our series around The Case for Christ and the opportunity we’ve been given to investigate the credibility of faith, we look at the reliability of the Resurrection. It’s the lynchpin of all of Christianity. The Apostle Paul passes on the oldest creed we have in 1 Corinthians 15. We have overwhelming evidence to the reliability of the resurrection. Good Friday and Easter Sunday declare unashamedly and unequivocally: God loves YOU friend.