The End From The Beginnging

Hebrews 12:1-3 • June 2, 2019 • Gabe Moreno

So often, we want the benefits of our long-term goals...but we give into short-term appetites instead. We try to satisfy ourselves with things that bring instant gratification, and we give up too easily on what we’re really hoping for. But as we follow Jesus, the hard work we put in in the middle of our stories is the launchpad for the joy God promises us in the end. Join us this Sunday as we learn about the key to resting in our future joy in the here and now, no matter what’s going on.

Experience Peace!

1 Peter 4:7-19 • May 19, 2019 • Bill Ritchie

How do we really experience peace when so often it seems like the whole world is falling apart? When we’re filled with longing for things to change in our circumstances or relationships, how do we find contentment? If you’ve looked everywhere for peace and security and it still seems out of reach, don’t miss this week’s message! Join us as we learn from the Apostle Peter how to unlock the peace we’ve all been waiting for.

When Faith Fails

Jude 22 • March 17, 2019 • Dominic Done

Doubt -- we don’t like to talk about it. But like it or not, life can throw our faith into confusion. Maybe it’s overwhelming grief at the loss of a loved one, the seeming discrepancies between science and the Bible or hurt at the hands of the church...Whatever it is, whenever we don’t know what God is doing in our lives, it’s hard. But there’s a beautiful secret to doubt -- it can actually be the key to greater intimacy with Jesus if we allow our questions to lead us back to him. Join us this Sunday as we seek God in the midst of doubt, together!

Lost and Found

March 3, 2019 • Gabe Moreno

They say the pain of losing $20 is more severe than the joy of having it in your pocket. All of us know what it feels like to lose something and how sweet it is to recover what was once lost. When it came to relationships, Jesus prioritized recovering and restoring what was once lost. Join us as we look closely at the purpose of separation and the joy of restoration as we study the parable of the prodigal son.

Intentional Living

May 30, 2018 • Gabe Moreno

For many of us, life feels like we’re traveling over the speed limit on a long stretch of Highway with no end in sight. For too long we have believed the wrong things about how to have a meaning filled life. In his letter to the Philippians, the Apostle Paul outlines how to get an A+ on the assignment of life. Join us Wednesday night as we uncover what Jesus desires for each and everyone of us on this journey.

From Doubt to Faith

May 20, 2018 • Robert Furrow

Doubt is part of our human story. And at points in our life, most of us even doubt God. But there's good news in John 20 for anyone who doubts! Jesus gives us everything we need to bridge us from doubt to faith. So join us for this week's message, as we learn what it means to have faith in a God we can't see.

Potter's Field

April 29, 2018

Michael’s ability to communicate visually with clay, combined with Pam’s musical gifts, create a powerful narrative illustrated by touching stories that range from hilarious to deeply emotional. Anyone who has experienced brokenness in their life will identify with this presentation.

Real Faith

April 4, 2018 • Ryan Hurley

"Cause I got to have faith" was the chorus to George Michael's song Faith playing all over the radio in 1987. Nothing could be closer to the truth for God's people today. Everyday, we exercise faith without even realizing it. Faith that oncoming drivers stay in their lane, faith that the food we're about to eat is not poisoned, and so on. Yet, if we're honest with ourselves we often fail to have faith in God when things don't according to our plans. Our starting point with God is faith. It is basis of our relationship with God and the path to pleasing God. Join me Wednesday night as we explore the importance of faith in transforming our experience with God.

The Art of the Wait

March 7, 2018 • Dan Ewing

Much of our lives are spent waiting for God to change our circumstances. Whether it’s “typical” waiting--heavy traffic, hunting for a new job, longing for a spouse--or the seasons when you encounter incomprehensible stress or painful grief. How do we maintain hope in God when we see no resolution to our suffering? Join us this Wednesday to learn how to trust Jesus even in the midst of our instant-gratification culture.

Who Are You, Really?

March 4, 2018 • Bill Ritchie

What defines you? For many, it's not something that has an easy answer. Our life choices are driven by the news, our families, or whatever promises the most success in our jobs and hobbies. But are these choices delivering the life we really want? Or are we making decisions based on a false reality and coming up empty? To find the person we were created to be, we need to make decisions based on truth, but how do we know what’s really true? Join us Sunday...you will be surprised to find out what truth really looks like in today's world.

Let's Connect

October 8, 2017 • Bill Ritchie

Today we live in paradox: we are more connected than we’ve ever been, but we’re lonelier than we’ve ever been - all at the same time. God built us for relationship, but he designed us for a whole lot more than the connections we find on Facebook or Snapchat. Thankfully, one of the Bible’s relationship experts, Barnabas, has a lot to teach us about what real connection looks like. And there’s no better way to learn about connection than together with your family of faith, so come join us!

All You Need Is Faith

October 9, 2016 • Robert Furrow

Faith is believing what God says enough to do it! The more we know the word of God, the more we will know what is ours to receive by faith in Christ. If you want to reclaim your faith, join us this weekend for a riveting message on doing just that!

Big News for the Broken-Hearted

August 14, 2016 • Dr. Luis Palau

If there is one thing that we consistently hear and see in Scripture is that God has a heart for the downtrodden and discouraged. Join us this weekend as we examine some really big news pertaining to those who find themselves in this category of “broken-hearted.”

Walk In The Light

June 15, 2016 • Pasto Jason Biel

The book of 1 John presents somewhat of a “love/hate” relationship for us as believers. The author was known as the “Apostle of Love” yet we find his approach to be more “tough love” than “fluff love.” He says things that challenge us to the core and encourage us to go deeper than ever in our walk with Jesus. Join us as we take a fresh look at what it means to “Walk in the Light” from the loving heart of John.


March 9, 2016 • Bill Ritchie

Today's world is an explosive place where people have drawn lines, chosen sides, and continue to find reasons to fight each other. Whether in the field of politics, religion, race or any other arena, everyone feels like they have to walk on eggshells. Is that what God intended for your life? In this message, learn how instead of being stressed, God has designed a way for you to be blessed.

Intimacy With God

February 14, 2016 • Gennarino DeStefano

There's nothing more important than having an intimate relationship with God, so the devil does everything he can to stop that from happening in your life. You don't want to settle for religion instead of relationship. Join us this weekend to learn practical ways to replace the substitute with the real thing.

So Rich In Christ

February 10, 2016 • Pastor Luke Frechette

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be rich beyond this world? No matter what situation or stage in life we are in, we are abundantly blessed. Pastor Luke Frechette unpacks what the Apostle Paul meant when he said we are blessed with abundant riches, both in this life and forever after.

Simply Responding to Jesus

January 20, 2016 • Ryan Blau

Our mission statement as a church is “Simply Responding to Jesus.” Have you ever asked yourself what that actually looks like? This Wednesday we will be considering some of Jesus’ disciples and what it looked like in their lives. Don’t miss this thought-provoking message that is sure to shed some insights into how we can best accomplish our mission of simply responding to Jesus in our lives!

The Power of Unity

January 17, 2016 • Kevin Palau

The last prayer Jesus ever prayed before He went to the cross was for unity among all of his followers. We see and experience the devastating effects of disunity everywhere – in our personal relationships, in our country, and in our world. But when we understand how to be personally united with Jesus and live in unity with the family of faith, the impact on our relationships, our cities, and our world will be truly amazing. This message will give you the keys to understanding and applying the power of unity in your life.

Blue Collar Scholar

January 3, 2016 • Greg Young

If you have ever felt immobilized in sharing your love for Jesus because you lack a formal education or training, today’s message will encourage and challenge you to think again. As we dig into the life of Peter, we will unearth the astounding truth that God entrusts the treasures of His Kingdom into the hands of ordinary people. We will see this played out in living color as we watch Peter walk in a divine wisdom that confounds even the scholars. Don’t miss this intriguing and empowering message that will ignite your faith to tell the world about Jesus!

Believe the Best

December 16, 2015 • Gennarino DeStefano

We all know that those closest to us know how to push our "buttons" better than anyone else. As you prepare for visiting family and friends during the Christmas season, this message from 1 Corinthians 13 will help you demonstrate love in action, as God designed you to be.