September 16, 2018

1 Peter 3: 18-22

September 16, 2018 • Pastor Phil Burggraff • Jesus' Victorious Ascension

Passage: 1 Peter 3:18–22 Theme: Jesus’ Victorious Ascension According to 1 Peter 3:13–17, if we suffer for doing what is right in conduct and witness, that is far better than doing wrong to escape suffering. Why? Answer: In so doing, we are demonstrating our hope in and loyalty to Jesus Christ. Notice from this text what Jesus has done so that we should hope in and remain loyal to him: 1. Jesus suffered to bring us into right relationship with God (18a). 2. Jesus showed his victory over everything and everyone that opposes God through his death, resurrection, and ascension (18b–20). 3. Jesus saves all who pledge their loyalty to God through his resurrection. 4. Jesus subjected all spiritual powers under his authority through his ascension to God’s right hand. Main Idea: Even if it results in our suffering, we must remain loyal to Jesus because he had the final say. Application Questions: • How does 1 Peter 3:18–22 relate to the immediately preceding context of 3:13–17? How does it fit into the larger discussion of right living and submission that began back in 2:11–17? • How does Christ’s suffering serve as an example to us? • While the understanding of the text may be difficult, what positive motivations can we take from Christ’s proclamation to the imprisoned disobedient spirits in vv. 19–20. (If you were present for the sermon, what is the biblical and extra-biblical background to vv. 19–20? How does this understanding help inform the ministry of Christ at his resurrection?) • Is Peter suggesting that the act of baptism saves in v. 21? How do explain this verse in light of the clear teaching of scripture that salvation comes through faith in Jesus Christ? • What do you find so assuring about the actions of Jesus in this text, especially of his subjection of the spiritual forces to his authority and rule? • How does this text help us remain loyal to Jesus Christ, even in the midst of suffering? What actions does it call you to do in your everyday life?

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October 28th, 2018

1 Peter 5: 10-14 • October 28, 2018 • Pastor Phil Burggraff

Theme: God’s Grace Passage: 1 Peter 5:1a0–14 In the midst of life’s difficulties and spiritual attacks: 1. Keep an eternal perspective (10–11). a. God is the God of all grace b. God enables us to share in Jesus Christ’s glory c. God fortifies us to endure suffering. d. God alone possesses eternal power. 2. Stand firm in the true grace of God (12–14). a. “True grace of God” b. Our responsibility: “Stand firm” i. Hold on to what you know ii. Commit yourself to loving your brothers and sisters. Main Idea: In the midst of life’s difficulties and spiritual attacks, we are in right relationship with the all-powerful God who gives us his grace in Jesus Christ. Application Questions: • When we speak of God’s grace, what does this mean? Try to define God’s grace from what Peter has said about God and his actions toward us throughout this letter. • How does God fortify us as the verbs suggest at the end of v. 10? • What does Peter’s choice to praise God for his power suggest (v. 11)? Why do you think he chose this attribute of God over others? • Sum up what Peter has exhorted and testified concerning the true grace of God. • How do you stand firm in this grace (v. 12)?

October 21, 2018

1 Peter 5: 6-9 • October 21, 2018 • Pastor Phil Burggraff

Passage: 1 Peter 5:6–9 Theme: Humility before God and Standing Firm against the Devil As we face difficulty, suffering, and frustration in life, we must 1. Accept them as part of God’s plan to mature us (6–7). • Purpose of acceptance: You will be exalted at Christ’s appearance • Manner of acceptance: You can presently cast your anxiety on a caring God. 2. Remain alert to the true reality of what is happening (8a). 3. Stand firm against the devil (8b–9). • Why? Your adversary wants to destroy you. • How?  Hold fast to the faith.  Remember and pray for those suffering similarly. Application Questions: • Why does it prove so difficult to humble ourselves under God’s mighty hand? According this text, when will we see results? • How can we cast our anxieties upon God (Don’t stop after listing only prayer)? In what ways do you struggle believing that he actually cares for you? • How can we remain alert to the reality of what is happening to us as we go through times of suffering and doubt? • In what ways does Satan destroy us today? Discuss applications for the ways that we can stand firm against him.

October 14, 2018

Caring For Christ's Flock - • October 14, 2018 • Pastor Phil Burggraff

Passage: 1 Peter 5:1–5- Theme: Caring for Christ’s Flock 1. Church leadership must care for Christ’s flock well (1–4). a. Leadership is part of Christ’s plan for his church (1). b. Leadership primarily involves member care (2a). c. Leadership that cares for church members must be characterized (2b–3) i. by a willingness to follow God’s design ii. by an awareness to serve rather than receive iii. by an example for others to follow d. Leadership serves Christ to bring him glory (4). 2. Church members must submit to this leadership (5a). 3. Church community must act in humility towards one another (5b). Main Idea: We must humbly submit to one another to glorify Christ as he shepherds his church according to his design. Application Questions: • How would you describe effective leadership in any aspect of life? How might that be similar to what we see here, and how might that differ? • According to vv. 2–4, list and describe the characteristics of effective church leadership. • How do we measure successful church leadership according to v.4? How might that differ from the way in which effective church leadership is measured according to typical church standards? • What should submission to church leadership look like in your life (5)? • How can we foster genuine humility at all levels within the church community?