Nehemiah: Empowering leaders from within


Can Prayer Change Things?

May 28, 2023 • Eric Dubach

Pastor Eric delves into the story of Nehemiah and the importance of mourning and grieving through prayer. He also discusses the process of finding language to cope with pain and the impact of building relational equity in preparation for God's activation of our faith for big impacts. Additionally, he uses the story of Jerusalem's destruction as a metaphor for the illusion of safety within a community or relationship. Watch now for insights on how mournful prayer can lead to humble repentance and how the Holy Spirit may reveal the source of our anguish, despair, or anxiety.

Can Planning Build Confidence?

June 4, 2023 • Eric Dubach

In Part 2 of our sermon series in Nehemiah, you'll hear from Pastor Eric as he explores the idea that people don't plan to fail; they just fail to plan. He draws on Jesus' example of building a tower and explains the importance of counting the cost and pursuing a dream or vision with discipline. Pastor Eric shares his own insights and reflections, emphasizing the importance of having a plan before starting a project and not talking about the vision before fully understanding its scope. He also delves into the topic of intimidation and opposition to pursuing one's vision, drawing from the experiences of Nehemiah. Along the way, he offers practical advice and challenges everyone to have confidence in their plans and to stand firm in their calling. Whether you're a seasoned Christian or new to the faith, you'll find inspiration and wisdom in this thought-provoking sermon.

Psychological Warfare and Overcoming Negativity.

June 18, 2023 • Eric Dubach

In part 3 of our Nehemiah series, Pastor Eric discusses the struggles and victories of owning and achieving a vision for the church. He explores the importance of prayer in defining the vision and overcoming personal strongholds to achieve it. Pastor Eric also discusses threats to the vision, including the use of psychological warfare and opposition to certain beliefs becoming labeled as hate speech. This sermon emphasizes the importance of using our time, talent, treasure, and testimony to own the vision and take responsibility for it. Practical tips for achieving this include eliminating the phrase "That's Not My Responsibility" and using gentle restoration for those caught in sin. The podcast ends with a discussion of the psychological warfare used against Nehemiah in the book of Nehemiah and how it relates to our own struggles in achieving our visions at home.