Weekly Bible Studies

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John 1:38 (5/16/19)

What Do You Want? • May 16, 2019 • Benham Brothers

* Jesus first asked John’s disciples what they were looking for before He allowed them to follow Him. * He was forcing them to define their purposes and goals. * This is a great way to approach people we see every day. * But it’s also good to ask ourselves. * It keeps us following Jesus for the right reasons.

John 3:16-19 (5/16/19)

The Qualifier • May 16, 2019 • Benham Brothers

* Nic came at night because he felt felt condemned/judged by his Pharisee buddies for being interested in Jesus. * Jesus educates him on the spiritual nature of salvation, then rebukes him, then educates him on eternal life. * vs 16 - Skip Moen- “believe” in the Greek means to “believe into” - to move from one place to another. * It’s a verb that involves a constant state of action. * It’s not a static collection of facts. * To believe is to commit. * Believing is an activity that moves us from one place to another. * It is movement of my whole being out of myself and into God. * If you are “believing INTO God” you will experience change in this new place. * Get into it today! * vs 17 - Jesus gives a qualifier after His famous words in John 3:16. * Why would Jesus do this? * Because His love first feels like condemnation. * You have to know you’re condemned before you want to get saved. * Romans 8:1 - the word “NOW” is key. * vs 19 - people loved darkness more than the light - Nic came at night! * He most likely felt condemned. * But Jesus wanted Him to get saved!

John 5:33-39 (5/16/19)

The Word • May 16, 2019 • Benham Brothers

* Jesus gave the people four witnesses of His authority and identity as the Son of God: * 1) John the Baptist (vs 33-35). * 2) His mighty works (vs 36). * 3) God Himself (vs 37-38). * 4) Scripture (vs 39-40). * Vs 38 talks about the WORD. * Vs 39 talks about the SCRIPTURES. * The Scriptures are the written Word. * The Scriptures are a BOOK. The Word is a PERSON. * We READ the Scriptures. We LISTEN to the WORD. * We STUDY the Scriptures so we can know the WORD.

2 Samuel 18:2 (5/16/19)

Loyalty • May 16, 2019 • Benham Brothers

* The first time we see Ittai the Gittite was 2 Samuel 15 when David fled from Absalom. * He had just arrived to Jerusalem a few days prior. * David told him to stay and that it would be too much of a bother for him to go. * But Ittai insisted. * He was loyal to David no matter the cost. * How was he rewarded? * He became commander of the army! * He got a position of influence and authority in Israel. * EX: Tim Harrell * How do you think God will reward your loyalty to Him?

2 Samuel 22:10 (5/16/19)

God Digs You • May 16, 2019 • Benham Brothers

* This chapter mirrors Psalms 18 where David is talking about God being his rock. * This particular verse is so good for all of us to remember. * God likes you! He delights in you! * Just like I do with Kilwin’s Chocolate Chip ice cream or our little dog Roo or Tori or my kids. * He likes you because you’re His. * Principle - how we see God is a reflection of our heart. * David knew God liked him because he liked God. * If you see God as hard and cruel then you are hard and cruel. * Truth - God made you and likes you more than you could ever know. * EX: Brian Byler

Luke 22:51 (5/9/19)

Healed by Jesus • May 9, 2019 • Benham Brothers

* Peter was not keeping watch and therefore was startled awake. * He grabbed the wrong weapon and hacked a man’s ear off. * Peter was on Christ’s side, but he did something that didn’t represent Christ’s heart. * But here’s the good part: * Jesus healed the man Peter hurt. * I bet Peter probably saw this young man again. * But Peter’s blunder gave Jesus a chance to have an encounter with this unbeliever. * Some of us have hurt people and we’re carrying around that burden. * Once you’ve repented, receive forgiveness and trust God to heal their hurt. * He will use your mistake to draw them close to Him.

Luke 23:26 (5/9/19)

The Other Simon • May 9, 2019 • Benham Brothers

* Simon had no clue what lay in store for him that day he showed up in Jerusalem. * It was a part of a prisoner’s humiliation to carry his own cross. * Carrying a cross was a sign of guilt. * Neither Simon nor Jesus were guilty, but both carried the cross. * Can you imagine someone showing up and seeing Simon carrying the cross? * “I wonder what he did that was so bad?” might have been the thought. * Simon looked guilty because he carried it, but he found salvation through it. * Not just for him but for his whole family. * His sons names were mentioned in another gospel because they were most likely converted to Christianity and became well-known believers. * I bet their dad’s story impacted them greatly.

Luke 23:43 (5/9/19)

Meeting • May 9, 2019 • Benham Brothers

* vs 39 - Jesus was a divider. * Even in His death He divided people. * Before His cross was placed between the thieves we never knew the difference between the two. * But the minute Jesus showed up it was obvious. * vs 43 - the repentant man and Jesus had a conversation. * Jesus then tells him they will meet again. * Jesus died first. * Then this man died. * Can you imagine what their meeting was like? * I imagine Jesus standing there with His arms open, “Told ya! Isn’t this place ossum?” * That’s an eternal perspective we need to keep.

2 Samuel 3:1 (5/9/19)

Strength Through Strain • May 9, 2019 • Benham Brothers

* When you do God’s work you’ll experience warfare. * Strength comes through strain. * So if you’re straining but not getting stronger you need to see if you’re doing God’s work or your own. * David’s and Saul’s house were in a war against each other. * David’s house grew stronger, but Saul’s grew weaker. * This is because David was doing God’s work. * When you work for the Lord you have energy for the task. * You’ll still need rest, but you won’t get burned out. * It’s like exercise - the more energy you exert the more you get in return.

2 Samuel 12:5 (5/9/19)

Root of Anger • May 9, 2019 • Benham Brothers

* David’s reaction was to punish the man far greater than the law required. * This knee-jerk overreaction was the result of unconfessed sin in his life. * This is one of God’s ways of showing us something in our lives. * When we respond in anger to other’s sin. * If we overreact it should surprise us and make us ask God why. * He may point something out.