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Romans 11:16 (8/6/20)

Holy Money • August 6, 2020 • Benham Brothers

* If your tithe is holy, then the rest of your money is holy. * Paul is talking about the gospel going to the Gentiles after it went to the Jews. * The Jews were “the firstfruits” of the gospel and were holy, so now the Gentiles are holy as well. * They are all “people.” * But let’s talk about money. * When you give your tithe / first fruits to God, it makes the rest of your money holy. * Holy means - Set Apart / Devoted. * Principles for Holy Money: * It’s Not Yours - stewardship vs ownership. * Stewards have possession for not the rights of ownership. * It’s a tool - tools are used to build things. * We are responsible to build God’s kingdom. * It’s a burden-lifter - making your own money allows you to: * Not be a burden to anyone. * Not be beholden to anyone. * Be a blessing to everyone. * It’s meant to be given - the generous person will always prosper. * When you give to God you “lend” to the Lord (Proverbs 19:17). * Giving apart from a strategy is chaos. * Ex: new apt complex.

Psalms 84:1-7 (8/6/20)

The Reward for Work • August 6, 2020 • Benham Brothers

* Pain is turned to profit through the path of work. * The place of resistance is changed to the place of rest through labor! * Backstory: * David is gone from Jerusalem because of Absalom, and he’s thinking back to the ossum time he had close to God’s Tabernacle. * He recalls the three pilgrimages all Israelites were to take: * Passover - reminder of the death angel “passing over” in Egypt. * Pentacost (50 days later) - foreshadowing of the Holy Spirit. * Feast of Booths - so they wouldn’t forget wandering in the dessert. * As they traveled the crowd grew bigger and bigger. * Vs 1-6 - the Valley of Baka * It was a wetland on the path that represented an impasse. * What would they do? Options: * Wait for God to do a miracle like He did for Moses. * Go around - but that would make the trip even longer. * Get to work - turn the obstacle into an opportunity. * They chose to get to work! * The RESULT of their work? * What was once painful now became profitable. * What was once an impasse was now turned to income. * The place of pain now became a place of peace. * The place of resistance became a place to rest and refuel. * EX: my great room wall. * The REWARD for their work? * Vs 7 - The presence of God! They made it to the Temple! * The requirement for work is faithfulness. * The reward for work is rest. * The result of work is that God gets glory. *

Job 29:17 (8/6/20)

Stand For What's Right • August 6, 2020 • Benham Brothers

Romans 4:18-22 (7/30/20)

Person Over Promise • July 30, 2020 • Benham Brothers

* Focus on the Person and trust Him with the promise. * SF Giants pitcher - he’s focusing on God over his platform. * Bible Backstory on Romans 4: * Paul is trying to show two things: * Salvation comes through faith, not works. * Salvation is for all people, not just Jews. * He uses Abraham as an example. * Abe believed and his faith was “credited to him” as righteousness - he didn’t have to work to get it. * But look at how his belief was tested, and how Abe made it through. * Vs 17-22 - Abe received salvation. * Genesis 15:5-6 - the promise! * Genesis 22:1-3 - the test! * Genesis 22:9-13 - salvation! * He focused on the PERSON over the PROMISE because he was “fully persuaded that God had the power to do what He had promised.” (Romans 4:21) * “THIS” was credited to him as righteousness. * Problem - if you focus on the promise (or whatever God has given to you) over God Himself, you begin to operate strategically rather than spiritually. * Abe did this and ended up shacking up with his servant girl and they had Ishmael. * We did this with HGTV, but God jolted us back in line. * Focus on the Person and trust Him with the promise.

Romans 6:15-18 (7/30/20)

Whose Slave Will You Be? • July 30, 2020 • Benham Brothers

You become a slave to that in which you cave. • Paul had just explained that we are under grace, not law. • But the doesn’t mean we can sin freely and be forgiven. • Vs 15-16 - you are a slave to whoever you give in to. • Two natures at war - SINFUL nature vs SUPER nature. • You will become a slave of one or the other. • How do we win? • Three Steps to Victory: • 1) Pledge allegiance - vs 17. • Salvation by allegiance alone (dedication, devotion, fidelity, obedience). • 2) Align your identity - vs 18. • You have “become” a slave to righteousness. • All religions have belief and behavior, Christianity has becoming! • Romans 6:11 - “consider” yourself dead to sin. • Don’t identify with your sinful nature. • 3) Make a decision - vs 19 • How do you overcome temptation? • The same way you gave into it - you decided to do it! • EX: my daughter Lundi struggled with fear for a long time… • She became a slave to it. • She would say, “I am scared.” I taught her to say “I am strong!” • You become a slave to that in which you cave.

Job 28 (7/30/20)

The Number One Key in Biz • July 30, 2020 • Benham Brothers

Acts 28:7-10 (7/23/20)

Abundance Mentality • July 23, 2020 • Benham Brothers

* An abundance mindset is the path to prosperity. * Paul was on a boat headed to Rome that crashed at the island of Malta. * How would they respond? Look at the value exchange: * Exchange #1 - vs 2 - The Islanders showed abundant hospitality to the 276 men onboard - gave them food and shelter. * Exchange #2 - vs 7-9 - the leader had a sick dad, so Paul healed him ! * Exchange #3 - vs 10 - the Islanders outfitted them for the trip to Rome. * Neither party asked for anything. * They both gave value to the other prompted by the need of the moment. * They both had an abundance mindset. * Difference between an abundance mentality vs an entitlement mentality: * An entitled person: * 1) Thinks self, not serve. * 2) Lives by comparison, not compassion. * 3) Wants objects, not opportunities. * 4) Gets, not gathers. * 5) Is cheap, not frugal. * 6) Sees self as provider. * A person operating through an abundance mindset: * 1) Thinks serve, not self. * 2) Lives by compassion, not comparison. * 3) Wants opportunities, not objects. * 4) Gathers, not gets. * 5) Is frugal, not cheap. * 6) Sees God as provider.

Psalms 78:9-16 (7/23/20)

Stand Strong • July 23, 2020 • Benham Brothers

* God has called us all to stand strong for Him. * Vs 9 - the men who were called to fight didn’t fight. Why? * Vs 10-11 - they didn’t obey God and they forgot what He had done for them. * Two things the Israelites were to pass down to their kids: * The laws of God. * The stories of God. * Two things you need to stand strong: * Commitment to obey God (stay inside His boundaries). * Remember what He’s done (have a testimony). * Vs 12-16 - if you’re going through something tuff, reading these verses will remind you of God’s faithfulness. * This is why journaling is so powerful. * When you obey or disobey and you record the story it helps you in the future.

Psalms 78:70-72 (7/23/20)

Faithfulness • July 23, 2020 • Benham Brothers

* Be faithful in little and you will be faithful in big. * Being faithful with nobody watching is the path to being faithful when everybody is watching. * Vs 70-72 - David was prepared to shepherd people because he was faithful to shepherd sheep. * God crowning David the shepherd king would be like Warren Buffet giving control of his companies to his young nephew who ran a snow-cone business. * He guided them “with skillful hands.” * He took his job seriously - he didn’t cut corners. * Phillip Keller, a professional shepherd, wrote a book on Psalm 23. * He said that for sheep to “lie down” 4 things are required: * 1) They must be FULL. * 2) They must be UNAFRAID. * 3) They must be CONTENT. * 4) They must be in UNITY. * David learned to do this for sheep, and because he was faithful to do it God promoted him. * Proverbs 22:29 - “Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will stand before kings; He will not stand before obscure men.”

Job's Keys to Success (7/23/20)

July 23, 2020 • Benham Brothers

* He was righteous * He was a worshipper * He was not a victim * He was a strengthener * He was resolute * He fought for the needy * He was empathetic * He was compassionate

Acts 20:24 (7/16/20)

Accept Your Assignment • July 16, 2020 • Benham Brothers

* All of us have one job in our life - to “complete the assignment” God has given you. * Vs 24 - The NAS calls assignment “the ministry.” * What’s your assignment? * To testify about who God is (gospel of His grace). * How do you do this? * It’s different for each of us. * A few years after I was fired by HGTV I saw the Gaines family rising. * God told me, “Complete your assignment” (Duke bench vision). * Look at Paul’s assignment: * Vs 20-21 - He taught the hard stuff - he didn’t avoid the hot topics. * Vs 22- replace Paul with yourself: * "And now I am on my way to building this business, not knowing how it's going to turn out." * "And now I am going to have another baby, not knowing how I'm going to feed her." * "And now I am going to tell the truth, not knowing if it's going to cost my job." * "And now I am going to expose the lie, not knowing what's going to happen to my reputation." * "And now I am going to stand and fight, not knowing if I will win or lose." * Acts 21:13 - I Am Ready (maybe do this one and list 3 or 4 things that will prepare us to let go of everything) * Vs 23 - he knew his assignment was hard. * HOWEVER! * Observe 3 things about your assignment: * 1) Your assignment isn’t about you - it’s about others. * 2) Your assignment is your ministry - it doesn’t matter where you’re placed or how you’re paid. You are a minister full-time if you’re working to honor the Lord. * 3) Your assignment testifies about who God is - your work is sacred. Others will know Jesus is king by the work you do. Now finish it!

Acts 21:13 (7/16/20)

I Am Ready • July 16, 2020 • Benham Brothers

* When you’re always ready you never have to “get ready.” * Jesus consistently told His disciples to “be ready.” * EX: pushing someone. * Vs 10-12 - there were bad things on the horizon. * But Paul was ready. * Vs 13 - I - AM - READY! * We need this message today. * How do we get ready? * 1) Restate your dedication to the Lord. * 2) Reaffirm your willingness to be used. “Here I am, send me.” * 3) Recognize the things that would hold you back - ask God to show you. * 4) Release those things in your heart (trust Him with those things). * 5) Rehearse in your mind what it will be like.

Esther 3:2 (7/16/20)

Don't Bow the Knee • July 16, 2020 • Benham Brothers

Acts 9:32-35 (7/9/20)

Make Your Bed • July 9, 2020 • Benham Brothers

* Peter - the man who denied Jesus - now walked in the same power of Jesus. How? * Repentance. * Then he sees a crippled man lying on a mat on the street. * Vs 32-33 - beds are temporary places of rest, but for Aeneas it had become his permanent place of pain. * Some people stay in their bed for comfort - fueled by laziness. * Others stay in it for pain - fueled by hurt, doubt, fear, etc. * Vs 34a - Peter gave credit to Jesus for the power that would flow through him. * Vs 34b - a new day had come for Aeneas. * 1) Get Up! Action precedes motivation. * Pete did this when he “got out” of the boat and walked on water. * Discipline - do what you don’t want to do. * 2) Make Your Bed! The signal that you’re not coming back until it’s time. * His bed represented sickness - it probably hadn’t been made in 8 years. * But now it could be a place of rest. * Little did Peter know the science behind making your bed and what it does for your productivity throughout the day. * Science has shown that making your bed does several things for you: * 1) It makes you happier. * Gretchen Rubin, best-selling author and happiness researcher, says "When I was researching my book on happiness, making their bed was the number one most impactful change that people brought up over and over." * In a survey of 68,000 people by Hunch.com, 59 percent of people don’t make their beds. 27 percent do, while 12 percent pay a housekeeper to make it for them. 71 percent of bed makers consider themselves happy; while 62 percent of non-bed-makers admit to being unhappy.  * 2) It lowers stress levels. * It gives you the feeling of being in control of your life. * 3) It makes you more productive - puts you in a productive mindset. * It starts a chain reaction of other productive habits. * Navy Seal William H. McCraven, commander of the forces that led the raid to kill Osama bin Laden, told UT graduates, "If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed. If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task, and another, and another. And by the end of the day that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed." * The result? * Vs 35 - peoples’ lives will change! * Peter didn’t stay in his bed of pain - that denial he regretted. * He got up and made his bed, and now he walked in power!

Acts 19:11-17 (7/9/20)

THROUGH • July 9, 2020 • Benham Brothers

* God wants to do something TO you so He can do things THROUGH you to bless others. * You’re made to be a conduit, not a cul-de-sac. * Back in Acts 9 Peter said to the paralytic, “Jesus heals you” - he saw himself as the conduit for Christ to do His work. * Vs 11 - 12 - in Paul’s line of work everything he touched turned to gold. * See Through: * 1) When you do something great, SEE THROUGH to God doing it through you. * This keeps you from pride. * 2) When someone does something great, SEE THROUGH to God doing it through them. * This keeps you from people worship. * 3) When you do something bad, SEE THROUGH to the evil spirit you’ve come into agreement with. * This keeps you battle ready. * 4) When someone does something bad, SEE THROUGH to the evil spirit they’ve come into agreement with. * This keeps you tender-hearted toward others. * Vs 13-17 - WARNING! It’s not enough to just use Christ’s name. * You have to live a life of surrender to Him. * How many “Christian” business people have you dealt with who used the name but did you wrong? * The result is they can’t walk in the power of the name.