Lessons From Joshua

Joshua 1 (4/16/14)

April 16, 2014 • Benham Brothers

God commanded Joshua to cross the Jordan but He didn't tell him how. Joshua didn't wait for a plan - he moved toward obedience before he knew how. Joshua's focus was on the God of plans and not the plan of God. Luke 17:14-15 - Ten lepers were cleansed in their "going." Joshua 3:4 - He didn't know the plan, but he did know that God must go first! God gave him the plan only after he moved toward obedience. The Jordan River was at flood stage right now - the odds were stacked against them crossing it. Joshua could have gone first and got his men to start building rafts to get the people across. When the soles of the priests feet touched the Jordan the waters stopped several miles away in a town called Adam.

Joshua 1:7-9 (3/31/16)

March 31, 2016 • Benham Brothers

• Moses was dead - Joshua took over. • The Israelites were about to enter the Promised Land. • God encouraged Joshua and the people with a very specific command: • Be Courageous, Hold to God's Word, Be Courageous. • He sandwiched His Word between the command to be courageous. • Like a PBJ in between two slices of bread. • God's Word apart from courage wasn't going to take the land, and being courageous apart from God's Word wouldn't do it either. • If we want to enter the land of promise for us it will take courage and God's Word. • God's Word apart from Courage makes a teacher. • God's Word with Courage makes a father (1 Corinthians 4:15)! • We need fathers today like Joshua. • Father’s speak it, think it, do it.

Joshua 2 (4/4/13)

April 4, 2013 • Benham Brothers

Rahab feared God more than Man If your lie is based on fear of God then it's ok, but no situation like that exists If Mercy wasn't owed to them then Truth wasn't either

Joshua 2:1 (4/2/15)

April 2, 2015 • Benham Brothers

Moses sent out spies, but so did Joshua. Here's the difference: Moses sent out spies out of a lack of faith - they did it out of curiosity to see what the land looked like. They were putting their toes in the water to see if they wanted to jump in. They weren't in a battle-ready mindset. Joshua sent out spies based upon faith - He was getting ready to attack Jericho and he was mapping out his attack. They were going to jump into the water, even though they didn't know how yet (Joshua 1:2). He wasn't going to wait for steps B-Z before he moved - he already had step A, and that was to simply GO! Joshua was battle-ready. This is how you can have two Christians "doing" the same thing, but one of them being motivated by fear and the other motivated by faith. You won't be able to tell the difference between the two until conflict arises. Only then will you be able to distinguish the warrior from the wimp. This is why he only sent 2 spies - he learned that the more that went the more likely they were to fear the people of Jericho. Joshua was going to take the place God had granted him - they were just spying out their route. Joshua 5:15 - God shows up to Joshua and says the same thing He said to Moses - "Take your shoes off." Essentially He was saying, "You wanna lead my people? Treat Me as Holy. Be reverent toward Me." Good leadership is good followship - Who are you following and how are you following Him? The test of Joshua's leadership came when God gave Him a "crazy" plan, just like He did Noah. He told him to march around Jericho with the priests in worship to the Lord. Out of reverence Joshua obeyed His leader and he became a great leader - the people followed.

Joshua 3 (4/4/13)

April 4, 2013 • Benham Brothers

God said "Cross the Jordan" but they had no way to get across Our spirit says YES, our mind says NO We want to see B-Y, but God may have only given us A & Z The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord, how can he understand his own way? Obedience!

Joshua 3:1-8 (4/7/16)

April 7, 2016 • Benham Brothers

• Josh 1:2 & 10-11 - God promised Joshua they would cross the Jordan, but He didn't give him a plan on how to do it. • In faith, Joshua began to move. • He was focused on the PERSON of God being faithful to deliver on His PROMISE, even though He didn't have a PLAN. • They got to the Jordan and camped - they didn't cross. Why? • Because he did not yet know God's plan. • Joshua told the priests to lead the way. Why? • Because he knew how God had led them in the past under Moses. • On the third day they started moving, and then God gave the plan! • Lesson (actively waiting): • 1) We need to move forward in faith when God speaks. • 2) We need to go at His pace. • 3) We need to let God lead us. • 4) We need to be ready for His plan in His time.

Joshua 3:7 (4/4/19)

April 4, 2019 • Benham Brothers

* If God was going to magnify Joshua on “this day” that means he was minimized on other days. * God was going to give Joshua a bigger platform because he was accustomed to a smaller one. * What did Joshua do to deserve this? * He was faithful! * His faithfulness on the small platform gave him the favor for a bigger one. * All of his other days prepared him for “this day.” * John the Baptist - “I must decrease so He can increase.”

Joshua 4:14 (3/30/17)

March 30, 2017 • Benham Brothers

* The NLT has a great translation of this verse. * "That day the Lord made Joshua a great leader in the eyes of all the Israelites, and for the rest of his life they revered him as much as they had revered Moses." * Joshua had proven a faithful servant, then a faithful commander, now a faithful leader of the nation. * This paved the way for God to do something miraculous for him. * Two things every person will require if they want to be a leader: * 1) Faithfulness - be faithful right where God has placed you, in all the little things. * 2) Favor - God’s favor. * Joshua couldn’t have parted the Jordan - only God could have done that.

Joshua 5-10 (4/8/21)

April 8, 2021 • Benham Brothers

Joshua 5-10 - Principles For Entering a New Season * God’s way of leading is through seasons. * Noun: A period of time associated with an activity. * In agriculture, the activity is “growth.” * In sports, the activity is football, basketball, etc. * Verb: * To give more flavor to food (make things taste good). * To treat so as to prepare it for use (make wood suitable for use as timber by adjusting its moisture content to that of the environment in which it will be used). * To make fit by experience (a seasoned veteran). * It was time for the Israelites to enter a new season where they would experience blessing like never before. * But they would have to fight in order to get it. * These fights taught them a lot, and “seasoned” them to handle the new opportunities that would be available in their new land. * We’re going to look at the first four battles and the principles they learned. * Before any fight, the first principle was: * Principle of the Past - Don’t rely on what worked in the past - allow God to change things for the present (no more manna). * Principle of Provision - Provision is made possible through work (not called to live in the miraculous). * Battle #1 - Jericho (Joshua 5-6) * Principle of Purity - Circumcise first - get rid of the junk in your life. * Principle of the Plan - Follow God’s plan (no matter how crazy). * Principle of the Priest - Let your “priest” take the lead. * Principle of Power - Worship precedes warfare. * Principle of Protection - If you do what’s right, God will protect (Rahab). * Principle of Piety - Giving God your first and best shows your devotion to Him. * Battle #2 - Ai (Joshua 7-8) * they only sent 3k men and 36 died * * Principle of Decision - Before you act, ASK! * Principle of Discernment - Your lack of discernment is pointing to something you need to get right. * Principle of Defeat - Sin renders you powerless in life (root it out). * Principle of Direction - Upon repentance, God will turn things around for your benefit (He’ll use your past failures for present victories - ambush). * Principle of Delayed Gratification - Good things come to those who wait (Achan). * Battle #3 - Gibeon (Joshua 9) * Gibeonites tricked Joshua * * * He failed the Principle of Decision “again.” He didn’t ask God. * Principle of Peace - You can’t make friends with those who are enemies of God. * Principle of Partiality - God’s justice doesn’t play favorites (Lev 19:15). * Principle of People - People will always complain, but good leaders want grumbling today rather than later. * Principle of the Pivot - Make your mistakes work for you (slaves) * Battle #4 - Five Kings (Joshua 10) * Principle of Fight - Enemies unite when you’re on God’s side (When you fight God’s battles, He joins forces with you). * Principle of Faithfulness - The miraculous follows faithfulness (hailstones & sun stood still). * Principle of Fatigue - When you’re tired, watch what God does (hailstones). * Principle of Fortification - The things that kill others won’t touch you (hailstones only hit the enemy). * Principle of Faith - Prayer of faith lines up w/God’s will (sun stood still). * Principle of Authority (Joshua 11:15) Joshua did everything Moses commanded, who did everything God commanded (he stayed under authority and therefore maintained power) * Result - They defeated 31 kings! (Joshua 12 - mentions Sihon and Og first!)

Joshua 5:2 (3/30/17)

March 30, 2017 • Benham Brothers

* The Israelites had just crossed the Jordan with the command to fight. * Yet right at the moment the probably thought God would say, “Charge!” He told them something different. * He commanded them to circumcise themselves. * Do what? Before they were to use a knife on the enemy they had to use it on themselves. * They had to cut their junk! * They had to handle their business before they could take care of business! * If they disregarded God’s command because it didn’t make sense it would have been disastrous for them. * Obedience to God’s command to circumcise themselves was more important than their ability to fight. * We must circumcise our hearts and remove the junk before we go out and fight the enemy.

Joshua 5:12 (3/29/18)

March 29, 2018 • Benham Brothers

* The manna was done and now the Israelites were to feed themselves differently. * Part of maturing is how you feed yourself. * This is about WHAT and HOW: * WHAT: * Babies are fed milk. Crawlers are fed baby food. Toddlers are fed a mix of both. * Adolescents eat what tastes good, teens start to think about it more, adults fully embrace healthy lifestyles. * HOW: * Babies, crawlers, and toddlers don’t feed themselves - mom and dad have to do that. * Adolescents and teens can eat on their own, but they don’t prepare it. * Adults have to shop, fix, and eat their own food. * The same is true with our spiritual walk. * WHAT are you eating and HOW are you eating it? * Eating a steady diet of your own choice of music and lots of TV? You’re being a kid. * Do you require a preacher to explain everything to you or are you capable of studying things on your own?

Joshua 5:13-15 (4/13/14)

April 13, 2014 • Benham Brothers

Joshua obeyed God, then God showed up! God never told Joshua HOW he was to cross the Jordan nor HOW to take down Jericho. Two things preceded God showing Joshua HOW to take down Jericho: 1) Obedience - he circumcised his troops - the opposite thing you would normally do in a war. Two things to obey: A- God's general commands - as outlined in scripture. B- God's specific commands - as He's given to each of us specifically through conviction. 2) Reverence - he removed his sandals, just as Moses did. Removing the sandals implies that you're staying a while - you're giving your schedule up for theirs. It reveals how important you consider the person to be. Two Step Process - Obedience brought God's presence to Joshua / Reverence brought God's strategy to Him. HOLY! In both Moses' and Joshua's case God told them that the "place" they were standing was holy. The place itself wasn't holy without the presence of God there. Wherever God's presence is that place is holy - remove your sandals and stay. This isn't speaking physically, but spiritually. No building is holy - only people can be holy, and that only through God's presence being inside them.

Joshua 6:8-9 (3/30/17)

March 30, 2017 • Benham Brothers

* Billy Graham, Bill Bright, and Bill Gothard all said the next great move of God will take place in the marketplace. * Look at the story of Jericho. * The priests were to blow the horns as they followed the ark of God. * In front of them and behind them were the soldiers. * God is raising up men and women from the marketplace who will go before pastors, paving the way for them to blow the horn and rally the troops for battle. * They will also go behind them to protect them when their reputations get crushed because they are blowing the horn. * All the pastors have to do is blow that horn!!! * We’re all ministers, but the pastors have a specific call to lead. * Marketplace people need to help them in their calling!

Joshua 6:22 (3/29/18)

March 29, 2018 • Benham Brothers

* The only command in Scripture where God tells men to go into a prostitute’s house. * They were to go in to get her out! * Let this be a lesson and a warning to all young men! * Don’t go into that bar unless you’re there to get people out.

Joshua 6:26 (4/4/19)

April 4, 2019 • Benham Brothers

* Joshua 6:26 sets the foundation for 1 Kings 16:34. * God takes covenants seriously. * Notice in 1 Kings that God didn’t stop the building of the city - He just destroyed the family in the process of building it. * The question is, “what’s your Jericho?” * What are you building that’s costing your family?