Peace Over Profit

A solid principle to run your business

August 15, 2019 • Benham Brothers

* Better to have a little money and a lot of righteousness (being in “right relationship” with God). * Imagine making 500k in a sales deal, only to know you cheated on your spouse two weeks prior. * You’d rather have peace over profit. * I’ve taught my kids that in business when you don’t know what to do, do the harder thing. * In business there are times when you can make a lot of money but you may have to hide something or lie or exaggerate. * In those moments, do the harder thing - you won’t make money but you’ll have peace. * Doing this will keep you in right relationship with God. * Just remember - every decision you make affects your relationship with God, so choose wisely.

The Path to REST

Finding Your Rest in Your Work • January 23, 2020 • Benham Brothers

* Two things set the background for this passage: * 1) In Bible times work and rest were separate. * You worked 6 days and rested on the 7th, called the Sabbath. * But in the New Testament work and rest go hand-in-hand. * Jesus is our Sabbath - He is our rest. * 2) In Bible times rabbi’s were the ones who taught people. * They had disciples who learned from them and hopefully they could become rabbis one day as well. * Each rabbi had a YOKE - which was his way of interpreting Scripture. * One rabbi interpreted work to mean this, another interpreted it to be that. * Problem: * They burdened people with LOTS of rules - people felt they couldn’t please God. * They made people feel less than them as well. * So Jesus comes along and addresses these people. * Vs 28 - Those who know they have a need, you can come. * He will give you REST - Exodus 33:14: God told Moses the same thing. * “Go and lead the people, and as you go I’ll give you rest.” * This looked forward to how work and Rest go hand-in-hand. * In vs 28, Jesus essentially said, “I am your Sabbath!” * Vs 29 - Christ asks us to take HIs understanding of Scripture upon us. * What’s that? Two commands - Love God and Love Others! * That’s simple. * “Learn from Me” - “be My disciple.” * “Gentle and humble” - unlike the spiritual leaders of the day who burdened people. * Vs 30 - His yoke is easy and burden is light. * How? * Because He’s carrying the load! * Imagine Jesus plowing a field - crown on His head and yoke on His back. * He’s got a vacant hole on His yoke and He asks if you want to drop your heavy yoke and jump into His. * What do you say? * So do you want to find rest in your work? * Then yoke up with Him - join His work. * How? * By honoring the Sabbath! * You do what you do to glorify Jesus!

Producer vs Consumer

The path to profit is through giving, not getting • January 16, 2020 • Benham Brothers

Value Creator

The reward you get for working well • January 16, 2020 • Benham Brothers

* Jesus had just healed a leper, which hadn’t been done since Miriam was healed in front of Moses - that’s why Jesus pointed him to tell the priest. * Now we see a gentile Centurion who asks Jesus to heal his servant. * He may have had other servants, but this one was highly regarded by him. * He was so valuable that the Centurion - a man who was a leader, like Jesus - was willing to impose on the Jewish Messiah with a plea for healing. * The slave was a value-creator for the Centurion - he made life easier for the man. * When the boss needed something the servant got it for him. * How was the servant rewarded for bringing value to his boss? * When he needed something the boss got it for him! * He was rewarded not by his own faith, but by the faith of his boss on his behalf. * When you are a value-creator profit will chase you down. * This servant enjoyed profit because he brought value to his boss. * So, how will you do your job today?