Hebrews 3:1 (10/29/20)

Brain Science

October 29, 2020 • Benham Brothers

The warfare for your soul takes place on the battleground of your mind. • If you want to win in life then you have to wage war in your mind. • The writer of Hebrews wrote to encourage believers not to slip back into Judaism to avoid persecution. • Chaps 1-2 show how ossum Jesus is, and how He was sent from God and is above all others. • Vs 3:1 - In light of that, we have to FIX OUR THOUGHTS on Him. • How? • Unlock the RAS! • It’s your brain filter that determines what makes it from your subconscious to your consciousness. • I bought Allie a Ford Focus - I fixed my thoughts on that car. • I started seeing them everywhere! • Our thoughts are fixed by: • 1) What we believe to be true. • 2) What we truly desire. • 3) What we focus on. • EX: the color yellow.

James 5:1-6 (11/19/20)

Money, Money, Money • November 19, 2020 • Benham Brothers

* Money is useful when you possess it, but useless when it possesses you. * James was warning those who were rich in possessions because he knew you had to be poor in spirit to accept Christ. * How do you know when you are possessed by money? * When WANT enters the picture. * Psalms 23 says “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not WANT.” * So what do we do? * Recognize two things about your money: * 1) It has a FUTURE (vs 1-3). * When you look into the future you see that your money means nothing. * It will ultimately burn up. * Knowing your money has a future will help you spend it wisely in the present. * 2) It has a FACE (vs 4-6). * These rich people looked away from those they could bless. * They looked to themselves. * Knowing the faces of the people you can bless with your money will help you spend it wisely on others.

Psalms 127 (11/19/20)

Working For God • November 19, 2020 • Benham Brothers

* Unless you work for God then no amount of work will bring you peace. * Vs 1-5 - sounds like it’s written to a man who’s crazy busy at work and needs to be reminded of the family he’s been entrusted with. * Vs 1-2 talks about how he tirelessly built something. * Vs 3-5 talks about the kids who suffered as a result. * What is God saying through David? * Vs 1a - think about the Tower of Babel - they did a lot of work but it amounted to nothing. * Vs 1b - think of Sodom and Gommorah - no amount of guards could’ve stopped the fire from falling. * Vs 2 - God grants sleep (peace) to those He loves. * Remember - God isn’t just your Father, He’s your Father-in-Law. * If you worked for your Father-in-Law, what would he be pleased with? * He doesn’t want you to try to earn His favor while leaving your wife and kids at home. * Vs 3 - your kids are a reward (when you view them through the proper lens). * ex: diamond from Napoleon to Josephine. * Vs 4-5 - what type of reward? Weapons! * This means we’re supposed to be in a battle. * When you know you’re in a battle you won’t leave your weapons behind!

Ephesians 6:5-9 (11/19/20)

Power of Work in a Pagan World • November 19, 2020 • Benham Brothers