1 Kings 7:21 (6/12/14)

Two Pillars

June 12, 2014 • Benham Brothers

Solomon erected two decorative pillars at the entrance of the temple so everyone would be reminded of God. One pillar was named Jachin, a priest who's name means "God will establish." This pillar was a reminder that God is in control and He will establish His purposes on the earth. The other was named Boaz, David's great grandfather who's name means "In God is strength." This pillar was a reminder that it's not by our strength that we do anything - it's by God's strength! The temple signified God's presence, so if you were going into the temple you had to pass these two pillars. They were a reminder of God establishing Israel as a nation and that it was by His strength it was accomplished. These two represent the bond between king and priest in the establishment of God's kingdom. The king ruled and took dominion and authority in the establishment of his kingdom. The priest represented the heart of God to the people and was the vehicle through which people experienced God's grace and mercy. In the OT they were separate, but in the NT they are one in Jesus - He was the king of kings and the great high priest. Revelation 3 & 6 reveals that now we are kings and priests as well. We take dominion and authority to bring God's kingdom on this earth and we represent God to the world. But we must always remember, it's God's deal to establish it and it's by His strength that we do it.

1 Kings 1:8-10 (5/18/17)

What Attracts You • May 18, 2017 • Benham Brothers

* Notice how Abiathar (bad priest) was attracted to Adonijah (the bad king). * Both guys were seeking a name for themselves. * But Zadok (the good priest), Benaiah (the warrior), and Nathan (the prophet) were all attracted to David (the good king). * The conniving, brand-building, ambitious, self-seeking man refused to hang around those who were faithful to the one true king. * Question - who is attracted to you and who are you attracted to? * All too often we see pastors staying away from certain people because what’s in them doesn’t jive with what’s in the others. * vs 32-25 - it was the prophet, priest, and warrior who made Solomon king! * We need to represent Jesus as king, and the only way to do it is to be like these guys!

1 Kings 1:15 (5/18/17)

Redemption • May 18, 2017 • Benham Brothers

* What do you think of when the name Bathsheba is mentioned? * Now, how about Esther? * Both women ended up in the same spot - in a position to influence the most powerful man on the planet. * Both women got the king moving in the right direction and it positively affected their culture. * This is a picture of God’s redemption - He can make a message out of our mess if we let Him. * Also notice - both women needed someone to get them moving in the right direction. * Esther needed Mordecai and Bathsheba needed Nathan.

1 Kings 1:52 (5/18/17)

Mulligan • May 18, 2017 • Benham Brothers

* This verse shows us the very first words out of Solomon’s mouth. * Two oversvations: * 1) What he DID say: * Essentially, “it’s not my decision to put you to death - it’s yours” (Adonijah) * Solomon was showing mercy and giving Adjonijah a mulligan. * It would be Adonijah’s choice. * 2) What he DID NOT say: * “You have nothing to fear.” * Adonijah had everything to fear, but it would be based on his own behavior. * Solomon’s first act was to show mercy, but he did it in such a way that struck fear in the heart of this man.