1 Kings 3:26 (5/19/16)


May 19, 2016 • Benham Brothers

• 1 Kings 2:2 - David encouraged Solomon to act like a man - this kills the gender debate. • God makes us who we are - we just need to be that person. • So what does a real man do? He relies on God, just as Solomon did when he asked for wisdom. • Solomon's first test to show his wisdom was with two women fighting over a baby. • When the SWORD entered the equation, we see Two Perspectives: • 1) Solomon's perspective - the sword represented discernment. • Solomon needed to distinguish between who was right and who was wrong. • The sword penetrates, pierces, and divides - it reveals the real from the fake. • God's Word is our sword and we must use it to discern good from evil. • 2) The women's perspective - the sword represented death. • One woman grew harder and one woman softer. • The fake mom wanted to kill the baby to appease her selfishness. • The real mom was willing to let go of what she had, whatever the cost. • Look at today - do we use God’s Word? How do people respond to it? • The real from the fake are put to the test - who will stay true whatever the cost?

1 Kings 1:8-10 (5/18/17)

What Attracts You • May 18, 2017 • Benham Brothers

* Notice how Abiathar (bad priest) was attracted to Adonijah (the bad king). * Both guys were seeking a name for themselves. * But Zadok (the good priest), Benaiah (the warrior), and Nathan (the prophet) were all attracted to David (the good king). * The conniving, brand-building, ambitious, self-seeking man refused to hang around those who were faithful to the one true king. * Question - who is attracted to you and who are you attracted to? * All too often we see pastors staying away from certain people because what’s in them doesn’t jive with what’s in the others. * vs 32-25 - it was the prophet, priest, and warrior who made Solomon king! * We need to represent Jesus as king, and the only way to do it is to be like these guys!

1 Kings 1:15 (5/18/17)

Redemption • May 18, 2017 • Benham Brothers

* What do you think of when the name Bathsheba is mentioned? * Now, how about Esther? * Both women ended up in the same spot - in a position to influence the most powerful man on the planet. * Both women got the king moving in the right direction and it positively affected their culture. * This is a picture of God’s redemption - He can make a message out of our mess if we let Him. * Also notice - both women needed someone to get them moving in the right direction. * Esther needed Mordecai and Bathsheba needed Nathan.

1 Kings 1:52 (5/18/17)

Mulligan • May 18, 2017 • Benham Brothers

* This verse shows us the very first words out of Solomon’s mouth. * Two oversvations: * 1) What he DID say: * Essentially, “it’s not my decision to put you to death - it’s yours” (Adonijah) * Solomon was showing mercy and giving Adjonijah a mulligan. * It would be Adonijah’s choice. * 2) What he DID NOT say: * “You have nothing to fear.” * Adonijah had everything to fear, but it would be based on his own behavior. * Solomon’s first act was to show mercy, but he did it in such a way that struck fear in the heart of this man.