Know Your Role

Luke 9:37-48

June 4, 2023 • Rob Mikesic • Luke 9

As Christians, living in a me-centered culture that pursues the advancement of self as the ultimate goal, how are we to be different? What does greatness look like in the eyes of Jesus? Should the greatest goal of our lives be the advancement of oursleves or others?

Tearing the House Down

March 10, 2024 • Bill George • Mark 2:1–12

Engage - Be My Witness - Acts 1:8

February 25, 2024 • Acts 1:8

Are you willing to take a stand andbe a "witness" for Jesus, or would you rather hide your light under the bush? As Christians we are not called to "hide" our light...we are called to "spread" the light.

Thankful to Thanksgiving

November 19, 2023 • Rob Mikesic • Genesis 3:1–13

We rush right from Halloween to Christmas. Take time to be thankful for everything God has given you!