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John May's Testimony and Watchtower Chronology

John May • Ex-Jehovah's Witness Support

Does the leadership of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society seek to know the “truth” or do they sweep the facts under the rug to pursue their own agendas? Listen to this compelling story of why John May, a devoted Jehovah’s Witness, left the Watchtower organization when he discovered the Watchtower's chronology of 607 and 1914 is false.

What Does it Mean to Be Free?

Has religion and the legalistic treadmill of working to please God out of fear and guilt for the ways we don't measure up, causing you to live in bondage and shame? Learn how to be free in a personal relationship with Christ.

Out of the Watchtower into What?

Former Jehovah's Witness Elder Shares His Testimony • David Reed

David Reed - A Former Jehovah's Witness elder shared his experience leaving the Watchtower organization and discusses the most common question one faces upon exiting: "Where Shall We Go?"

Emotional Deliverance

Former Jehovah's Witness Pioneer shares 24 years in the Watchtower • Valerie Acuff

Valerie Acuff - A former Jehovah's Witness shares about her 24 years in the Watchtower and the life recovery process she when through after she left the organization.