Faith In God's Gospel That Saves

November 5, 2023 • Marius Gradwell

Ps Marius Gradwell shared a powerful word this Sunday, which was titled “Faith in God’s Gospel Power that saves us”. Faith does not move the hand of God. Jesus has already moved over 2000 years ago on the cross. Your faith accesses what God has already done for you and presents it to you as a gift. Ps Marius unpacks different outcomes of faith and what salvation means to us in the past, present, and future tense.

Love for the Nations

April 14, 2024 • Edwin Fillies

What is unique in the Christian biblical worldview is that God chooses to work with us and through us, rather than do everything himself. God wants the joy of doing it in partnership with us. Ps Edwin explores what is our part in this? How do we partner with God to advance his kingdom here on earth?

Resurrection Life in Jesus

March 31, 2024 • Louis Els Jr

Jesus, King of My Heart

March 24, 2024 • Marno Jansen

How do you know when someone has changed from a guest to a resident? A guest can feel relaxed in a home but once someone has truly moved in: they are comfortable moving things around, and even throwing some things out. Join Ps Marno Jansen as he explores the question: is Jesus a guest or a resident in your heart?