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June 13, 2021 • Brad and Shelly Foltz

Dr. Tom Wespetal has served since 2001 as professor of theology and exegesis at Evangel Theological Seminary (ETS) in Kiev, Ukraine. ETS (opened in 2000) is a graduate training center for teachers and church leaders for the former Soviet republics. Tom has also traveled and taught at other institutes in Georgia, Belarus, Lithuania, Kazakstan, and at numerous locations in Ukraine and Russia. Tom has created an online master's program in Russian, which gives Russian-speaking students worldwide access to high-quality educational materials. . Tom has completed the writing of a very important book in Russian on baptism for theology students. The book, which is unlike anything available in Russian, does a thorough job of examining the many different positions on baptism from a Biblical perspective.

Dr. Nancy Wespetal directs a medical evangelism outreach called Hope in Action. HIA started in 2002 when Capital Hill AG in Oklahoma City sent a medical trailer to Ukraine. Nancy outfitted the trailer with lab, ultrasound, and EKG, and recruited medical personnel and prayer counselors for the ministry. Nancy also participates in medical evangelism outreaches in Russia in connection with AGAPE ministries and through a free clinic for indigent patients in Moscow. Preaching is part of every outreach done by Hope in Action. The ministry owns a tent that can be erected for gospel services to be held. Local pastors or HIA team members share at the meetings and invite people to Christ. Each patient also has the opportunity to meet with a prayer counselor at the conclusion of their visit, where the gospel is personally explained and an invitation made. After over a year of limited ministry, the Christian Mobile Medical Team in Ukraine has begun to do regular full outreaches despite an upsurge of Covid in the last few months. Every other weekend the team is going out and providing ultrasound, mammography, optometry, blood work, dentistry, doctor's appointments, and the gospel to needy folk in the villages of Ukraine. In addition, they have raised at least half of the money for their new ministry center which already has a foundation, first floor/garage, and walls on the second floor!

Please pray for God to use Tom's writings throughout the Russian-speaking world to help the church rightly divide the scriptures.

Please pray for God's Spirit to be poured out during their outreaches, and for miraculous healings and salvation to take place.

Please pray for all finances to be made available for their building and furnishing the ministry center.
Lastly, pray for two of their Ukrainian missionaries who are battling cancer, Phillip Reed and Judi Ballweber Ruban.

“Thank you so much for being willing to take the time to pray and make the effort to stay on top of our needs!” –Tom and Nancy Wespetal