Reading Isaiah

with Tyler & Steve • April 19, 2016

How do the prophets fit into the storyline of the Bible? Who were they? How should we read the prophets?

A Jealous God

with Tyler & Steve • March 8, 2016

In Exodus 20:5 and 34:7 it seems to say that God punishes the grandchildren for the sins of their grandparents. Is this the case? How does this fit with Deuteronomy 24:16? In Exodus 20:5 it says that God is jealous. How is jealousy a good attribute?

Reading Leviticus

with Tyler & Steve • February 2, 2016

Was God more clear with his people in the Bible than he is now to us? What is some advice for reading Leviticus?


with Tyler & Steve • March 22, 2016

The Canaanite conquest in the book of Joshua seems harsh and brutal. What kind of God would authorize this?

Images of God

with Tyler & Steve • March 15, 2016

Could it be that the image of the cross is an image forbidden by the second commandment? Why is it that Moses can't enter the Promised Land?

Sin That Leads to Death

with Tyler & Steve • January 26, 2016

In I John 5:16-17, what is the sin that leads to death and why should we not pray for it? If Pharaoh killed all the baby boys Moses' age, why are there still so many Hebrew Men of Moses' generation at the Exodus?

God's Name

with Tyler & Steve • January 19, 2016

What is God's name? Why are people hesitant to use it? How did we get 'Jehovah'? In Exodus 4:24-26, who is it that God seeks to kill and why?

Ham Did What?!?

with Tyler, Steve, and JD • January 5, 2016

We tackle questions that arose from our reading of Genesis 1-15. What is the significance of the Tree of Life? What is the 'relief' that Noah brings (5:29)? What did Ham do to Noah (9:22)?

What About Joseph?

with Tyler & Steve • December 1, 2015

There is lots of focus on Mary in the Christmas season (songs, pictures, etc), but what focus should we put on Joseph? How should we think about Mary and Joseph at the Christmas season?

In The World

With Tyler & Steve • November 17, 2015

What level of engagement with those of the world can and should be embraced?

Culture-Bound Commands?

With Tyler & Steve • November 3, 2015

Should we bow in worship? What commands in the New Testament are culture-bound and how do we know? How can we have assurance of salvation in light of Matthew 7:21-23?

Is The Trinity Essential?

with Tyler & Steve • October 20, 2015

How should we respond to the election results? Is it possible to be a Christian and not believe the Trinity?

How Should We Vote?

with Steve & Tyler • October 15, 2015

How should we vote as Christians? In Acts 12, when Peter was released and James was killed, what would you say to James' family when their prayers weren't answered?


with Tyler & Steve • August 17, 2015

What are the plans for TAC's 50th Anniversary? Where do we see racism in Canada? Should churches be segregated by language or not?


With Tyler & Steve • July 14, 2015

If prayer and giving is worship too, why do we do it the way that we do? Why does the Holy Spirit subsequent to conversion in Acts 8 and is this prescriptive?

The Problem With Christianity

with Tyler, Steve & guest Barton Priebe • June 29, 2015

We are joined by our friend and fellow pastor Barton Priebe to discuss his new book The Problem with Christianity. We talks about the 6 big objections to Christian faith that people most commonly express today.

Cold Water

with Tyler & Steve • June 24, 2015

What does it mean to give a cup of cold water in Jesus' name? What parts of a church service are 'worship'? Thoughts on the differing reactions to Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal situations.

Don't Shoot The Sheep

With Tyler & Steve • June 8, 2015

Were Ananias & Sapphira true believers? What does it mean if they were or if they were not? Does the NT picture of God differ from the OT picture of God? What does this passage teach us about the Holy Spirit?

In The Crawlspace

With Tyler & Steve • June 1, 2015

How would life change if we deeply believed the sovereignty of God? When do we know the Spirit is prompting us? How do we "make our calling and election sure"?

We Miss You Paul

With Tyler & Steve • May 19, 2015

What does it mean by "the prayers" in Acts 2:42? How are the Sadducees different from the Pharisees and other groups? How can we share the exclusive message of Jesus in a culture that so deeply values tolerance?

Living Sent

With Tyler & Steve • May 11, 2015

Can or does God heal miraculously today like in Acts 3? Why are Elders to pray for the sick in James 5? How can we live 'Sent' lives?