Calm Warnings Before Stormy Seasons

Isaiah 3:8-13

October 27, 2020 • Jeff Lyle

The history of God’s people reveals that, before they encounter strong correction from the hand of God, they receive from Him multiple warnings. God never “flies off the handle.” God is not an erratic Father who unpredictably loses His temper. When the time comes for God to correct His children, He usually issues many calm warnings before unleashing the stormy season that is meant to bring them to repentance. This message shows how God told His children what He was about to do because of their rebellion. Their proud sin had reached its tipping point, and God was soon to send a storm into their lives to bring His straying children back to Him. The Church today is wise to recognize this mode of operation from the Lord. Do we hear His warnings to us and our own nation? Do we presume that we will be the exception to God’s ways, and that He will not send storms to correct us? May the listener evaluate his or her own heart, and may we all be moved to pray for our nation as we discern that we are equally guilty of the very same sins for which God judged His people long ago. His warnings are present. The storm is still future. But the gap between the warnings and the storm of correction is shrinking.

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Restore Us, O God!

June 15, 2021 • Jeff Lyle

"Frequently, God will move in a generation of His people to bring them to a deep level of truth and repentance. Before God releases a fresh move of the Spirit, He first moves within His own people to acknowledge their deep need for His presence and power. What does it look like when God has determined to restore His people to Himself? He stirs internal hunger. He exposes an unhealthy tolerance for sin. He reveals the apathy of our hearts toward His Kingdom. Then…He places His love, grace and mercy on full display until we can no longer resist His call for us to return home to Him. This message walks us through a time of generational restoration to God. We are in need of such a move in this present hour."

Remaining Committed To Love

June 8, 2021 • Jeff Lyle

“The Bible teaches the unconditional love of God for people. That is not to say that people are unconditionally accepted by God, but His love is simply offered because it is who He is in His nature. Not as easily received is the truth that God’s children are to love others in this same way. Jesus taught that we are to intentionally love those around us without conditions. He even tells us to press in to loving our very enemies. Of all that Jesus taught, this may be the hardest for us to embrace. We are to love all others just as we ourselves are loved by God. This message unpacks this teaching from the King and exposes how often we fall short of His command to love. How will we ever arrive to this level? By trusting in the One who will pour His love through us."

The Desire & Destiny Of Satan

June 1, 2021 • Jeff Lyle

Many people understand and believe in a literal devil. the Bible teaches that he exists. Jesus was fully aware of the reality of Satan and He battled Satan in the wilderness. But where did the devil come from? How did he become what he is today? This message unpacks one of the rare Old Testament passages that serves to reveal to us how Lucifer, a once-glorious angel in Heaven, became Satan, the evil dragon whom God cast out of Heaven and destined for destruction. If you know your enemy, you are better equipped to defeat him. Here is the story that the devil hates to be told.