Truth Shots

Bored With Jesus

Mark 6:1-13 • February 16, 2021 • Jeff Lyle

Jesus was accomplishing mind-blowing works that were stunning the people. Yet, when He revisited His own hometown of Nazareth, the people were not impressed with Jesus. In fact, they were offended at Him because they chose to view Jesus through natural eyes that had watched Him grow up there among them in previous years. Because they viewed Him as common and ordinary, Nazareth experienced absolutely nothing supernatural from Jesus. In fact, Jesus actually walked away from them and never returned. What can we learn today from the offer of Jesus and the failure of Nazareth to receive it? When we are bored with Jesus, when we get used to His name, His story, His ways and His teachings, we can risk taking up offense with Him, minimizing how much we need Him, downgrading what He does for others, and missing out on all that He wants to do for us. This message calls us to protect our awe of the King.

Hard Hearts Vs. Slow Hearts

Mark 8:11-21 • February 9, 2021 • Jeff Lyle

There is a gift of the Holy Spirit that is simply called “faith”. Paul writes briefly about it to both the Romans and the Corinthians. Faith is a growing work of God in the lives of all Jesus-followers. As we learn of Him and become more like Him, our faith-muscle will grow. We are to be maturing in our ability to believe and trust the Lord. In this message we see the differences between refusing to believe, being slow to believe, and then growing in our ability to believe and trust as we follow Him in days of challenge. If you struggle in the area of living by surrendered faith and trust in God, do not fear. As long as your heart is not hard, Jesus will not reject you for being slow to believe. He bears with us, challenges us and then empowers us to grow in our ability to have hearts that are growing in fuller trust. He is working in you for that goal even now.

Positioning Yourself For Revival

James 4:6-10 • January 7, 2021 • Jeff Lyle

All Christians would vote YES for revival to break out. We all want to see powerful conversions from spiritual death to eternal life. We want to witness an awakening sweep across a dull and dusty Church in America. We believe in healings and miracles…but we don’t see nearly enough of either one of these beautiful manifestations of the power of God. Who among us would not want to operate in a daily, uninterrupted flow of Holy Spirit power that sets people free from their strongholds and demonic oppression? What about Christians forsaking all and committing to take the Gospel to the farthest and darkest places on earth? Yes, we all desire revival. But true revival is not cheap. This message helps us as individual believers to know how to prepare our own hearts for the revival that God will send.

How God Brings Us Back

Hosea Chapters 2-5 • January 26, 2021 • Jeff Lyle

There is a deep commitment in God’s heart to continually draw His own people back to Himself. It is no secret that, on our own, we are prone to wander and quick to drift away from God’s ways. Our love can grow dim. When we drift or grow dim, we tend to look to other places to satisfy our spiritual hungers. Sadly, we learn the hard lesson that only God can satisfy those desires. When we refuse to listen to His call to return back to Him, He comes after us. This message reveals the great lengths that God goes to in order to bring His straying children home.

How God Uses Closed Doors

Acts 16:6-10 • January 19, 2021 • Jeff Lyle

You haven’t been a Christian very long before you encounter your first door that God refuses to open. When we talk about open doors and closed doors in the Kingdom, we are usually referring to our desire to step into something and, as we attempt to do so, we discover if God is saying Yes or saying No to us. These are important moments for all Jesus-followers because they reveal so much about where we are in our own hearts with the Lord. The Apsotle Paul had a massive calling to pioneer the Gospel in his day. He lived to take the message of Jesus to places where nobody had gone before. Sounds like a tremendous ministry, right? Yet, this message reveals that Paul was met frequently with closed doors…with the answer No from God. We can learn much about how God powerfully uses closed doors in our lives. When we cannot go where we want to go, when we cannot leave where we want to leave, when we cannot receive that which our hearts long for, we cannot give what we powerfully desire to release…these are closed doors that God uses to fulfill His master plan for our lives.

Becoming Convinced That God Cares

Psalm 23 • January 12, 2021 • Jeff Lyle

To believe that He is a caring God is one thing. To believe that He is a God who cares personally for you is another. In a world full of problems, pain and poison, how can we daily live with the confidence that God truly cares for us? This message revisits the timeless words of the 23rd Psalm to walk us through the determined communication from God that He personally chose to reassure us time and again that we are loved and cared for by Him. This care for us is seen - not in the absence of our trouble - but in His unwavering promise to accompany us in our trouble and deliver us out of our trouble. He is the God who cares for you, no matter whatever else life may be communicating to you.

Keeping The Bite In The Bark

Isaiah 56:9-12 • January 5, 2021 • Jeff Lyle

There is a longstanding strand of Kingdom DNA that has come fully unraveled in the modern Church. God's people have always been called to maintain a distinction from the corrupt cultures in which they live. As citizens of an entirely different Kingdom, we are to reflect the priorities, beliefs and pursuits of the Heavenly realm. To keep us in generational awareness of this call to live consecrated to God, there have always been voices which He has raised to communicate this essential calling. When those voices fade or fail, that generation will inevitably lose its way. In ancient Israel, God brought a strong indictment against those whom He had appointed to be the watching eyes and warning voices of a generation. When spiritual watchmen sleep and Kingdom watchdogs refuse to bark, evil creeps in. God is not content to allow this to happen without sounding a wakeup alarm. Our generation, soaked in political correctness, needs to heed this ancient message from God to Israel. If the Church presses the mute button on herself, refusing to speak the hard messages, evil will continue to creed in and take many captive. We are called to keep the bite in our bark.

The Call To Honor Others

John 13:1-7 • December 29, 2020 • Jeff Lyle

When Jesus assumed the role of the lowest household servant by washing the feet of the disciples, He left us an example. He told the disciples that they could not comprehend in the moment what exactly He was doing when He washed their feet. He told them that they would understand later as they followed His example by showing honor to each other. What does Jesus want us to learn about humility, serving others and showing honor to each other? How do we wash each other’s feet today? When we take the time to consider in depth the great differences between the disciples whose feet Jesus washed that day, we can understand the richness of His call for us to show honor to one another - especially those who are very different from us in the Body of Christ. God honors those who honor others. At some point, He will call us to show honor to those with whom we have great differences. This message shows us what that looks like.

What Winning Looks Like

Galatians 5:16-25 • December 8, 2020 • Jeff Lyle

Christians are constantly being saved. Most of us define salvation as that act whereby God declares us no longer guilty for our sins after we have placed our faith in Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Yet, that is only the beginning of salvation. That moment of faith in Jesus seals our justification, but salvation is also seen in the acts of sanctification and glorification. Justification is the beginning and glorification is the final destination. But what about sanctification? God is saving all of us every day from the power of sin. He is delivering us from the fallen ways of humanity. He is crushing the enemy’s power in our lives. He is making us more like Jesus through the activity of the Holy Spirit. This message focuses on the differences between those walking in their flesh versus those walking in the Spirit. If our justification has truly taken place, our sanctification will surely follow. Sanctification is the evidence of what winning looks like for the followers of Jesus.

For The Spiritually Suffocating

Psalm 86 • November 29, 2020 • Jeff Lyle

If you ask me what I believe is the #1 key requirement for spiritual victory, I would answer quickly that it is desperation. We must remain in a spiritual state of longing for God’s presence, wisdom and power. We are wired in both the body and the spirit to pursue that for which are the most hungry. We pursue what we desire. For this reason, we must cooperate with Holy Spirit to long for nearness with Abba Father. The words in this Psalm are a beautiful example of what it looks like to press in to the Lord to know Him and experience His goodness. When we are desperate for Him, we will eventually leave off from anything lesser and make knowing Him our greatest pursuit. When we pursue God, we discover the riches of His greatness and the thrill of revelation in learning who He discloses Himself to be. If you feel like you are spiritually suffocating under the stale air of emptiness, then the words from this Psalm will help you breathe again in the presence of the One who most loves you.

Can A True Christian Live In Sin?

1 John 3:1-10 • November 24, 2020 • Jeff Lyle

The great debate on whether or not a true Christian can sin their way out of salvation will likely continue until the return of Jesus to earth. For nearly the entire history of the Church, people who equally love Jesus have disagreed on this issue. What is clear in Scripture is that there can be no reasonable expectation of entering Heaven for those who live their lives in unbroken patterns of sin. But the question remains, “Do those who profess Christ lose their salvation by sinning or do those who profess Christ, and yet practice habitual sin, ever possess salvation in the first place? Well, the answer must be determined by what the whole of Scripture teaches. This message offers us some of the most important verses on this frequently debated issue.

People Get Ready

Joshua 3:1-7 • November 17, 2020 • Jeff Lyle

God makes us wait…and we need to accept that as reality. Yet, when God determines to move, He calls us to be ready in a moment’s notice. The Book of Joshua is a beautiful narrative about what it means for God’s people to step into the fullness of their inheritance. When the waiting season ends, the warring season begins. From the details of this passage of Scripture we can learn so much about what it looks like when God raises up an individual to step into destiny. Additionally, everyone has a role to play in the plan of God and we need to understand what He requires of us. This message will unveil four requirements that find us in the season where God calls us forth to be ready to move into all that He has for us.

Walking Through Kingdom Doors

Joshua 1:1-11 • November 10, 2020 • Jeff Lyle

We hear many sermons on our need to be good stewards of the money God gives us. We also hear messages on the importance of stewarding the time He gives us along with the spiritual gifts & natural abilities given to us by God. Not as frequently do we hear the preachers call us to be good stewards of all the opportunities which God presents to us. Yes, God is still opening doors of purpose for us. He is still calling us to step though those doors by faith. This message from the life of Joshua connects his calling, purpose and opportunity from God with our own lives today. In these verses, we find the essential elements to recognizing an opportunity from God, remembering all that He has said to us in the past, and then taking trusting steps to walk through those kingdom doors into those things which He purposes for us.

Killing The Hostility

Ephesians 2:1-19 • November 3, 2020 • Jeff Lyle

The very essence of what it means to be saved can be summarized by saying, “God, through the sacrifice of Jesus, graciously and permanently removed the hostility between us and Him.” What an immeasurable gift it is to have all of our sins forgiven and to be welcomed into the life of God. Is it any wonder then that God expects us to live in that same way with all others? We are to refuse the presence of hostility in our hearts toward others. As our culture is promoting division, outrage, lovelessness and hostility, the followers of Christ are to live intentionally in such a way that we are killing hostility anywhere we are able. This message from Ephesians shows us why we must kill hostility in our hearts and how God empowers us to accomplish this. Our commitment to biblical, Gospel-centered kindness to others will magnify Jesus to a lost and hostile culture that expects the Christian to be no different than others. But for this to happen, we must learn to kill the hostility.

Calm Warnings Before Stormy Seasons

Isaiah 3:8-13 • October 27, 2020 • Jeff Lyle

The history of God’s people reveals that, before they encounter strong correction from the hand of God, they receive from Him multiple warnings. God never “flies off the handle.” God is not an erratic Father who unpredictably loses His temper. When the time comes for God to correct His children, He usually issues many calm warnings before unleashing the stormy season that is meant to bring them to repentance. This message shows how God told His children what He was about to do because of their rebellion. Their proud sin had reached its tipping point, and God was soon to send a storm into their lives to bring His straying children back to Him. The Church today is wise to recognize this mode of operation from the Lord. Do we hear His warnings to us and our own nation? Do we presume that we will be the exception to God’s ways, and that He will not send storms to correct us? May the listener evaluate his or her own heart, and may we all be moved to pray for our nation as we discern that we are equally guilty of the very same sins for which God judged His people long ago. His warnings are present. The storm is still future. But the gap between the warnings and the storm of correction is shrinking.