Truth Shots

Tradition Vs. Power

September 21, 2021 • Jeff Lyle • Luke 11:14–26

On one occasion, Jesus cast a demon out of a man and it led to a debate about whose power Jesus was operating under. The religious crowd accused Jesus of using Satan’s power to cast out demons. Others demanded further proof beyond His casting out demons. Jesus, instead of walking away from His detractors, used this opportunity to teach about the dynamics of demonic possession and what is required to set people free from them. Demons are real and they are fully active in the present day. How can we defeat them? Does it require traditions, disciplines or counseling? Well, you may be surprised that none of those things intimidate a demon. There is only one thing to which they respond: the power and authority of Christ in us. This message highlights why Jesus says this is true.

He Comes Back For War

September 14, 2021 • Jeff Lyle • Revelation 19:11–16

If there is one thing that should be received as absolutely true it is this: This planet is not ready for the return of Jesus Christ. Many Christians are ignorant of what the Bible declares about the Second Coming. The Jesus we see in the Gospels at His first coming acted as One who is merciful, gracious, kind and patient. He laid down His life and allowed His enemies to reject and crucify Him. When He. Comes the second time to earth…it will be nothing like the first time. King Jesus is coming back to make war. Most people are not living as though they believe this indisputable bible fact. This message harnesses what John saw in Revelation 19. It serves as a dire warning to all who have not yet surrendered to the King of kings. For those who have already trusted Jesus and confessed Him as Lord, this message reminds us of the destiny He has secured for all of us.

Listen To The Holy Spirit

September 7, 2021 • Jeff Lyle • 2 Corinthians 8:9, Isaiah 53:2–3, 1 Corinthians 1:24–30, Colossians 2:2–3, Ecclesiastes 9:14–18

God the Spirit brings you into the faith. Nobody gets saved and delivered from sin apart from the advance work of Holy Spirit in our hearts. When we trust Christ, the Spirit of God begins to live in us and transform us. He sets us free from the grip of the enemy and brings us into the family of God. He delivers us from destruction Yes, we are all led by the Spirit into our salvation…but do we listen to Him after we are saved? The voice of Holy Spirit is to be learned, discerned and obeyed. There is a passage in the book of Ecclesiastes that uses some enlightening human imagery that drives home to us all the importance of our continuing to listen to Holy Spirit after He delivers us from the enemy. To stop listening to the Spirit is to welcome our own downfall. To learn His leadership and to value His voice is what leads us to victories and breakthroughs.

Life That Cannot Satisfy

August 31, 2021 • Jeff Lyle • Ecclesiastes 2:1–11

How do you believe you would feel if you were empowered to experience and seek satisfaction in every possible available human pleasure? Seriously, what if you had all the money and all the material possessions that you desired? If you could enjoy the finest wines, the most amazing entertainment, the strongest sensual pleasures available on earth - do you think you could live happily? If your name was globally famous and your intellectual abilities beyond comparison - do you believe that your soul would be fulfilled? There was a man named Solomon who conducted a long experiment in his life to see if these things would satisfy his own soul. While he did not deny the pleasure he experienced, he leaves us all with the startling results that revealed that he actually became less satisfied with life when he chose to live for his own pleasures. This message calls us to consider Solomon’s failed experiment and how we ourselves can profit from what he learned.

Evidence Of True Salvation

August 24, 2021 • Jeff Lyle • 1 John 1:5–7, 1 John 2:3–17, 1 John 3:6–19, 1 John 5:4

For close to 100 years, easy-believism has plagued the American Church. In a zeal for evangelistic results, somebody reduced the message of biblical salvation to a prayer that is to be repeated by a person in order to go to Heaven when they die. None of us know just how many people have been led to pray a religious prayer to invite Jesus into their hearts…but have never repented of their sins and bowed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The result? Countless people who have a fondness for Jesus but have come up short of a transformational relationship with Him. The Book of First John can be startling as we read it because it gives us several diagnostic tools to determine whether or not we have been truly born again. This message walks us through these truths so that we can discern in our own lives if we have the evidence of true salvation.

Can We Lose Our Salvation?

August 17, 2021 • Jeff Lyle • Ephesians 4:30, John 6:37–40, John 10:25–30, John 17:10–12, Philippians 1:6

One of the longest debated questions in Scripture is whether or not eternal life is…well…eternal. Does the Bible teach that a truly saved person can somehow lose that salvation? Can a person who says they trust Jesus as Lord live in unbroken patterns of sin? If someone renounces Christ after initially accepting Him go to Heaven when they die? If a true Christian can forfeit eternal life, what sin causes that - or what amount of sins? Does the Bible say? These are important issues worthy of our examination. This message gives us plenty of scripture to consider when seeking to answer the question, “Can we lose our salvation?"

Your Road To Breakthrough

August 10, 2021 • Jeff Lyle • Isaiah 51:1–8

When God brings a person’s mind into wisdom and revelation, He has won that person to Himself forever. An ancient passage of Scripture holds some extremely relevant guidance for today’s Christian pertaining how we step into spiritual breakthrough and continue there. So much of the Christian life hinges on how we think. Listening, believing and responding to God’s ways and words result in powerfully transformed lives that are no longer enslaved to what is happening in this world. We are able to rise above and triumph over anything which life throws at us. This is not some religious self-help rah-rah message. This is a message grounded in ancient truth that welcomes God to capture and hold our attention for breakthrough. If you seem to always be waiting on Kingdom breakthrough and not actually experiencing it, these ancient verses may hold the key for you.

A Beautiful Invitation

August 3, 2021 • Jeff Lyle • Matthew 11:28–30

Stretched. Tired. Frazzled. Worn out. Beaten, Bruised. Broken. Sound familiar? This life can weigh us down with countless pains, losses and burdens. This is not a new thing. The human experience has always carried heaviness. When Jesus went to the masses in His day, He did not pretend that their lives were easy. Even His own followers would nod their heads when He mentioned the weariness of life to them. Yet, in the midst of all that might stretch us thin and wear us down, there is a beautiful invitation from Jesus. This message unpacks the simple call from the son of God to everyone who wonders if they can make it another day. Jesus is no distant King. He steps up to us in the midst of our heavy struggles and invites us with the relieving summons, “Come to Me."

Remaining Ready For The Return

July 27, 2021 • Jeff Lyle • 1 Thessalonians 5:1–11

The subject of the return of Jesus Christ to earth intrigues all Christians and even provokes the curiosity of non-Christians. Because the mission of the New Testament Church is to prepare the world for the Second Coming of Jesus, we who follow Him should be eager to understand all that is said about His return. What if I told you that this subject, perhaps more than any other in the Bible, must properly affect our normal day-to-day lives. In this message, the Apostle Paul shares with us how we can be prepared as individuals for the tings which immediately precede the return of Jesus to earth. These verses are willed with wisdom, warning and deep comfort as we consider what is toga-pen just before Jesus comes back. Our lives can be aligned accordingly so that we are fully prepared for this monumental future event.

When God Goes After A Soul

July 13, 2021 • Jeff Lyle • Acts 8:26–40

Nobody gets into Heaven apart from personally, intentionally surrendering to Jesus Christ as Lord. In this sense, sinners are saved through their own personal faith. Yet, it is also true that nobody gets into Heaven apart from God sovereignly initiating, continuing and completing their salvation by His grace. Remove sovereign grace, there will be no salvation. Remove personal faith, there will be no salvation. So, what does it look like when God goes after a soul? This message spotlights the testimony of one man who desired to know God and His truth. The visible means by which God brought this man to Himself help us to discern what saving love in action looks like. May we worship God for His sovereign grace, and may we also be sobered to recognize that God uses human commitment to accomplish His divine plan.

Emerging Indicators At The End Of The Age

July 20, 2021 • Jeff Lyle • Matthew 24:1–14

World events are playing out right before our eyes in a manner that is perfectly aligned with biblical prophecy. Long ago, a group of His followers asked Jesus what people should be looking for in the season where Jesus would establish His Kingdom on earth. Jesus answered them in a way that they could not have expected. His words in this passage of Scripture help us to see that the very things which Jesus prophesied are building in their fulfillment in this present generation. The upheavals on earth are growing more intense and more frequent. Jesus wants His followers to recognize the indicators and prepare. It is clear that the hour of His return is close at hand. Skeptical? Listen to this message and ask yourself if it is not time for you to spiritually sober up and get ready.

Courage Under Fire

July 6, 2021 • Jeff Lyle • Nehemiah 4:4–14

When God calls an individual or a people to a Kingdom mission, it is always the case that the enemy will oppose the work. Satan hates Kingdom advancement, and he is a committed foe as he seeks to undermine whatever God’s people are doing for the glory of God. Relentlessly, the enemy uses any means available to bring a halt to the work. He seeks to intimidate, debilitate and frustrate the people and the mission. In this message, we see two humans who are raised up to oppose the mission of Nehemiah. From their tactics we are made aware of how our enemy fights us today. From Nehemiah’s response to the opposition, we learn how to resist, respond and endure until the work is completed. When the enemy fights you, it is not game-over. It’s game-on. And God has determined a breakthrough for you. Whoever chooses not to quit is the one who wins.

The Demonic Strategy Behind Abortion

June 29, 2021 • Jeff Lyle • 2 Kings 23:10, Leviticus 18:21

When the story of planet earth and its inhabitants comes to an end, all the strategies of Satan and the demonic realm will be fully and forever exposed. Each redeemed saint of God will bet made aware of any and all lies we believed while we were alive on earth. Though we will be forgiven and justified before Holy God, we will, no about, be brokenhearted about the lies we believed. Chief among those demonic lies will be the notion that abortion was a debatable issue. From God’s perspective, there is no fog surrounding the issue of abortion. God Himself speaks His position concerning innocent life in the womb. It is Satan and his host of demons that has planted the lie that abortion is permitted by God. This message takes us through the clear teaching of Scripture concerning the damnable practice of abortion. This is not a political issue. This is a moral issue from which the Church in America has departed and sided, in many instances, with the demonic strategy to exterminate life that God has ordained. Christians should listen carefully, inspect their own position on the issue of abortion, and immediately align with the heart of God.

Crushing The Spirit Of Offense

June 22, 2021 • Jeff Lyle • 2 Samuel 16:5–14

Who among us has not known what it is to become the target of someone’s intentional attempts to verbally wound us? Whereas the old children’s saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” may be popular, it could not be farther from the truth. The impact of someone’s verbal assault against us can potentially remain in our memories for decades. Our identities can take severe blows and become misshapen if we put stock in foul things spoken over our lives. Satan traffics in accusation and, if we do not walk in the Spirit, we might become one who speaks his words over others, or one who believe what others have spoken wickedly over us. This message teaches us from the life of King David what it means to overcome days of slander and shaming. It is impossible to always dodge the sinful words of others against us, but it is entirely possible to live free from having perpetually offended hearts. David helps us to see how this refusal of living offended looks in live action.

Restore Us, O God!

June 15, 2021 • Jeff Lyle • Isaiah 64:1–9

"Frequently, God will move in a generation of His people to bring them to a deep level of truth and repentance. Before God releases a fresh move of the Spirit, He first moves within His own people to acknowledge their deep need for His presence and power. What does it look like when God has determined to restore His people to Himself? He stirs internal hunger. He exposes an unhealthy tolerance for sin. He reveals the apathy of our hearts toward His Kingdom. Then…He places His love, grace and mercy on full display until we can no longer resist His call for us to return home to Him. This message walks us through a time of generational restoration to God. We are in need of such a move in this present hour."