The Gospel of Luke

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The Difference Jesus Makes Part 3

Luke 5:4-32 • October 1, 2020 • Bill Gehm

If the Lord called you to leave your financial security for His purpose, would you do it? The lure of money is tempting, but worldly riches are also fleeting, and in the end, unfulfilling. In today’s message, Pastor Bill will teach about Jesus’ call of the disciples, how obedient they were to the Lord and some of the many miracles that followed. Could you be missing out on the Lord’s plan for your life because you’d rather live in comfort? There are many blessings that come with living a life of obedience to the Lord.

The Difference Jesus Makes Part 2

Luke 5:4-32 • September 30, 2020 • Bill Gehm

Jesus’ authority is so great that He can heal even the worst of uncurable diseases and wayward hearts. He shows His healing power throughout the scripture passage today. The healing of the leper was more shocking back then because of the stigma that surrounded anyone who was infected. Pastor Bill will remind you today that the God who performed miracles two thousand years ago is the same God who will heal your heart and save your soul today. Are you ready to commit your life to following Him?

The Difference Jesus Makes Part 1

Luke 5:4-32 • September 29, 2020 • Bill Gehm

There’s a difference between knowing about Jesus and really knowing who He is… When you really know Jesus, you’re changed from the inside out. There’s a transformation that takes place and you’re never the same again. Only God can do that. In today’s message, Pastor Bill will remind you of the truth found in the word of God. We’re not to pick and choose parts of the bible we want to believe, it’s all God breathed. Have you experienced who Jesus is through the reading of the word?

Jesus Boat Part 2

Luke 5:1-12 • September 28, 2020 • Bill Gehm

Have you resisted the Lord’s call on your life because what he’s calling you to do seems too “out there” or “impractical”? When Jesus called the disciples to be fishers of men, it certainly wasn’t convenient for them to drop their nets and follow Jesus. In today’s message Pastor Bill will encourage you to take the path less traveled. It may seem tough in the moment, but there’s also blessings that come when you’re in the Lord’s will. What’s keeping you from obeying His call in your life?

Jesus Boat Part 1

Luke 5:1-12 • September 25, 2020 • Bill Gehm

The ordinary daily grind can get old, right? Monotonous work that doesn’t lead to much fruit is frustrating to say the least. Well, today you’ll hear how Jesus gave a powerful message to an ordinary group of guys. Not only did Jesus provide fish to be caught after an uneventful day of fishing, but He called Simon and his friends to be fishers of men. In today’s message, Pastor Bill will urge you listen to the Lord’s call on your life. The Lord’s not waiting for you to get your act together, He calls regular, everyday folks like us to share the good news.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity Part 2

Luke 4_14-44 • September 24, 2020 • Bill Gehm

Encourage your brothers and sisters in their walk with Christ! In today's message from Pastor Bill, he teaches you to be sure to exhort others in their relationship with Jesus. Just because people go to church, doesn't mean that their walk with God is going well. Pastor Bill encourages you, to regularly check in with yourself and others to hold your relationship with the Lord accountable. Sometimes it can become easy to harden yourself to sin. Surround yourself with a godly and encouraging community.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity Part 1

Luke 4_14-44 • September 23, 2020 • Bill Gehm

Jesus goes where He is welcomed! As you listen to today's message from Pastor Bill, he teaches you that Jesus will not push Himself on anyone. He will come to the door of your heart and knock. However, if you do not want to receive Him, He will not make you. Jesus will have a relationship with anyone who desires to have one with Him. Pastor Bill encourages you, to not put off receiving Him as your Lord and Savior. Welcome Him into your life and heart today. Today is the day for your salvation.

Rejection at Home Part 3

Luke 4_14-31 • September 22, 2020 • Bill Gehm

Don't forget to invite Jesus into your life! Today, you learn from Pastor Bill's message to be careful to not become so familiar with Jesus that you neglect meeting with Him. Your relationship with Jesus is important and it's vital that you remember to connect with Him daily. Pastor Bill encourages you, to keep regularly attending your local church. Invite Jesus into your home and relationships. Jesus is not a distant Savior. He is a personal God, who desires to connect with each and every day.

Rejection at Home Part 2

Luke 4_14-31 • September 22, 2020 • Bill Gehm

Are you blinded to who Jesus truly is? In today's message from Pastor Bill, he teaches you that the people in Jesus' day quickly rejected Him because they were too familiar with Him. They knew Him from when He was a kid, they knew His father, and where He lived. Even though they went to the Synagogue and studied the Scriptures, they still didn't see Jesus as their Messiah. Pastor Bill explains, that this can happen today. You can study the Bible and still not know Jesus. Don't miss out on knowing who Jesus is!

Rejection at Home Part 1

Luke 4_14-31 • September 18, 2020 • Bill Gehm

Just because you have grown up in a church, doesn't necessarily mean you know Christ. As you listen to today's message from Pastor Bill, he teaches you that sometimes people can be so familiar with Jesus, that they never really understand who He is. Pastor Bill explains, that religion is not the same thing as a personal relationship. He encourages you to seek an intimate relationship with the Lord. To know Him as your Savior, Lord, Master, and Friend. Seek to know and understand Jesus.

How to Beat the Devil Part 2

Luke 3 • September 17, 2020 • Bill Gehm

How do you beat the Devil? In today's message from Pastor Bill, he teaches you that the enemy is out to steal, kill, and destroy. The enemy is like a lion looking for someone to devour. However, Pastor Bill explains that there are three things needed to beat the devil's schemes. When you feel attacked, quickly go to the throne of grace, ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and use the Word of God. These three things will help you triumph over any attack the enemy sends your way. God is your ever- present help!

How to Beat the Devil Part 1

Luke 3 • September 16, 2020 • Bill Gehm

Do you make fasting a spiritual discipline within your life? As you listen to today's message from Pastor Bill, he teaches you about fasting. Fasting is working on the ability of saying “no” to the flesh and instead drawing near to the Lord. Pastor Bill encourages you, that when you can say “no” to your stomach, you can say “no” to anything. Fasting is a way of re-aligning your priorities and making sure that your relationship with God comes first! Consider a time this month that you could fast unto the Lord.

A Weird Preacher Part 2

Luke 3_1-23 • September 15, 2020 • Bill Gehm

How can people tell if you have a relationship with the Lord? In today's message from Pastor Bill, he teaches you that one of the ways people can tell if you belong to the Lord, is through your generosity. You will want to share your resources with others. You won't hoard all of your belongings to yourself, but you will give generously to others. Pastor Bill encourages you, to see all the ways that the Lord has blessed you and to extend blessings to others. Generosity is a fruit of repentance and knowing Christ.

A Weird Preacher Part 1

Luke 3_1-23 • September 14, 2020 • Bill Gehm

Baptism is a special proclamation! As you listen to today's message from Pastor Bill, he teaches you that John the Baptist baptized to prepare people for the coming Christ. Today, you get baptized because Christ has already come. In Biblical times they did it to get ready for salvation. Today, you do it because you are saved. Pastor Bill explains that no matter what, baptism is a declaration unto the Lord that you belong to Him. Jesus is your mighty Savior and deliverer and you do the act of baptism unto Him.

His Name was Called Jesus! Part 3

Luke 2:1-20 • September 11, 2020 • Bill Gehm

Sometimes the waves and trials of this life, can take the spiritual wind out of you. Today, you learn from Pastor Bill to not lose your faith and your relationship with Jesus in the midst of hard seasons. If you feel like you've lost your hope and don't feel as close as you once did with Jesus, return to Him. Pastor Bill encourages you, to return to your first love in Christ. Jesus is always present and waiting for you with open arms. No matter how far you've drifted, Jesus is your anchor. Come back to Him.