Episode 4: Joy

December 20, 2021 • Kelley Weber

God speaks to us in the silence, may our ears and hearts be attuned to the language of God. I consent to the Holy Spirit’s leading. I breathe in the presence of the One who is Joy. I breathe out and know I am loved. (12 seconds) I remember my day. My eyes first opening. The sounds of morning. I am grateful. (20 sec) I think of the people in my life today. Think of the moments my life intersected with theirs. (20 sec) I remember the food I ate. I think of the ways I used and took care of my body. (20 sec) I remember the work I accomplished. The labor I strained under. (20 sec) I scan my day and remember the feelings that passed through me today. (20 sec) God of my day, reveal to me a moment that you were closest to me today. Where I felt your hand in mine. Where I felt your nudge towards another person or your words on my lips. Where I felt your presence in the comfort of a loved one or a stranger. (20 sec) Revealer of Truth, show me a moment today where I walked past you. Where I ignored your call. Where I chose my own comfort over you. (20 sec) Teach me Lord. Teach me the wisdom of noticing the small things. What moment today do you want me to choose to learn from, or just simply to notice, to acknowledge. (6 sec) In the bigger story of my life, help me to see the small moments of today as the holy moments leading towards tomorrow. (20 sec) Show me Lord. Show me how to live in the posture of Christ tomorrow. I set an intention now to live with gratitude, with servanthood, with curiosity and joy. Show me. Make me aware so that I don’t miss a moment of what you offer me each and every day. (10 sec) Amen.

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Episode 8: Value of Others

January 24, 2022 • Kelley Weber

God of Abraham, Who sustains us through relationship over rightness, Through covenant over correctness. We ask that you speak in and through your church. Teach us to love what you love. Make us mediators of your light to the world. Not the easy light of Sunday school songs, But the radical light of redress and recompense. May the dungeon’s doors be cast wide open and those seasoned fears, those generational wounds Be tended to with our very lives. Teach us to be a community of forgiveness, that draws Endlessly from your love until we learn That we are all, in fact, the other - all of us grasping For love in wrong places. Teach us to reach for one another because the value of the other Is that it is in the other, that we find You. Amen

Episode 7: Forgiveness

January 17, 2022 • Kelley Weber

Dear Lord, we ask that you make us aware of anything we are holding on to that is keeping us stuck regarding this person. It may be small or large, it may be hidden or it may be obvious. Gently, bring to mind what we need to let go of, what we need to forgive.

Episode 6: Disagreements

January 10, 2022 • Kelley Weber