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The Gathering exists to create a Christian community that is compelling for new generations of people. It is our mission to invite people to become deeply committed followers of Christ. Through the Gathering app, you will be able to engage in the mission, vision and shared practices of the Gathering wherever you find yourself. The app allows you to: - View, listen to and interact with the SERMONS - Listen to the latest MUSIC being created and sung - Discover or Host a COREGROUP that fits your needs and schedule. - Integrate PRAYER into your daily routine - Practice GENEROSITY through online giving - Find ways to SERVE in our church - Commit yourself to reading the BIBLE consistently - STAY UPDATED on the latest happenings within the Gathering Becoming a follower of Jesus is directly related to our commitment to do the things Jesus did. The Gathering app is designed to provide RESOURCES, COACHING and ENCOURAGEMENT surrounding our shared practices of Worship, Groups, Prayer, Giving and Serving so that being led by Christ is more accessible in your daily life.