Christmas Time

A Series with Jesus the Saviour

5 Christmas Morning

No Longer Alone • December 25, 2016 • Doyle A. Jackson

One of the best gifts we can receive this Christmas is the relationship and love of Jesus. When we welcome His mind we receive life and peace. The question is how? How do we receive that new way of thinking? Learn with us and find the five benefits of the Holy Spirit leading our lives.

A Night Like No Other

Christmas Eve 2016 • December 24, 2016 • Doyle A. Jackson

Welcome the power of the season into your life. This is a time when believers celebrate the birth of the saviour Jesus. How could this little life change yours?

4 Christmas Time to Receive

How can we slow down and just receive? There is so much to do. • December 17, 2016 • Doyle A. Jackson

Let the hope of God's love touch your soul. David said in Psalm 23, "Restore my soul." We all need God's touch. Christmas is a time we hope for something to happen. What if the block is our failure to just say YES to God.

3 Christmas Time to Heal

Christmas is a celebration of a bold move on God's part. Heal what is sick with our world. • December 10, 2016 • Doyle A. Jackson

What would happen to the world we live in if there was a source of life, light and hope. What if what is sick in this life could be cured? What if disease, broken hearts, anger and loneliness could be cured? That is why Jesus came. Why does he send us? To heal those who only He can heal.

2 Christmas Time With Jesus

How to make the change to spending time with Jesus daily. • December 3, 2016 • Doyle A. Jackosn

God has a system to help us daily. It is Him. When we come into his presence He helps us grow in love, peace and joy. Lets learn how together.

Christmas Time to Share

Celebrate Jesus the greatest gift ever given. • November 26, 2016 • Doyle A. Jackson

This weekend we are going to look at how to share our faith and love with those around us. Listen and grow with us.