#Goals 3: Why

The reson most of us fail to reach our goals is the wrong motivation.

#Goals 2: Your Voice

#Goals 1: Let's Start

We all need a little push now and again...

Good Friday: Crossing the Kidron Valley

The Valley of Dicision - Will I trust God.

Easter: There is More

Why are you crying?

Palm Sunday: Going to Work

Real 5: Paul

Paul was transformed by God and shared you can be transformed too.

Real 4: The Syrophoenician Woman and Mary of Bethany

Real 3: John

The Apostle John gives an up close and REAL picture of Jesus.

Real 2: Abe

Real 1: Luke

For Love Nor Money?

Stength In Knowing Your Limitations

Forevermore 4: PARTNERS

Forevermore 3: CONFIDENCE

Forevermore 2: VOICES

Forevermore 1: START

We all face walls, so where do you begin?

Unlocking God's Promises 2

Unlocking God's Promises 1

You Turn the Key!

Christmas Joy 4: Peace Child

How to make peace available?

Just Nice?...Or New?

Welcome Pastor Dax from 104.9 The River!

Christmas Joy 3: Following God's Lead

The Dance of a Lifetime!