Freedom 2: Shared

We are Disciples of Freedom

Freedom 1: The Gift

OverFLOW 2: Ready, Set, Flow

OverFLOW 1: Dam Good People

God designed us to have a reserve to help others down stream.

Welcome Pastor Dave Workman!

Accelerate 5: Never Ride Alone

Let's Ride

Accelerate 4: Spiritually Fit

Let's Ride!

Accelerate 3: Physically Ready

Let's Ride!

Accelerate 2: Soul Strength

Accelerate 1: Balancing Life's Demands

Get Out of the Boat!

Pray First 4: Close to My Heart

Have you ever wanted to know what prayers get answered?

Pray First 3: Planted to Grow

God plants us in His house to be a people of prayer

Pray First 2: How to Connect with God

You can know God's Presence

Pray First 1: Eternity is Now

You were designed for an eternal relationship.

War Cry 4: Song of Anger

Strength for Life's Rhythm

War Cry 3: Song of Celebration

Strength for Life's Rhythm

War Cry 2: Song of Frustration

Strength for Life's Rhythm

War Cry 1: Song of Attack

Strength for Life's Rhythm

The Invitation

Don't Read This Book: Eat It!