The Passion of Jesus Christ

A Musical Presentation Remix • March 30, 2018 • Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol

All over the world, Christians deem it just to give honor to the One who gave and risked it all for humankind. This Lenten season, PMCC (4th Watch) South Bay has specially prepared a new, fresh spin to the classic that is known about Passion of Jesus Christ. With two different showings, we want YOU to join us. Take the time to witness a beautiful presentation, commemorating the life of Jesus Christ. Not only so, we will witness preaching from the keynote speaker of the SurerWord TV Program, Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol. Mark your calendars. See you there! Friday - March 30, 2018 @ 7PM Saturday - March 31, 2018 @ 3:00PM PMCC (4th Watch) of South Bay 1019 W. 182nd St. Gardena, CA 90248

A Blessed Christmas and Prosperous New Year!

New Beginnings

January 1, 2017 • Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol

Worship the King

Christmas Special Worship

Special Message by Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol Special Music by Sis. Joy Ferriol-Guerrero

Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!

Merry Christmas a Joyous New Year! from the Ferriol Family Bishop Jonathan, Pastor Tess, Sis. Miracl


Open Eyes

Look around you. In the newspaper, on television, and throughout the articles on the internet, it's no secret that evil is prevalent in our time. And if there's anyone who should be the most alert, and vigilant during these times, it's the people of God. God wants us to "open our eyes", be alert, and speak the truth others can see the light of Christ's gospel. Let's start with this message from Bishop Jonathan Ferriol, "Open Eyes ".

Prayer and Desires

by Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol

What moves you? What drives you? Whatever your desires are, they pose a huge influence on what you will ask for in your prayers. As we continue this message series on prayer, Bishop Jonathan will teach us how to align our desires with God's will and ultimately receive His greatest blessings.

MBS 40th Anniversary

26th International Convention • by Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol

On the 26th International Convention, the PMCC (4th Watch) commemorated 40 years of its very own ministry training ground, the Maranatha Bible School. Bishop Jonathan Ferriol preached on this historic night, and his stirring and powerful message is yours to hear on this special podcast. As we reflect on God's Word, may you discover His divine calling and purpose in your own life. Listen, and be blessed.

Our Salvation Amidst Our Lifes Rubble

by Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol

On todays message, the story of Paul, Silas, and the Philippian jailer comes to life. In an instant, this mans life is turned around. An earthquake shakes the jail cell that holds Silas and Paul. But just when the jailer thinks everything has fallen apart, God shows him that His salvation and blessing comes when we least expect it. Lets join Bishop Jonathan Ferriol for this message, Our Salvation Amidst Our Lifes Rubble.

Intercession of the Holy Spirit

by Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol

We have the Holy Spirit. When we pray, He leads us. The Bible says He helps us in our weakness. How does the Spirit intercede for us, and what is his role in our prayers? Lets learn more from this message.

The Intercession of Jesus

by Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol

One of our greatest comforts we have is knowing there is someone always praying on our behalf. Not only are these our brothers and sisters in Christ - the Lord Jesus is always interceding for us! Lets find out why Jesus is our best intercessor, in this message: The Intercession of Jesus.

The Prayer Fragrences of the Believers

Prayer Series • by Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol

As we start this new message series with Bishop Jonathan Ferriol, we are going to take a journey through the Scriptures and find out how we can draw closer to God, experience a deeper walk with Him, and enjoy more of his presence through the spiritual discipline of prayer. In the first message of this series, Bishop Jonathan compares the incense of the Temple in the Old Testament to our prayers today, that is the fragrance we believers must bring before the Lord. Lets enjoy this message, Prayer: The Fragrance of the Believers.

The Fragrances of Prayer

Prayer Series • by Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol

As we began this new series on prayer, we learned that the prayers of God's people are just like the incense that was offered by the priests in the temple of the old testament. In part 2 of our prayer series, we will discover the Fragrances of Prayer. In the Old Testament, the priests could only use specific ingredients to make the incense to burn before the Lord. Adding or substituting anything else would come with disastrous results! Today we will learn how our prayers today need these specific "ingredients" to be an acceptable and pleasing aroma before God. How should we pray in a manner that is pleasing to God? Let's learn more about the Fragrances of Prayer, by Bishop Jonathan Ferriol.

Praying in the Spirit

Prayer Series • by Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol

What is the way to come to God in prayer? Throughout the Scriptures, there is a particular position that Gods people take when coming before His presence: The manner of praying in the Spirit. It is the prerequisite for us to come before the Lord in prayer. Before we can go deeper into the work of God of prayer, we must understand that the first requirement for us is to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Lets join Bishop Jonathan as he opens our minds through the Scriptures, and teaches us how to pray in the Spirit.

How to Get Your Prayers Answered

Prayer Series • by Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol

Does God hear us when we pray? That is a question that is being asked throughout the realms of religion. Sometimes even we as Christians wonder if our voices are heard from on high. Today, in our study we will find out: who does God hear, what kind of prayers does God answer, and how can we be assured of an answer from the Lord? Lets find out more, as Bishop Jonathan Ferriol shares: How to Get Your Prayers Answered.

The Sin of Prayerlessness

Prayer Series • by Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol

What is sin? When asked this question, verses come to mind warning us not to murder, steal, bear false witness, commit adultery, and other grievous acts. But how about not to pray? Prayerless-ness is oft overlooked for what it really is. According to prophet Samuel, he considered it sin not to pray to God, especially on behalf of his people in need. Could we be committing the sin of prayerless-ness? Lets find out what Gods word says about the believers duty to pray, through this message by Bishop Jonathan Ferriol.

Devotion Message: Luke 18:1-8

by Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol

Devotion Message: Luke 18:1-8

by Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol

Devotion message: Luke 18:1-8 by Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol

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