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Welcome, we hope you enjoy the Streetlights App! Our mission is to translate, teach and proclaim God’s Word through creative communication and innovative production, so that all people, regardless of educational background or knowledge of the Bible, can engage the Scriptures. We hope that you decide to download the Streetlights App and let the Word of God transform your life. Key New Features! 1. Offline listening is now available. You can download audio tracks directly to your phone for offline listening. 2. Bluetooth capability now available. 3. Casting capability to airplay devices and Chromecast devices now available. Here are some other features: Audio Bibles: *Stream both the Streetlights' English audio Bible (New Living Translation) & Spanish Audio Bible (Nueva Versión Internacional). Prisims: *Stream music created by Prisims, as well as stream Alert312's discography. Teaching: *Corner Talk is how we want to visually teach and chop up God’s word like we would on the street corner. We want to share what Jesus talks about in His Word and ask - now what does that mean for us? Each series will mix it up with powerful films, live teachers, music, and topics where the Bible and life meet. Give: *If you desire to support our ministry, you can now give through our App. You will be directed to a secure service provider (Subsplash Giving) and can choose an amount to donate to our ministry. The process is very seamless, and your support allows us to continue in the work we do. Gear: *Access to Streetlights online store