The Three Kinds of Doubt and How to Address Them

February 13, 2020

1. Commentary: The three kinds of doubt and how to address them (00:00) 2. How do I discern between description and prescription in the Bible? (29:00) 3. Do you have any advice on talking to Jehovah’s Witnesses about the deity of Christ? (38:00) 4. How do you get past a parent’s protective emotions when it comes to their child’s gender dysphoria? (54:00)

Interview: Titus Kennedy – Excavating the Evidence for Jesus

May 25, 2022 • Robby Lashua

Interview: Titus Kennedy, author of Excavating the Evidence for Jesus: The Archaeology and History of Christ and the Gospels (00:00)

How the Claims about Jesus Differ from Claims about Peter Pan

May 20, 2022 • Greg Koukl

1. Commentary: How the claims about Jesus differ from claims about Peter Pan (00:00) 2. If my son, who recently told me he’s bisexual, finds a man to be with and is no longer depressed, should I be happy that he’s happy? (19:00)

Three Reasons to Celebrate Christianity

May 18, 2022 • Greg Koukl

1. Commentary: Three reasons to celebrate Christianity (00:00) 2. What do you do when you lose motivation and feelings in your Christian walk? (21:00) 3. Commentary: How social media affects two forms of autonomy (and how it’s contributing to a shift in our priorities and perspectives) (32:00)