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ShopTalk_Episode 012

Navigating Crisis • April 17, 2020 • Mike Sotski

We are in the middle of a pandemic that has brought the world to a halt. Schools closed, jobs lost, businesses shut, it is a crisis that will have far reaching impacts. So what do we do in the middle of a crisis? How do we navigate our way through it? Where is there hope to be found? On this episode of the Shop Talk podcast Mike is joined by Lucas and Adrien Welsh. They serve on the team at Fort City Church in Fort Mcmurray and share from their experience during the evacuation of Fort Mcmurray due to the fire in 2016. Join us as we hear about lessons learned and how the experienced has shaped them and the church in the days since.

ShopTalk_Episode 011

Missions with Carl Waldron • February 19, 2020 • Mike Sotski

Many times when we think of missions the image that comes to mind is heading out to some far off country and learning to live in a place that is much different than where we call home. We often think that we bring with us resources, expertise and methods that will be able to address all the problems in the place we find ourselves. In this episode of Shop Talk we are joined by Carl Waldron (Executive director of Hopeshares Canada) to talk about a changing view of missions and how we can begin to approach the topic with a new lens in place.

ShopTalk_Episode 010

Stories from Married Life • February 5, 2020 • Mike Sotski

In a marriage between the I do' and till death do us part, there is a journey that is full of ups and downs, joy, laughter, tears, grief and sorrow and pain. Marriage is the closest relationship that we can share, it can be life giving and taxing all at the same time. On this episode of Shop talk we are joined by two couples sharing their experiences as we talk about the ups and downs of married life.

ShopTalk_Episode 009

What's the deal with prayer • January 22, 2020 • Mike Sotski

If you were to ask people about markers in the life of a Christ follower, prayer would be near the top of the list. Yet so many feel stuck or unsure how to pray. We are joined by Greg Gibson to talk about how prayer has grown to be central in his life and some of the things he has learned along the way.

ShopTalk_Episode 008

Changing Dynamics in the Local Church • January 8, 2020 • Mike Sotski

In our first Shop Talk episode of 2020, Mike Sotski is joined by Brent Trask - the District Superintendent of the Western Canadian District of the Christian & Missionary Alliance to chat about the changing dynamics in our churches. From changing demographics to technology - how successful are our local churches at keeping up with culture and getting outside of our "comfortable boxes" and successfully making disciples throughout the world? Listen in on this next episode of Shop Talk.

ShopTalk_Episode 007

Kanye West and Other Celebrities Who Come to Faith • December 11, 2019 • Mike Sotski

In this episode of Shop Talk we look at celebrities coming to the Christian faith- and in particular hip hop superstar Kanye West. In the past year Kanye West's faith journey has hit the spotlight in a big way. From his Sunday Services to his most recent album release Jesus Is King, Kanye's dramatic transformation has people talking. Mike is joined by St. Albert Alliance Church staffers Dan MacGillivray (Youth & Young Adults Pastor) and Melayne Shankel (Director of Communications) to chat all about this current hot topic.

ShopTalk_Episode 006

Technology and Our Kids • November 27, 2019

On this episode of Shop Talk, we look at technology. In today’s culture- It almost feels impossible to keep current with what is currently happening in the world of technology. In a time where screen time and how and what we consume is a growing issue-how do we navigate a changing technological cultural landscape? Mike is joined by guest Chris Gonsalvez former teacher and school administrator to chat about the effect of technology on our kids and families.

ShopTalk_Episode 005

With Guest Doug Balzer • November 13, 2019

On this episode of Shop Talk, Mike Sotski is joined by Doug Balzer, Director of Innovation, Leader and Thought Development at the Western Canadian District of the Christian & Missionary Alliance. Doug, along with his wife Teri lead renewal events such as the Soul Care Equipping Conference and Holy Spirit Encounter around the world. In Doug's own words: “I love what I do because I get to see darkness being displaced by light; both in the lives of our official workers as well as in neighbourhoods where new faith communities are being established.” Mike and Doug chat “Soul Care”, what it's all about and how it can be a helpful tool on our journey towards healing and wholeness as apprentices of Jesus. For more information read Doug's bio here: https://transformcma.ca/who-we-are/district-staff/

ShopTalk_Episode 004

With Guest Linda Raymond • October 30, 2019

On this episode of Shop Talk, Mike Sotski is joined by Linda Raymond who talks about her work with the Horizons International an organization that exists to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to the world, especially the Muslim world, by Proclaiming the Gospel, Discipling the Nations, and Equipping the Church. For more info on Horizons International - visit https://www.horizonsinternational.org

Shop Talk_Episode 003

With Kids Ministry Staff at St. Albert Alliance • October 16, 2019

Mike Sotski is joined by the Kids Staff at St. Albert Alliance Church (Kids Pastor, Pam Loeppky; Elementary Coordinator, Janelle Rempel; Preschool Coordinator, Debbie Beckman) talking about the importance of families learning about Jesus together and building a foundation of faith for kids today. For a list of resources referenced in today's podcast visit our website.

Shop Talk _Episode 002

With Guest Norah Kennedy • October 2, 2019

Mike Sotski is joined by former Executive Director of the Edmonton Pregnancy Care Centre - Norah Kennedy as they discuss the issue of abortion, the work of the Pregnancy Care Centre and how the church should respond to the issues of our culture today.

ShopTalk_Episode 001

With Guests Jeremy Peters and Melayne Shankel • September 18, 2019

Mike Sotski is joined by St. Albert Alliance Staff Jeremy Peters (Lead Pastor) and Melayne Shankel (Director of Communications) for the first Shop Talk episode! Together they chat about apprenticeship with Jesus and what Shop Talk is all about.