25 Day Devotional

with Leon Fontaine

Empowered to Share the Gospel

Day 19 | Leon Fontaine

Revived for God's Work

Day 18 | Leon Fontaine

Be Filled, Stay Filled

Day 17 | Leon Fontaine

Reaching Others Through Holy Spirit’s Help

Day 16 | Leon Fontaine

Verse: Matthew 9:37-38

Supernatural Guidance

Day 15 | Leon Fontaine

Verse: John 16:13, Psalm 119:105 Assignment: Today, as you make decisions, ask Holy Spirit to guide you.

Holy Spirit Is Always With You

Day 14 | Leon Fontaine

Verse: John 14:17 Assignment: Today say this out loud, "Thank you God, that Holy Spirit is within me I am never alone."

A Strengthening From Within

Day 13 | Leon Fontaine

Verse: John 7:37-38 Assignment: Remind yourself today that Holy Spirit is within and you have access to rivers of strength.

A Refreshing Presence

Day 12 | Leon Fontaine

Verse: John 4:14 Assignment: Today pray "Today I thank you for the refreshment that Holy Spirit brings me"

Holy Spirit Goes Ahead of You

Day 11 | Leon Fontaine

Verse: Genesis 1:1-2 Assignment: Begin to declare "There's nowhere I go, that Holy Spirit hasn’t been before and he'll lead me and guide me in all things”

Convinced of 3 Things

Day 10 | Leon Fontaine

Verse: John 16:8 Assignment: Today’s Confession "I am righteous because it's a gift from Jesus"

A Power That Never Leaves

Day 9 | Leon Fontaine

Verse: Acts 1:8

Developing an Awareness of Holy Spirit

Day 8 | Leon Fontaine

Verse: John 3:8 Assignment: Today’s Confession: Holy Spirit Guide me, even when I don't understand

Getting Rid of Fear

Day 7 | Leon Fontaine

#####Assignment Confess Hebrews 13:6 “ The Lord is my helper I will not fear _______”

The Helper

Day 6 | Leon Fontaine

**"Holy Spirit is your HELPER. If you do nothing, Holy Spirit is helping you do that. You need to step up and start DOING"** #####Assignment In whatever you’re doing today, quietly say “Holy Spirit is my helper in all I do”

Praying in Power

Day 5 | Leon Fontaine

#####Assignment Today speak this out loud as you pray “Holy Spirit thank you that you’re helping me to pray”