Ep.108 - Pandemic Protocols

with Jeff Martens

March 1, 2021 • Jeff Lockyer

As we approach the one year mark in pandemic life, we sit down with Connection Pastor, Jeff Martens, to discuss lockdown updates, pandemic protocols, and the pulse of the community here at Southridge. This is an ever-evolving conversation and you won't want to miss the latest.

Ep.114 - Life in Lockdown

with Jeff Lockyer • April 12, 2021 • Carrie Jones

As we trudge through a third provincial lockdown, we're all struggling in some way. There are lots of questions about what this lockdown season means as far as our Southridge position on keeping our services online, and what our plans are for future reopening. In this week's episode of our Finding Our Way podcast, Carrie sits down with our lead pastor, Jeff Lockyer, to discuss what life in lockdown looks like for our Southridge community. If you're looking for answers to these questions, or maybe just need a dose of encouragement in this challenging season, you won't want to miss this episode.

Ep.113 - Eldership Appointment Process

April 5, 2021 • Jeff Lockyer

We often talk about the Elders of our church and how important their role is. As we head into a season of appointing a couple new elders, we sit down this week on the podcast to talk to Joan Hyatt about why this important process matters and how you can be involved.

Ep.112 - Our Partnership with Parents

with Dan Scott • March 29, 2021 • Carrie Jones

Hey parents! This is a special podcast that you won't want to miss, as Carrie sits down with Dan Scott. Dan's been crafting kids and preteen ministries for more than a decade. He is a sought after elementary, preteen, and middle school camp and retreat speaker both in the U.S. and internationally. He enjoys consulting with children’s and family ministry teams in the U.S. and abroad sharing strategies for creating engaging ministry environments to reach the next generation. Trained in elementary and middle school education, he taught sixth grade English and Bible, where he developed his own curriculum on the life of Jesus. This led him to seminary where he studied theology and Christian education in hopes that he could continue to hone the craft of developing relevant church curriculum for children and youth. That dream became a reality at Orange where he serves as the curriculum director for 252Kids and 252Preteen weekend strategies. Dan recently published the Amazon best seller, Caught In Between: Engage Your Preteens Before They Check Out to help church leaders understand the world of preteens and create an environment to meet their unique needs. Dan and his wife, Jenna, live outside of Atlanta, Georgia with their four kids, Liam, Elli, Addi, and Taye. This is an amazing conversation about how our Family Ministry Department wants to partner with parents in our community. You won't want to miss it!