Fractured People | Flawless God

When God Promotes

June 13, 2021 • Erik Pluemer

What does it mean to be a leader? It is a common term used because everyone wants the label of it, without putting in the work for it. God’s promotions always come with a process. Jesus taught the first will be last and the last will be first. In this message Pastor Erik preaches that God’s promotions are not about people serving us, but learning to serve others.

It's Time To Celebrate

June 5, 2021 • Pastor Chris Cassis

It is essential in life to enjoy times of refreshment and celebrating. That is what the Jews did when Esther led them to establish the Feast of Purim. God established several holidays throughout the bible, which involved feasting and celebration to remind people of His miraculous acts. Although the people continued feasting, they quickly forgot the meaning of these holidays. In this message Pastor Chris teaches that these events were less about the ritual to revere and more about a person to worship!

When You Need A Turn Around

May 29, 2021 • Pastor Chris Cassis

God is a God of reversals. When Satan attacks, it’s God who can change things suddenly. For Christians, the good news is that He has the final say and we never have to live a threatened life. In this message Pastor Chris teaches what Satan steals from you, God can return back to you!

When The Enemy Attacks

May 22, 2021 • Pastor Chris Cassis

The worst position to find yourself in is to be unprepared. Games, Battles, and even Wars are lost when we are unprepared for our opponents attack. In this passage Esther finally faces her adversary face to face. Although Esther’s enemy was Haman, we also have an enemy who desires to destroy our lives. In this message Pastor Chris teaches that we don’t need to fight our own battles, when we have God fighting for us!

When We Ask

May 15, 2021 • Pastor Erik Pluemer

Sometimes our fear of God keeps us from talking with God. Esther goes before the king with a big request, but before she makes her request, she prepares her mind and heart through fasting and prayer to receive her response from the king. In this message Pastor Erik preaches that sometimes we don’t receive because we refuse to ask.

When It's Time!

May 8, 2021 • Pastor Chris Cassis

To miss your calling because you have become too caught up in your personal kingdom is the greatest tragedy you could ever face. In this passage Esther is put into an uncomfortable predicament where she needs to make a difficult decision that could cost her everything. Your calling will never allow you to stay complacent, but does the reward outweigh the risk? Maybe you have been placed in your situation for such a time as this. In this message Pastor Chris teaches that our faith can only grow when it is stretched!

When Opposition Arises

May 1, 2021 • Pastor Erik Pluemer

No one is immune to difficult times, not even Christians. God’s Word is filled with examples of suffering believers undergoing unfair and unexpected hardships. But this does not mean that God is not at work behind the scenes. In this message Pastor Erik teaches that God does not have to speak to reveal that He is at work!

When Opportunity Knocks

April 24, 2021 • Pastor Chris Cassis

Sometimes we can miss opportunities because they appear at first glance to be obstacles. In this message Pastor Chris teaches that if we patiently prepare for our purpose, we are better positioned to recognize and act on opportunities.

When the World is Broken

April 17, 2021 • Pastor Chris Cassis

It is hard to deny that the world is severely broken. We are constantly bombarded with news of senseless shootings and terrorist attacks. Natural disasters claim the lives of individuals each year, and despite our wonderful modern medical technology, people die every year from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or some severe infection. We witness greed, poverty, abuse, jealously, racism, hatred and revenge. So where is the all-knowing, loving Creator God in the midst of all this pain and suffering? Even in the midst of brokenness, God is still at work. In this message Pastor Chris teaches from the book of Esther how the world became so broken and what can we do to repair the damage.

When God is Silent...

April 10, 2021 • Pastor Chris Cassis

How do you respond when God appears to be distant? When God does not seem to be answering your prayers and you can’t hear His voice. Has God forgotten about you? Is God punishing you? These are all questions we ask when God appears to be quiet. But let’s not mistake God’s silence for his absence. God often accomplishes his purpose in the foreground by working in the background. In this message Pastor Chris teaches that when God is Silent, He is still present!