Acts: Witnesses to King and Kingdom

Let's Gooooo!

September 26, 2021 • Pastor Rob • Acts 1:1–11

One of the greatest things we can experience is the sense that we are doing exactly what God wants us to do. When we know and live his will there is freedom, joy, and purpose even in the midst of difficulty. It’s equally one of the worst things when we aren’t doing what God wants us to do. When we don’t know his purpose we’re lost, vulnerable to false visions for our lives, and susceptible to being drowned by the world’s drama. The same thing is true for the church. We’re living through a time when there is much drama in the world and many false visions for the church. But in the book of Acts we are given the exact mission Jesus appoints us to do and how he’ll empower us to do it. And when we live this out, there’s clarity, freedom, and joy to face anything. Seaside Fam, it’s time for a mission alignment. Our text and sermon this morning begins it!

While We Wait

October 3, 2021 • Pastor Rob • Acts 1:12–26

Our passage this morning describes a period of waiting between the time when Jesus gave his mission to the disciples and the Spirit empowerment that was coming. It seems like an odd text for Luke to include on page 1 of Acts, but there are some key lessons for us in our own moment of waiting. This passage may surprise you with all the truths it contains. It surprised me!

The Empowered Church

October 10, 2021 • Pastor Rob • Acts 2:1–41

Pentecost is the moment when everything changed for the church. But what does it mean? And what should we do in response to this out pouring of the Holy Spirit? The Apostle Peter will be our teacher this morning as he answers these questions for the crowds of his day and for us as well!

Why I Still Believe in Church!

October 17, 2021 • Pastor Rob • Acts 2:42–47

In our passage this morning we see what the church did after the incredible moment of Pentecost. We see how they gathered together around a set of practices that shaped them spiritually and sustained for the mission ahead! These same practices will shape and sustain us as well.

We Are All Beggars

October 24, 2021 • John Corrigan • Acts 3:1–10

In chapter two of Acts we saw that the first believers devoted themselves to “the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers”. We also saw that many wonders and signs were being done through the apostles. In this week’s passage we see an example of these wonders- the healing of a lame beggar at the temple. We will see that God was shaking things up in Israel- a new paradigm for the temple was being established. And, we will be encouraged to be humble worshippers who are sensitive to the Spirit’s leading.

A Second Chance

November 7, 2021 • Pastor Rob • Acts 3:11–26, Acts 4:1–4

There have been many preachers who have said that, "Our God is a God of Second Chances." You could say that our text for today contains the greatest "second chance," of all time. Either way, I pray that you'll be moved by this rich story and sermon from the Apostle Peter as he offers a "second chance" to his people.

Who's Got the Power?

November 14, 2021 • Pastor Rob • Acts 4:5–31

This morning is the third and final message in our three-part series around the healing of a lame man. This healing has now brought the disciples into a collision of power with the temple authorities. This passage gives us a unique window into how the power of Jesus is at work in our world. We'll also be challenged by how radically different the early believers respond to threats facing them.

You Can't Have It Both Ways!

November 21, 2021 • Pastor Rob • Acts 4:32—5:11

In our journey through Acts so far we've seen some of the challenges facing the church from the outside. Our passage this morning shows us a threat from the inside. Not all the believers had pure motives as they participated in the life of the community. Some wanted to have a little Jesus, but still do them. This passage will show us that, "You can't have it both ways." It's an invitation and a warning for us to see that there's nothing better than living generously in unity with God's people.

Fear God, Not People

January 2, 2022 • John Corrigan • Acts 5:12–42

This week we will be jumping back into our series through the book of Acts, continuing through chapter 5. The Apostles are once again in trouble with the Temple officials, but with the help of an angel and a Pharisee (how surprising!) they are able to continue with their mission. We will see that we as followers of Jesus are priests in the new temple, we are lights in a dark world, and we point others to Jesus, the Savior!

A Vision for Church Leadership and Church Growth in 2022!

January 9, 2022 • Pastor Rob • Acts 6:1–7

Leadership is challenging. The early church leaders didn’t always do well with the challenges they faced, but our passage this morning is an example of a time when they did! Not only did they deal with a challenging situation well, but their leadership led to growth. So as we head into 2022, I give you this text as a kind of vision for your leadership and for our church. Happy New Year Seaside Fam!

Christianity's Tipping Point

January 16, 2022 • Pastor Rob • Acts 6:8—8:4

The time had finally come. Though the first believers had remained in Jerusalem, meeting in the temple and demonstrating how Jesus was the Messiah, the existing Jewish leaders had had enough. So, they killed Stephen, Christianity’s first martyr. This pushed the believers out to begin sharing the good news outside of Jerusalem. It’s the tipping point for the Jesus movement! In this long section of verses there's much to consider. Enjoy!

Gospel Ministry in the Margins (part 1)

January 23, 2022 • Pastor Rob • Acts 8:4–25

Our passage today shows us what happened after the persecution began in Jerusalem. The believers are scattered and begin sharing the gospel outside of their “home church.” This week and next week we will follow Philip as he shares the good news in Samaria and in Judea. In this story we will learn several things about gospel ministry that we can apply to our own mission here in Bremerton and Kitsap County.

Gospel Ministry in the Margins (part 2)

January 30, 2022 • Pastor Rob • Acts 8:26–40

In today's passage, we'll read about one of the most interesting men to join the new Jesus community, an Ethiopian Eunuch. And through this story we'll continue to learn about what gospel ministry looks like in the early church and make connections to gospel ministry in our day.

Paul: The Apostle of Love

February 6, 2022 • Pastor Rob • Acts 9:1–31

This morning we'll read the amazing account of how a murdering persecuting pharisee was transformed into the apostle of love. If Acts was a Netflix series, this would be an episode you would not want to miss!

Glimpses of the Kingdom

February 13, 2022 • John Corrigan • Acts 9:32–43

Last Sunday we left off in the book of Acts with a time of peace and growth for the early church. In this setting we will now see the interactions that the Apostle Peter had with two blossoming Christian communities to the west of Jerusalem. In one town Peter healed a paralyzed man, and witnesses of this miracle turned to Jesus. In the next town Peter raised a woman from the dead, and more people turned to the Lord. As we think about these miracles, we will see that when the church is consumed with the mission of Jesus, the world will see glimpses of God’s Kingdom here on earth, and the result for many people will be repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.